The 10(ish?) Actresses that got Anton into JAV - Part 2

Published : January 3rd, 2024 Written by Anton Algren

Alright gang. I’m back and I’m here to drop Part 2 of my big list of “(More than) ten actresses who got me into JAV”. How many actresses are on this big, ole list? I shan’t say, for fear of spoilers, but for the purposes of this specific installment, we’ve got another 5 stellar starlets to start with. You might have already guessed the first two entries of this list, given how in the previous article I gushed about two actresses in a specific movie (MIRD-145), while neglecting to mention the other two amazing women in it, but for those of you who haven’t already guessed, let’s check out the other two actresses in this fine piece of cinema.

1 - Anri Okita

Despite being a fan of hers, I’ve never really talked about Anri Okita on this blog. Part of that is for the obvious reason that she’s retired, so it’s not like she’s making any new JAV films. I know she has an OnlyFans, but unlike (I assume) Oppaira does, I think I prefer her old breasts to her new ones, though if she enjoys her current body it’s none of my business how it’s changed. I’ve heard stray whispers of her endorsing increasingly extremist political positions, and being vindictive towards other actresses on her social media, so I can’t speak towards her personality or personal life. For all I know, if I were to learn more about Anri the individual, I might find it more difficult to enjoy Anri the fantasy. But at the end of the day, that’s true for all JAV actresses to some degree or another, and concerning said fantasy, it is one that still makes me smile.

I can’t remember which exact video of Anri’s was the first one I saw, but I remember learning of her before I actually sat down to watch her. I was perusing Reddit, as one does, when I stumbled upon someone mentioning her name, specifically in the context of JAV actresses who spoke English. I went to Pornhub to see if I could find clips of her doing this exact thing, and, sure enough, soon found vids of Anri talking dirty in my native language. If that had been the only selling point of hers, then I probably wouldn’t have become as big a fan of her as I did. She would have been an interesting novelty, but no more than that. As it was though, Anri had so much more going for her than her cunning linguist skills.

There is, of course, her body, and one asset (well, two assets) of that body in particular. But if all it took to make it big in sex work was a nice body, it’d be easy. You need more than that. You need a certain attitude, a certain bearing, a certain razzmatazz, and Anri has that in spades. Sure the fact that she can talk dirty in English helps her stand out, but even with a language barrier, one can easily understand the whispering moans that emanate from her lips, as soft and seductive as her body. Is it any wonder Anri got her clutches in me, given such skills of hers? I’m sure you all understand.

2 - Kurea Hasumi

Hey, come on now. You know what this is. You know what I love about Kurea. I’ve gushed about her often enough on this website that it’s impossible for me to add her to this list without repeating myself. But Kurea was indeed an actress who got me into JAV, so it would be a disservice to her if I failed to put her name here. As such, I suppose I simply shall have to repeat myself. Hopefully there are enough new readers checking out this article who won’t notice my shameless copy and pasting of previous work here.

As I stated in my BAR HARU article, Kurea Hasumi is my favorite AV actress. She has this dominant charisma, this sensuality and body like a goddess. But whenever she smiles, it's always this big, goofy grin, and I find the contrast between her demeanor and her smile charming. I can’t remember the first film of hers I encountered, but I know that as soon as I discovered her, I was hooked. And even though she is retired and no longer doing adult content, I will always treasure the videos of hers that I watched.

3 - Yui Hatano

To quote G. Vidal, it is very difficult for a peruser of Japanese pornography from my generation, if they are honest, to pretend indifference to the work of Yui Hatano. Like Somerset Maugham, she was always so entirely there. I don’t know if Somerset Maugham ever made porn. I imagine not, though now that I’m imagining it I imagine it would have certainly been a sight to see. But anyways, like with the previous two actresses on this list, I can’t quite recall which specific Japanese Adult Video of hers first caught my attention. She’s just always been a presence in JAV. Hell, she’s been in the game longer than I’ve been able to legally purchase pornography, and I don’t think she intends to slow down anytime soon. I can honestly see Yui continue to perform in porn even as she enters GILF territory, and staying high up in popularity polls all the while.

What’s her secret? I think it’s her versatility. Like Maugham, she has always been so entirely there, because her persona is one that can fit into just about every sexy scenario. A pervert with a thousand faces, if you’d like to evoke yet another big name in literary criticism. You might think that being such an everywoman would make Yui boring. After all, while Betty is sweet and wholesome, she has none of the erotic power of Veronica. However, the reason I'm drawn to Yui so much is that she has the wholesomeness and sweetness of a girl next door (those cherublike cheeks!), while demonstrating in her performances a lewdness and eroticism that every person possesses, to some degree or another. Porn, like any performative art, is very dependent on image and persona. We like simple, easily defined archetypes, like Betty and Veronica. But Yui shatters such simplistic notions, and by refusing to conform to the rules of her archetype, she avoids becoming a stereotype. Surely for that you can't fault me for falling under Yui's spell?

4 - Ai Uehara

Depending on when this article goes out, you all could be reading this well before or well after we drop our interview with Ai Uehara (man, wouldn’t it be something if both articles came out the same day?). If before, I confess I’m a bit worried about dropping such a spoiler here, but if you all proceed to flood the comments with excited anticipation for our Ai Uehara interview, I would certainly appreciate the engagement (I’m still saddened no-one gushed about Scully’s sexiness in my previous listicle).

Yes, this particular installment of this big listicle seems to have a recurring theme of insanely popular actresses who are so beloved I must seem basic in my tastes, and who were so omnipresent in their heyday I can’t even name the specific scenes of theirs that first made me their fan. So what about Ai Uehara drew me to her? Simple. She’s so cute, but so nasty, which just makes her even more cute. I mean, c’mon lads, just look at her. She’s a teeny-tiny thing with an adorable singsong voice and a petite figure, who can easily slip into the nastiest, most perverted situations and make it seem entirely natural. Ai has retired now, and I think her works are delisted, so you can’t find them on DMM anymore (a serious shame because I would have loved to have posted one of her videos here). But for those of us who remember her fondly, we’ll always have those memories, and whatever DVDs of hers we purchased however many years ago.

5 - AIKA

While some might accuse me of being basic for expressing love towards the actresses on this list, I know at least one fella who will be entirely in agreement with my assessment here. Hell, I got AIKA to sign a thing for him, and even got to meet him face to face at another fan meet! Drk, if you’re reading this, I hope you’re doing okay, and I hope you can name the first work of AIKA’s that you saw, because unfortunately I can’t remember it.

I do remember that in her earlier works, I didn’t actually like AIKA that much. She seemed too much like the stereotypical gyaru, with the tan and the fake nails and various other accouterments that didn’t really do anything for me. It wasn’t until AIKA started to evolve beyond the gyaru archetype, just as Triple H evolved beyond his original persona, that I finally became a fan. But like Triple H, AIKA has kept a piece of her origins in her current persona, which has aided and enabled her to stand out from the crowd. Sure, with her eyes, hair, and nails she's still very gyarish, but even with these attributes she can easily shift from a big sister type to a sophisticated lady and everything in-between. AIKA's gyaru features may distinguish her now, but they no longer define her, and they allow her to stand out even as she takes on different roles and personas, which is what makes her such a standout star in AV. She's demonstrated that even after carving out a specific niche for yourself, you can expand and grow within that niche, and if nothing else I think she deserves credit for her savviness in figuring that out.

More than that though, having now met AIKA face to face, and seen where she’s been going recently in her career, I think AIKA has something even more valuable than versatility: a lust, not just for sex, but for life. AIKA comes across as someone who knows how precious the opportunities she’s gotten in life have been, and who relishes every day she gets. She doesn’t seem to regret any of the things she’s done in life, and approaches every scene she’s in with gusto and zeal. AIKA really is one in a million, and while I don’t know if she can transition into JAV GILF territory as surely as Yui Hatano, who knows? If she could grow beyond just another gyaru, who’s to say she couldn’t evolve even further? Whatever AIKA does next though, I’m sure she’ll be amazing in it.

So, that’s it for this installment of this listicle. Rest assured, the next article will involve me being able to recount specific films in which I first saw the actresses I’ll list. But who will those actresses be? I’ll let you all guess in the comments section. Drk, if you’re there, I hope you’ll agree with my AIKA assessment, and that goes for fans of the other ladies on this list as well.


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OppaiLover90 5 months ago
What are Anri's political positions?
0 0
ZENRA 5 months ago

Take Marianne Williamson and add in COVID conspiracies basically...I think.

0 0
Oppaira 5 months ago

Sometimes Anri feels like "don't stick ya dick in crazy" and then you go "but I forgot crazy was a 10/10 so I caved"

2 0
Anton Algren 5 months ago

Heh. That's not a bad way of putting it.

0 0
OppaiLover90 5 months ago
Wait, what's wrong with Marianne Williamson?
0 1
ZENRA 5 months ago

Nothing of note; Anri just reminds me of her spiritual views plus Anri's publicized takes on COVID denialism.

0 0
drk 5 months ago
re: AIKA. I agree - what makes her is her charisma. Unlike Yui, I wouldn't say that she has many more years left in the tank, but who knows.

(Also in her recent post on instagram she gave a bit of a life update - first year of her beauty salon was about breakeven (with referral only system); looking to expand to a second shop in the new year, got diagnosed with manic depression (bipolar?) at some point in the summer after an unspecified accident).
4 0
ZENRA 5 months ago

Hopefully she takes proper medication and takes it easy, bipolar can be no joke (see Kanye).

3 0
AV Alex 5 months ago
The hyperlink to your previous list is wrong, it redirects to the Blog's main page.
0 0
ramp_it_up 5 months ago
I feel like the blog page is weird now
0 0
ZENRA 5 months ago

What is weird about it?

0 0
ZENRA 5 months ago

This has been fixed.

0 0
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