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Anton's Evening Online with Kurea Hasumi

Yes, maybe next time. It's certainly an admirable goal to aspire towards. I'm sure Kurea would be deeply appreciative of you taking the time to learn for her sake.

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Anton’s Big Tokyo Trip: Part 2 - Crossing the Threshold to SOD Land

Sumire Mizukawa, AKA Emiri Momota

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More Holiday JAV Ideas - Part 1

Heh. Thank you. I was especially proud of Number 4.

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The 10(ish?) Actresses that got Anton into JAV - Part 2

Heh. That's not a bad way of putting it.

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Anton Algren and Tsubasa Amami's Encounter in Osaka

Usually it's either the actress in question posting about the event on social media or the boss-man alerting me to a specific, special event. Sometimes I've checked the AV-Event website though, which is exactly what it says on the tin.

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