Hitomi: 2015 Films Ranked

Published : June 7th, 2021 Written by Panking

Amongst many Hitomi fans, it is a general consensus that 2015 is one of Hitomi's best and most memorable years ever. There are many reasons for this. One is that her cup size was at its peak during this year. Her tits were ridiculously huge at this time and looked incredible. Not only that but Hitomi started to work out more and get fit which certainly helped to accentuate her bust. Her performances began to greatly improve as well which may be attributed to increased self-confidence from her hitting the gym and refining her figure. And beyond just her physical appearance, the quality of the films were just on another level. There were a few duds for sure but overall the year was packed with many classics like MIRD-150, PPPD-402, and MIDE-208 to name a few. So is 2015 her best year ever? It's certainly the best year so far but will it end up as the overall greatest? Well, you'll have to wait for my cumulative summary post later in the year to find out! Without further ado let's begin with what is easily one of my least favorite Hitomi films ever.

12. MIDE-245

"Breaking In A Busty Married Woman With S&M"

Who in their right mind thought this was a good look? This is by far one of my least favorite Hitomi films of all time. When I started drafting this list I knew right away that this film had to be dead last. The actual plot to this is that Hitomi hires a “bondage coach” so she can learn how to handle bondage better. It doesn’t really make any sense. I'm sure there's more to it than that but given that I don't understand Japanese too well that's the most I can draw from it. It's a pretty silly plot overall. Even if the plot was amazing it wouldn't matter much to me personally as the most critical issue would still exist.

I absolutely cannot stand ropes. I can think of maybe one or two scenes where I can tolerate but for the most part, I detest them. It's so unappealing while massively constricting the actress and limiting her acting ability. Plus they're almost always used in these darker and moodier films which are just not my cup of tea whatsoever. Moving onto her performance which is exactly what you'd expect. She's mostly submissive and quite whiny with the exception of the final scene which is actually not too bad. She starts to let loose and actually enjoys herself. And for what it's worth it a well-produced and shot film. Still, though it's not enough to get over the rope look and dumb plot. I absolutely loathe this film and don't want to watch it ever again. 

11. MIDE-271

"Female Ninja"

This is a film I had high hopes for initially when it came out. Both the cover and title sound very tantalizing. But unfortunately, the execution and direction were not what I was hoping for. The premise centers around Hitomi who indeed plays a kunoichi tasked with an assassination mission. However, things don't quite go as planned and in typical JAV fashion, she gets busted and fucked against her will as a result. Call it a personal pet peeve but I have a strong dislike for this trope. Just once can we get a film with the actress playing a secret agent/ninja who actually comes out on top and isn't humiliated? There's so much potential here but it just gets thrown out the window.

Now for what it's worth it's a relatively well-shot film. The lighting is appropriately moody and helps to set the tone. The camerawork and pacing are on point for the most part too. But this film features one of my least favorite outfits ever. Ropes. Just like my previous entry she spends several of the sex scenes wrapped in ropes with her tits all tied up and twisted. It's a complete turnoff for me. The action is pretty decent at least with some nice sex scenes and a threesome at the end. And for what it's worth Hitomi delivers a decent submissive performance and she does a solid job at playing her role. But personally, I still don't care for the direction of this film and the ropes look so for all those reasons it lands near the bottom of my list.

10. PPPD-425

"Pleasure of Our Home"

For me personally, I feel like PPPD-425 is one of the most forgotten films from Hitomi's library. It really just doesn't stand out amongst the rest of the films here. It's neither terribly bad nor particularly great. It just...exists. Now I don't quite understand the full premise so I probably got this all wrong but from what I understand Hitomi is in charge of running an inn of some sort. And then of course she ends up having sex with her guests. I believe "fakecest" might be a factor here but it's a little hard to discern. The plot really did nothing for me at all. It's not memorable in the slightest, which is a common theme for this film. The best aspect I can say here is Hitomi's appearance.

Her wardrobe itself is very nice with some great outfits such as that white tank top on the cover. And she herself is in terrific shape and her tits are as massive as ever. Moving on the action is decent but nothing blew me away. There are 2 nice sex scenes and a solid paizuri. However, there's another paizuri scene that is lackluster and a solo masturbation that drags for a bit too long. Hitomi's performance overall is hit and miss with no real standout moments. And lastly, the production values are fair enough with adequate lighting that suits the mood of the film although it can be a touch too bright at times. PPPD-425 is just a completely average film that provides some satisfaction for sure but nothing that will blow you away. 

9. MIDE-253

"Full Course Sluts"

MIDE-253 is an interesting film that provides a wide course of different scenarios to enjoy. All of which center around a lite sex worker theme. Some include her playing a dominatrix, hostess, soapland girl, and even a slutty nurse. The variety is superb all around and ensures you'll find something to enjoy no matter what you're into. That being said though these scenarios can be very hit-or-miss. Some are pretty great and others are super underwhelming. And then some are frustrating such as the nurse scene that features a nice theme but wastes it on a mundane handjob. This leads me to the overall action. Overall the action is fantastic boasting 4 full sex scenes alongside a mix of handjobs, blowjobs, and paizuri.

Again, not every scene is a winner but the sheer variety in both the action itself and the scenarios helps to make each one feel fresh. This variety extends to her performance as well. She does a nice job at switching it up according to what each scene dictates whether that'd be dominant, submissive, or something in-between. And finally, the technical aspects are excellent. The set design, lighting, and wardrobe for each scene are completely unique along with boasting solid pacing although a few scenes could've been shortened. Overall, this is an exceptional film with a nice variety making for a bit of a hit-or-miss experience. But thankfully there are more hits than misses.

8. PPPD-369

"If You Can Stand Hitomi's Titty Fuck You Get to Cum Inside Her at The Fan Appreciation Event"

What a great setup right? It's a win-win no matter what! A lucky bunch of "fans" are selected and given a golden opportunity. They have 20 minutes to endure Hitomi's paizuri technique. If they manage to last the entire duration then they get to have raw creampie sex with her. If they fail well then, they still got to cum so it's still a good time. It's a fantastic concept that makes each scene engaging and entertaining. Also, you can't help but place yourself in their shoes and think "could I last?". The answer is probably not lol. This premise is also a brilliant way for Hitomi to showcase her lively and fun personality.

It's a wonderful sight to watch her just let loose and be herself. She really brings great energy here and is super engaging. Unfortunately, though there are a few issues that prevent it from reaching higher on my list. One is her paizuri technique itself which is honestly, quite bad. She's nearly all hands here with very little usage of her actual tits. It's a huge letdown. In addition, her wardrobe is disappointing. She doesn't wear any sexy or memorable outfits at all which feels like a missed opportunity. But on the brighter side, the sex scenes are solid and the technical aspects all around are exceptional. Despite a few shortcomings, PPPD-369 is still a wildly good time with creampies and tittyfucking. What's not to love?

7. MIDE-280

"The Reverse Brothel That Completely Satisfied Hitomi"

MIDE-280 is definitely one of the more unique films from this year. The general premise tasks Hitomi with going to some "massage parlors" and even a soapland to document her experience. However, she gets a little more than she bargained for. It doesn't take long for the massages to become sexual and well you can guess what happens next. It's a pretty interesting premise that is further bolstered by the voyeuristic camerawork and presentation that tries to sell this film as an authentic experience. Even though we're all aware that it's staged, it does a terrific job at trying to sell that idea.

Besides the camerawork, the rest of the technical aspects are pretty great. The lighting is simple and fits the theme of the film quite well. The pacing is balanced nicely throughout with maybe the soapland scene being a tad too long. Hitomi's acting here is certainly a highlight as she gets to be her natural self which leads to a more bubbly and engaging performance. And lastly, the action here is brilliant. It can be a little slow at times but overall it's great with several full sex scenes and solid position variety. There's even a scene of her getting fondled by a female masseuse that is a lot of fun. The end result is a very memorable and lively film sure to please any Hitomi fan out there.

6. MIDE-219

"Hitomi is Your Bride"

This video is as simple as the title sounds. Hitomi plays your newlywed bride in this POV-centric film. What could be better than that? You get to indulge in the complete fantasy as she gives you a tittyfuck before going to work and fucking you silly after cooking you dinner. It definitely delivers on its promised fantasy. Helping to make that fantasy much more believable is Hitomi's fantastic performance. While she is still prone to some whining from time to time for the most part she is exceptional. She's super engaging which is always vital in a POV film like this and her facial expressions are on point too. Not to mention she boasts terrific enthusiasm across the board. Overall she settles into her role quite well.

When it comes to the production values they are superb, for the most part. I say that because some scenes do drag on a bit and take a little too long to get going. Other than that though it's great. The POV camerawork is handled very well, the lighting is generally pretty good and her wardrobe along with the set design fit the theme nicely. Lastly, we have the action which is excellent. There are several full sex scenes along with a blowjob and paizuri scene. All of which are solid and end in satisfying cumshots. My only critique is again with the pacing a few scenes have too much fluff. What's not to love here? You have Hitomi playing your wife in POV delivering a fantasy unlike any other. Definitely a highlight of her 2015.

5. MIDE-197

"Zukobaka Super Orgy"

This is one of the more niche films this year but still makes for a very memorable experience. It's quite easily the most straightforward entry here on this list. The entire setup revolves around her getting fucked from start to finish. That's it essentially. There's no actual plot to be had. All the focus is on the action and to be specific, group sex. So it's not something for everyone but if you happen to enjoy group sex, then this is right up your alley. Since the focus is on the action, how does it fare? Well, I'm happy to say it's fantastic. There's very little downtime here as Hitomi is either constantly getting fucked or has a dick in her mouth or tits. The film really has no dull moments at all.

Not to mention the sex itself is intense with solid position variety and plenty of good cumshots, especially at the end when she gets completely covered in cum. All in all, this results in some supremely satisfying group sex. The technical aspects across the board are solid with some very nice outfits for Hitomi, balanced pacing, and decent set designs that help to keep the film from getting too stale given its premise. Rounding all this out is Hitomi's performance which is fine but nothing truly outstanding. She boasts great energy and can be pretty lively at times. However, she can get rather whiny and a bit too submissive. Not bad but could have been better. Anyway, if you enjoy orgies and group sex you definitely can't go wrong here.

4. MIDE-184

"Shoplifting Detective With Huge Tits"

Funny enough I passed on this film quite a few times barely giving it a mere glance. But once I sat down and really gave it an honest chance, I was incredibly impressed. Hitomi takes on the role of a shoplifting security guard/detective for a convenience store(odd position but okay) whose job is to bust shoplifters of course. Someone ends up framing her for stealing and as a result, she gets fucked against her will. The rest of the film follows her being used as a sex slave pretty much by all the perpetrators that she's captured. By the end, she's a willing participant and begs for it. A little cliche but very effective. Part of that is due to her stellar performance.

She does spend most of the time playing the submissive role but she does so in terrific fashion. She's not too over the top and has some fantastic facial expressions. And in the final scene when she lets loose a bit she boasts some really nice moans and solid energy. All around a great job. Now the action is a slightly mixed bag as there are only 3 scenes total with 2 sex scenes and a blowjob scene. While the scene count is low it's a matter of quality > quantity, especially in the last scene with is one of her best group sex scenes ever. Her wardrobe is also a crucial factor as she sports some super sexy OL attire with some ripped pantyhose and a blouse. This all makes for a brilliant film that is definitely not one to miss.

3. MIDE-208

"Intense Squirting Sex"

MIDE-208 is a very memorable film for nearly every seasoned Hitomi fan. One of the reasons why is that this film features Hitomi at her physical peak, so to speak. What I mean is that her chest is the biggest it's ever been in her career. Before we get too into that let's go over the plot shall we? It's about squirting sex. That's it lol. There's no real setup whatsoever instead just centralizing on squirting and lots of sex. Definitely not a bad thing if handled correctly which it is here. There are 3 full one-on-one sex scenes and a masturbation scene. All these focus heavily on squirting of course to great effect. The position variety is terrific too and the action can get very intense.

Bolstering that intensity is Hitomi's equally intense acting. While she's not entirely perfect she does deliver a mostly solid performance. Her moans are great and she really seems to let go and enjoys herself here. She can a little over the top at times but given the general premise, I think it's reasonable. Now just as I stated earlier, Hitomi's peak cup size here is one of the best aspects. She's absolutely huge here making for some jaw-dropping eye candy. All this is wrapped up in some top-notch production values. The camerawork for one is exceptional and even features POV for a scene. Nothing comes close to topping this film in terms of eye candy making for one of the best spectacles for any oppai lover out there.

2. PPPD-402

"My Girlfriend's Big Sister Tempts Me With Her Big Tits"

A true classic that I'm sure all Hitomi fans are aware of. PPPD-402 was her signature film where she truly evolved as a performer. The plot is pretty self-explanatory from the title with Hitomi seducing her sister's boyfriend with the promise of creampie sex and of course her massive tits. This leads to them having sex all the while avoiding the sister. It's a terrific plot that allows for Hitomi to flex her acting skills and provides an opportunity for some risky sex. Speaking of sex let's talk about the action. Each scene, minus the first one, incorporates an element of risk. Some include her tittyfucking him in the kitchen, fucking in the hallway, or having sex while talking on the phone. It heightens the excitement and makes for a thrilling watch.

Compounding the action is her brilliant performance. Hitomi delivers the gold standard for what this series demands from the actress. Her enthusiasm is terrific, she's devilish, lewd and her facial expressions are on point too. She sells the role incredibly well overall leading to her greatest performance ever up to this point. The production quality across the board is outstanding with excellent pacing, lighting, and camerawork. And when it comes to her wardrobe it's all relatively simple but it fits the central premise very well. The outfits are subtle but still show off just enough cleavage. On top of that Hitomi is in remarkable shape as both her boobs and overall figure look top-notch. PPPD-402 is an instant classic and no doubt a hallmark film of Hitomi.

1. MIRD-150

"J and L - Two Pairs Of Huge"

A legendary video that needs no introduction. It's a film that breaks the mold of traditional JAV in a sense and does things rarely ever seen in the medium. MIRD-150 takes a lot of inspiration from western-style porn where the actresses are more proactive with aspects like spanking and looking directly into the camera. The premise is very simple as it focuses on Anri and Hitomi together engaging in a wide range of sex acts both with actors and each other. So why is this film regarded as a classic? Well for one the action is nonstop and incredible. It has something for everyone. There's paizuri, blowjobs, creampies, lesbian, threesomes, foursomes, POV, and a stunning array of positions. As a whole, the action is intense and wildly entertaining.

This is all backed by THE best chemistry between a pair of actresses I've ever seen. These two are best friends IRL and it shows. They are constantly groping, kissing, and playing with each other. Their enthusiasm and energy are completely off the charts. Sometimes it seems a bit over the top but I believe that's by design with the more western-style approach for the film. Appearance-wise they knock it out of the park. The range of outfits on display is amazing and exudes sex appeal. Expect lots of fishnets, stockings, and sexy lingerie. These two make for one of the best pairs ever in JAV. This film goes above and beyond expectations and delivers a wildly entertaining and distinctive experience that will likely never be seen again.


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MikeinLA 7 months ago
That is quite a line up. “Your wife” is my all time fave, but “shoplifting” and Anri collaboration are super. What a stretch of great porn. Miss Hitomi.
MikeinLA 1 year ago
MIDE-219, Hitomi is your wife, is a personal favorite, but that is some great competition. The Anri collaboration is out of this world porn.
Oppaira 2 years ago

2015 is, without a doubt, her best year. She had four releases that are legitimately in my top 10, MIDE-219 and PPPD-369 joining the obvious one and two of her Anri duo and GES. I haven't quite gotten around to reviewing every single video of hers but in the last eight years of her career I have, and 2015 is the clear winner. Even outside of four in my top 10, MIDE-184, MIDE-197, MIDE-280, and MIDE-208 are all 9/10 videos too. Easily one of the best years an actress has ever had.

spaten78 2 years ago
I wonder if there will ever be a video that will top your number 1 pic here in my lifetime. It is amazing. I thought maybe Kurea Hasumi (who genuinely loves girls) paired with Akari Mitani or Yuu Shinoda could do it, but not yet. This was one of Anri's last works to be de-listed. Too bad for Hitomi that Anri's retirement removes this work, but I get it and they're pals, so I'm sure she does too. I bet DVD's of this work will go up in value in a secondary market somewhere. ;-)
Panking 2 years ago

The only thing that may be able to top it, would be a MIRD-150 part 2 lol. But unfortunately, that's probably never gonna happen.

Oppaira 2 years ago

For a long time I thought MIRD-150 part 2 featuring Kaho Shibuya was going to be that video... :(

Can you believe it's been six years since Hitomi peaked?

spaten78 2 years ago
I wonder if a new studio and new types of works would reinvigorate Hitomi? If she's even looking for reinvigoration? (Maybe she's enjoying the easier life of OnlyFans content?) I get that Oppai and Hitomi are about the most perfect fit there is, but as many have said here, they seem to be thin on ideas.
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