Rena Aoi the JAV Director

Published : April 10th, 2024 Written by Fried Chikan

We welcome back Rena Aoi this time not as a pornographic actress no but as a director. Rena Aoi was a veteran actress who first started in 2015, retiring in 2022 after 7 years and hundreds upon hundreds of titles. Known for her small petite figure, her cute looks, and her fantastic performing. Establishing herself as an actress with few limits who loved to star in gokkun titles early. Working in plenty of hardcore titles with a real hidden mean streak inside. Since retiring she has made the transition to making AV but behind the scenes. Even directing her retirement film. It’s been over a year let’s see how Rena Aoi the Director stacks up. 

Rena the Director

Since starting as a director she has released over 40 titles with about 1 to 3 coming out every month. Starting off as a generalist really, working in all sorts of videos. Doing debut productions, documentary handheld style videos, lesbian titles, retirements, a few dramas, from vanilla to hardcore content. Dipping her hand into it all. Leaning towards more slut themed content with assertive or more aggressive women. She also likes to insert herself into videos playing off the actress kind of like how the director Liz works. I would compare her to Nao Masaki and Samoari a bit. Two directors that like to insert into the film, prefer slut themed videos, and like documentary genre. But softer as we’ll get into next.

Rena’s Style

Rena’s budding visual style composes of clean images, high fidelity video quality, nice soft lighting, and bright colors. I quite like her aesthetic. As for her camera she prefers wider shots to show off the action. When going for close ups and zoom ins she likes to sharpen the focus on the foreground subject and blur the background. I really liked her camera and her overall style. Especially the wider shots that some other directors neglect for big and tight close ups. Not as jittery and fast cutting. As for direction Rena’s actresses are not as loud and showy I’ve noticed. More lowkey and subdued and less over the top compared to other directors doing the same types of videos. This may appeal to those that like quieter and mellow performances. Overall she has been like a softer less frantic Nao or Samoari as a director. A chiller, more easy going style comparatively.

Rena’s Videos

 FSDSS 610

 The Pleasure Of Being Pacified By The Best Beautiful Woman I Can Only Think About Blowjobs... Lemon Tanaka

We kick off with my favorite title from Rena so far with a video starring Lemon Tanaka; better known as Karen Kaede. This is a real winner starring Karen and it highlights her best asset; that oh so beautiful face. A blowjob and facial focused title that keeps it tight into Karen’s pretty looks with plenty of soothing pillow talk. Dropping her into a variety of scenarios. The soft style of Rena makes this a perfect match for Karen and the video. It’s one of my favorites from 2023 and just a great light hearted vanilla title with a silky smooth style.

MIAA 645

Akari Niimura, A Pretty Wealthy Lady Who Loves Dirty Middle aged Chin Shabu

Next is Rena’s first real title as a director. Supervising the wild Akari Niimura in this deepthroating and cum swallowing affair. Akari is just like Rena; a hardcore actress with few limits. And the cum swallowing is up her gokkun alley. Again Rena opts for a lighter touch which was a great choice. Hardcore content like deepthroating is usually so rough and intense but it doesn’t need to be. This deepthroating has Akari loving it and taking it as fast and as hard as she wants. She’s also all dressed up looking prim and proper while being nasty but on her terms. It’s a great contrast and Iiked the idea behind this.

However I have to give this a big pass for one big reason and it is just because of content. There’s burping in it and it's a whole recurring thing. A quick glance at the cover doesn’t look like it but it is there. If not for this one niche kink I would recommend this to others. This is only for fans of that particular kink everyone else would mostly likely be turned off by it.

HMN 295

Take A M Man And Go! Harlem Little Girl's Trip 2 Days And 1 Night Impatient Creampie Special! ! Abe Mikako

Nest up is a vacation trip with Mikako Abe. A documentary style video with Mikako for a couple of days and nights. Cue the street style interviews and loads of close ups. Rena is a big part of the video even featured on the cover. Like Liz she likes to be a part of the video mainly as a soundboard and a playmate outside of sex. Sadly it doesn’t seem like she will be like Nao who likes to actually get into the action now and then. She does a fine job with these types of shoots. Better in more normal sets.


"If It's Okay With Me, I'll Serve You." Creampie Rental Beautiful Mature Woman Maki Tomoda

Next Rena directs someone who is even older and more experienced than her with Maki Tomoda. One of the few plot focused title’s she has done. The tone and direction with Maki is spot on. Maki plays a woman whose job it is to serve her client in the household from the kitchen, to the living room, to the bedroom. Playing the mature woman as both assertively and supportively. A role that fits Maki the best and in line with Rena’s direction.

HMN 210

Rookie Bye, Premature Ejaculation. I Like Saffle But I Can Not Be Satisfied With Premature Ejaculation Etch And Volunteer For Unequaled Vaginal Cum Shot AV DEBUT Minami Otowa

While she has yet to fully perform on camera as a director Rena has come on as a supporting player. Helping this new debut get off for her first masturbation scene on camera with some vibrators. More of this please.


The more I looked into Rena’s works the more I liked. She has developed a softer and lighter style with more assertive and slut type content. In time she will get a longer leash and be able to work on more titles with more freedom. So far what I’ve seen I really like particularly her camerawork and her lighter tone. I was a fan of Rena the AV actress but I might be becoming of Rena the AV director. This is why it’s so great to see actresses and performers take the reins behind the scenes. Hopefully she has a long career as a director; longer than she was as an actress.

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