Delinquent Foreigner on Homestay Fills in for Husband

Published August 12, 2022

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Which one of our subscribers is this? Flying out to Japan, living with a kind host family, and then having sex with all the women while the husband watches.

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Delinquent Foreigner on Homestay Fills in for Husband
Timing and Translation by Patonyan

JAV like any other type of pop culture has its booms and busts.  Go back to the mid 2010's and a decent number of studios were pushing out 'homestay gone wrong' movies.  OK, in reality, it may have been two or three tops, but still, it's always nice to see foreigners appearing in JAV movies.  Few can find fault with that.

Even at ZENRA, there was a period not too long ago we showed a handful of movies shot by FETISH-JAPAN centered around this lovely theme.  Today's update is another that we actually did license almost too long ago and it fell through the cracks only to resurface today.  Potentially the best of the series and certainly the one with the highest budget, it's DELINQUENT FOREIGNER ON HOMESTAY FILLS IN FOR HUSBAND.

Starring a surprisingly easy on the eyes actor in great shape and sporting a huge back tattoo, we see him landing at the airport to visit his girlfriend and host-family.  This is an update that features an incredible amount of upbeat dialog early on.  The level of immersion we get before 'romance' begins makes this movie all the more believable.  What's more, unlike the previous updates in this something of a series, what we get this time involves the husband actively ensuring our foreign friend Steve has a go with everyone in his household often while he watches from a corner.  Thus, a movie like DELINQUENT FOREIGNER is ideal for fans of the hotwife scenario as that's we essentially get from start to finish (not to mention an incredible FFM finale to even things out!).

Many fans are wondering just where the fantasy ends and reality begins.  Could one truly go on a Japanese homestay and have this happen?  If you're a younger reader where the opportunity to do such a thing is still within the realm of possibility, the answer is probably not.  Part of me wonders how popular this theme was in Japan and perhaps due to not seeing any more movie like it, Japanese users didn't care too much.  After all, homestays are what interest those wanting to go to Japan, not those who were born and raised there.  I'm also a bit bummed the actor who played Steve seems to have vanished.  If there ever was a guy who could have made the transition to pro, it was him.  The closest we have now is our good friend CJ from Covert Japan though instead of being a paid-in-peanuts JAV actor, he opts to shoot everything on his own for some very sound reasons.

And speaking of shooting, the sex in DELINQUENT FOREIGNER is done very well.  The actresses get wild--almost too much for who they are portraying--but given the fantasy hotwife element, it's obvious the wife at least should be playing it up for her peeping husband.  If there's one theme I sure hope we see more of, it's these types of homestays gone wrong.  After all, going by the amount of emails we get, foreigners always are trying to break into the industry.  An opening, perhaps?

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Overall Satisfaction


+Very unique theme.
+Always a plus to see a foreigner in JAV.
+Said foreigner was well-cast (in great shape and can act AND perform).
+Hotwife theme!


-Fan theory only:  something about the angles and sex positions makes me think...
-First 30 minutes is mostly dialog with little action.

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