GOGOS Female Employee Film Year-End Cheating Wives NOT Onsen Party First Half

Published December 27, 2021

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A new hire is tasked with seeing how COVID has affected shooting of what should be a joyous group affair. Hint: contains lots of unfaithful sex!

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GOGOS Female Employee Film Year-End Cheating Wives NOT Onsen Party First Half
Timing and Translation by Patonyan
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Welcome back to the GOGOS cinematic universe where unfaithful wives suddenly find themselves enamored with smooth-talking JAV directors who whisk them off to luxurious onsen retreats for lots and lots of forbidden sex!

Actually, that isn't entirely true.  This time at least.

While this review isn't going to become a tirade on the trials and tribulations of COVID-19, it certainly has been the elephant in the room when it comes to JAV filming and we're finally showing a movie that not only was filmed with the virus in mind, but goes to great lengths to put together something with numbers in ways that don't require going out of town--the usual forte for this studio at least.

With that said, after a few years, we're back to the sequel of that amazing NAO JINGUJI-helmed cheating wives movie with GOGOS FEMALE EMPLOYEE FILMS YEAR-END CHEATING WIVES NOT ONSEN PARTY--or as written in Japanese with the ONSEN being crossed out.  This time, sadly we don't get that one prefecture over fantastic getaway.  This time, via conferencing and hotels, we get something more intimate, but still an amazing release that remains entertaining till the very end.

Like NAO's update, what we get here is another example of GOGOS milking multiple in-progress shoots to get another full release out of them.  And no!  This is NOT a jab at the title.  It's no nitpick or complaint.  Thanks to the addition of the female employee character (this time played by something of a new face whom we will be seeing again soon in another movie by the same studio), we get a combination of all those in-progress cheating wives movies plus some really neat voyeur-like material to even it all out.  We get a female employee whose mission along with an extra director/cameraman is to 'spy' on those other shoots while later on at least actually joining in on them!  Before then, it's long-distance video chats engaged ingeniously and some covert sex here and there thrown in to even everything out.

Unlike NAO's time with us, NOT ONSEN PARTY is a bit more balanced with sex happening all throughout its 180 minutes rather than keeping all the 'good stuff' in the second half (of course the big group activity still happens at the very end, but that's a given in a movie heavy on convergence).  Reality remains key and frankly, this feels like something that can almost happen.  At the end of the day--or evening in this case--it's JAV so expect some artistic license, but GOGOS always shines by pushing realism harder than darn near any other studio.  They may rarely get big names--it's not what they're about!--but when you want movies that feel like you're peeking into the lives of actual sexually-deprived women and seeing how they're finally given a chance to go wild, you can't do any better than them.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 2121

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Big cast--all things considered.
+Very, very cute female employee.  Other women also easy on the eyes.
+While group sex is regulated to the second half, we get lots of skin time from the get-go.


-Cast of randos, but with GOGOS and their strive for realism, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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