THE MATCH 2022 - AV Stars Grace The Fight Of The Decade

Published : July 12th, 2022 Written by trapstar

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We've headlines coming straight from the Tokyo Dome, the ground zero for the much anticipated kickboxing match that was the centre of attention, this past week. Touted as #MATCH2022 during promotions, the event was graced by a certain few of the most recognisable faces from the AV industry. The fight card might've been stacked but it was the guest list with 'who's who' of the AV industry that caught the spotlight of the night. Yuko Shiraki, Yuki Take, Ai Mukai, Ai Hoshnia and couple more industry insiders were among the crowd as spectators, witnessing the phenomenon helmed as the 'fight of the decade'.

Held in Tokyo's most sought after arena, The Dome, the build up to the fight was quite intense going all the way back to 2016 when the two fighters had a heated encounter backstage during which Tenshin called out Takeru. However, Takeru later dismissed any such altercation, referring to Nasukawa as a 'fan' while addressing the crowd at his next fight's press conference. Despite how frustrating it was at the time, the fight was eventually postponed because the promoters for the two fighters were unable to reach an agreement. Fast forward to June this year, the kickboxing match billed as the 'Fight of The Decade' saw both the fighters lock horns in a 3 x 3 match, which concluded with Nasukawa's hand being raised as the victorious one and saw the two settle their long time beef.

The hype around the fight was real with fan favorite Nasukawa stepping foot inside the ring after a nine month long hiatus only to settle the score with his long time rival over the weekend. 

As is quite evident from the pictures shared by AV actress Yuki Take. With so many spectators showing out to watch these two fighters square off, the Dome was nearly at full capacity.

"Wow, it ’s a pity that I can’t see it in real time because it ’s Korea.

The excitement doesn't stop! 

Good luck to all the players!"

When even Mao Hamasaki had to intercede just before the event commenced with a tweet sent straight from Korea, you know the buzz was genuine. The adult personality expressed regret at missing the most thrilling fight in recent memory.

AV producer GIGA seemed to be in attendance alongside his muse, Ai Hoshina confirmed by the actress post fight. He captured some considerably stunning visuals from the fight, despite the angle, managed to catch the contender just as he was about to walk-out.

If the thrill of watching the biggest fight of the year wasn't enough, Hoshina-chan even managed to bring home a souvenir from the battle, lol.

"It's far, but it's best to be here"

AV veteran Yuko Shiraki didn't seem to get hold of the best seat in the house but seemed to have no qualms with it. The atmosphere inside the arena must have been really captivating for the actress to not fuss about her seat. The fans must've had a tough time focusing on the fight. Imagine as a fan catching the fight while be awestruck with the fact that Yuko Shiraki is seated just a seat away from you. 

I wonder if at all like Yuko Shiraki, fellow AV star Yuki Take managed to catch a glimpse of the fight being seated that far away from the ring. Bet she could only count heads.

"Thank you to everyone who came in a hurry and everyone who watched it.

 Let me say it again!

 Thank you to all the players! !!

 Really really really too great!

 Thank you for all the excitement!"

Unkike the rest of these stars, former softcore AV actress Rin Takahashi had a better view of the fight being that close to the ring. Much to the readers amusement, Rin volunteered as the ring girl for the main card headlined by Tenshin and Takeru along with a few other fights from the event, as was noted by this Twitter user.

To make our readers aware, Rin being a part of the RISE girls which extensively participates in some of the biggest fight events around the country, had headlined this event on behalf of fight promotion, RISE. Rin along with her girl squad that included the likes of Kanon Miyahara, Rin Sakura & Sayaka Ohnuki, tweeted several pics from the event.

"It was too close to the podium and I was about to burn"

Amidst all these, Ai Mukai had the best tweet of the night having cracked a funny bone or two inside me. Being seated that close to the podium, the poor girl had to dodge those flames for real! 

"There were too many people and the restrooms and shops were crowded, so after watching without standing up from the opening fight to the end, my legs felt strange and I could not walk well" the actress had trouble walking after the eveny concluded

"Battle of the century. Thank you for letting me bear. Thank you for fighting.

 The best martial arts!

 I want to tell Takeru. K-1 is the best!"

Apparently Yuko Shiraki tweeted this from the arena. The veteran actress only had praises for the defeated fighter.

"Win and be cool

It's cool to lose

It was a match that only these two could do.

This pressure is 6 years. Thanks to them.

Thank you very much.

Martial arts are still here!"

I wanted to immerse myself in the afterglow, so I didn't get on the train and walked for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Yuki Take had to leave the arena to catch some fresh breath and skip the train for the night, since the fight was so enthralling. Having had almost been 6 years in the making, the two were sure to put on a great fight for their fans, as is quite evident from Yuki's tweet from the event night. She even managed to captured Takeru's walk out, must've been a 'once in a lifetime' moment to cherish for the AV star.

"I was impressed and was pulled out where it was noisy

 3 million spaces with Riki's big sibling"

Even Kirara Asuka, the fan favorite who's been stirring some headlines for quite a while now was in attendance to witness the fight with a rumored man by her side. Thanks to Kirara's Twitter, the actress appeared to enjoy the event from the VIP area with seats costing up to 3 million yen.

When a repeat broadcast of the sporting event was shown on Abema TV the following night, the entire country of Japan was glued to a television set. The sporting event had divided Tokyo into two halves. With Nasukawa winning the title, this may have been the largest sporting event in the nation, even surpassing previous fighting spectacles like 'Drama in Saitama' pitting the monster Naoya Inoue against the now-past-his-prime Nonito Donaire. Clearly, that bout too had an AV connection with an ex-av star volunteering as the ring lady. Even though the fight scene is highly popular in the country, it has yet to catch up to the entertainment business, which is figuratively twice as huge as the former. But on June 19th seemingly, AV stars couldn't resist to stop themselves from catching the biggest fight of the decade which ended with Nasukawa mauling his long time rival Takeru infront of a handful of JAV stars in attendance, which only made this night a sporting spectacle not only for the Japanese fight industry but for the AV industry as such.

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