FC's Anal Addicts in JAV: Part 2

Published : May 29th, 2024 Written by Fried Chikan

We are back at it, checking out some ladies who like it in the rear end. From their first time to the umpteenth time, we have got it all for you. Anal newbies and anal pros, from girls testing the waters to bona fide Anal Addicts. This is part 2 of Anal Addicts where we look at more JAV titles featuring anal sex.


“Hoshizora Kamikawa Good bye Anal Virginity”

We start back up with a chiller title. Most anal videos tend to lean on the more hardcore or wilder side. So this is one of the rarer cases of a relaxed and lighter anal video, an easy breezy time that also has butt sex. There’s your standard anal play and sex with also a bigger focus on anal cream pies and opening up that tight little sucker. Sora gets rather lewd here, opening up that gaping asshole of her loads of times. We get some summer fun in the countryside with Sora Kamikawa (now known as Yui Tenma). Sora us a very cute and innocent looking girl. Very smiley and shy with a nice ass. So it’s both fitting that her anal video is more on the lighter side and thrilling that a wide eyed looking girl like her is even doing one at all. The video has her fully exploring her anal desires against a hot summer backdrop. This video is jam packed with content, at over 3 hours it is almost as overstuffed as Sora’s butt hole.

(So cute and innocent looking in front)Of the three hours I would check out the final extra long sex scene. It a threesome with Sora in a cute little schoolgirl outfit. From there we get to see her round little ass bounce as it gets filled with cock and cum. I may have undersold Sora on her ass, small but round and firm. Made even better when it’s got a gaping asshole open and jizzed on with cum. All in all this is a nice easy anal title to get into. It gets fantastically lewd with all the gaping but is much more chill than most anal stuff.

Anal Addict Level: Low

MISM 198

“She is Lifting Her Anal Ban A Massive Chrysanthemum In Full Bloom Himari Nanase”

We cross over to the dark side with this wild new debut. Himari Nanase is only a newbie from 2021 but surprisingly has chosen to start off with only the hardest stuff. A hardcore debut, what an interesting way to start your career in AV. And boy does she dive right into the deep end to start. Bondage, spanking, rough sex, DP, orgy; she has already done things that most actresses won’t do in their entire career and only in her first few titles. Her anal ban lifting is only her second title ever. Read on to see if this hardcore newbie is an anal addict in waiting. Himari is rather pretty if on the plainer side. What is not plain is her terrifically jiggly body. Nice average sized tits and ass that are all made the better by how fat and bouncy they are. A fat fat ass taking it from behind. Well now I should have your attention. Aside from a sweet plump ass, Himari is a big time masochist and much more experienced than any run of the mill debut. Time will tell if Himari is a true anal addict but if this title is any indication, she is. Himari is much more comfortable with anal then she lets on, and sex in general. This girl can take a pounding and then some. At one point they bust out this huge dildo to stick up her asshole and she takes it like a champ. She may be lifting the anal ban for porn but she’s clearly had it in her personal life.

Overall, Himari has me really shook. A newbie coming in doing hardcore stuff right off the bat like that a kind of rare. She’s got a nice pair of tits and one plump ass and on top of that a willingness to get down and dirty. Studio M Girls' Lab have found a hardcore diamond in the rough with Himari. I have no idea where they could’ve found a girl like her but Himari seems right at home in porn. Sadly she seems MIA after a short couple of titles. She came dropped some great hardcore titles and bounced. A promising Anal Addict gone too soon.

Anal Addict Level: NA

RBD 557

“For Me, It's No Good Unless It's Anal... 2 Erina Fujisaki!”

Our next girl just barely makes it onto out list thanks to her great two titles and sheer love of the act itself. We head back a few years with Erina Fujisaki. She’s a small name active around 2013 – 14, she only did a dozen or so videos before calling it quits. Like a number of no name actresses, her career was short lived one. Cute and skinny little thing, she only has two anal sex titles that I know of. She makes it onto our list because of how much she loved it. Erina stars in this drama heavy plot as an anchor who can’t help but love the butt stuff. The anchor is constantly fucked with her ass being toyed with. Defenseless to all anal play. Erina has a fantastic anal O face. A big smiler when there is a dick up her ass. She looks so hot and into it when the anal sex is really pumping along. A big reason why she pops onto our assortment of anal addicts.

I would definitely check out the sex scene that follows the long anal teasing in the shower. Clad in a wet one piece, Erina gets fucked in a classroom. And she is on a whole other level from the get go here, starting off with giving a great slow and sexy blowjob. The long anal teasing must have put her into a real randy mood because she is super horned up the entire time. Later on she gets bent over and fucked from behind while flashing the biggest smile behind her face. If you want to see a no name with two hidden gems of anal sex then check out some of Erina’s old stuff.

Anal Addict Level: Low

MVSD 237

“Beautiful Babe With Colossal Tits Gets A Three Hole Cream pie – 26 Shots Miho Ichiki”

A lot of our girls have been cute itty bitty little things and that changes now. Miho Ichiki and her big M cup bazookas bursts onto the scene. Not a big name, Miho has worked very sporadically over the years and was last active in 2019 from what I can tell. Using a couple of different names like Anna Okina or Yuuri Himeno. The busty older woman feels like a free spirit who does what she pleases and fucks who she pleases. One thing that does seem to please her rather much is having all three holes filled. Miho is a real nice milfy type woman with a classic look. A wild older lady with a wild body to boot. Her thin waist goes will with that ridiculously big and fake bust. Huge and clearly fake knockers right in your face. However our attention isn’t on her rocking knockers. No it is towards that mature ass of hers that she offers up for anal sex.

he video focuses on three hole cream pies. Filling Miho up from all three holes for fun. So on the menu is cream pies, anal cream pies, and cumming in her mouth and her swallowing it all. My goodness is Miho one wild milf. She could be happily swallowing jizz with glee in one scene. In the next she could be getting DP’d in the next while sucking on a cock and jerking two others off with her hands. This lady can handle her cocks. Miho is pure sex right from the get go when the title starts with her sucking off a dildo seductively. But my recommendation has to be the orgy scenes. She is at her best and wildest when there is a whole gang of cocks surrounding her; face, mouth, pussy, ass, and hands. Come see the free spirited Miho get filled to the brim from every angle and hole.Anal Addict Level: Medium


“Non-Stop Anal Sex Mika Aikawa”

Next up is a really small named actress by the name of Mika Aikawa. This innocent looking girl specializes in the truly hardcore and even extreme genres. This being one of her lighter titles if you can believe that. The video is pretty straight forward even the title makes it clear. This is about anal sex period. Little frills or scenarios needed. Just Mika and that asshole for all your carnal delights. I like Mika even if a lot of her more hardcore stuff is not for me. She’s a big masochist (like a lot of our anal addicts I am noticing) and has a cute little looker with pouty lips and big ears. She looks even better when she is getting fucked and brings out that O face. However my favorite thing about her are her dark as sin nipples. Cute, round and really dark looking nips to complete the Mika package.

I would suggest the second to last scene. When Mika takes some really hard poundings to her pussy all while she plays with her asshole with a dildo. At one point she is fucking while standing and is just drilling her asshole with that toy. A lot of women in JAV and JAV in general have a reputation of being passive. But moments like these remind you that is not true for everyone. Mika might be a small name but if you like hardcore stuff then give her a look it might not all be for you but some of it might. Discover this hidden anal addict today.

Anal Addict Level: Low


POP! ANAL FUCK! BEAUTIFUL FLOWER! ! Super Magnum Penis Anal Rose Ecstasy Oto Alice

Next we have another Anal Queen by the name of Alice Otsu. This short haired blonde has become a star in the hardcore JAV scene and her love of anal is just one part of her greatness. This big assed blonde has an ass that won’t quit and won’t quit on anal. A big lover of the butt stuff you won’t be wanting for anal titles in her catalog. Her title is an oddity, a title directed by an “American”. It’s kind of going for a weird surreal type of humor. The anal sex and play in it is great though. Alice takes anal like a champ. At the time of writing she’s one of the best at anal in JAV. They have fun with things like sticking a jump rope handle up her butt and having people jump rope. They also get very explicit expect a few anal rose shots. For more on this Anal Queen check out Panking’s many articles on her.

Anal Addict Level: Extreme


Let's have sex in a camper! Anal SEX Version 4 Ayaka Mochizuki

Next we have a hardcore gem by the name of Ayaka Mochizuki. If you are a fan of hardcore JAV you know her name or at least you should. She is one wild chick and one very adventurous performer. She deserves the title of Anal Addict through and through. Let’s knock off all the anal she has done; anal sex, double penetration, anal creampie, anal squirting, anal fisting, and even lesbian anal. If it’s anal good chances are she’s done it or will do it. This chick loves anal and does so with a smile. Ayaka is a pretty wild, crazy, and hardcore performer. She might be too much for some people. But if you are an anal fan she definitely needs to be on your watchlist. This chick is quietly one of the best anal performers in JAV today. For her title you can check out this outside video with Celeb no Tomo. That studio has become her best anal partner with the two working together for loads of butt videos. I chose this title because public/outdoor anal sex is rare but also because it’s one of her tamer anal titles. She is crazy and so it feels better to start off with her in a more easy going title. The video is a camping title so there’s lots of scenes that take place while traveling or nearby outside. Enough of my words see the anal insanity of Ayaka for yourself.

Anal Addict Level: Extreme

DASD 651

“A Married Woman Gets Some Anal Black Exchange Student NTR An Ultra Thick Anal Probing Sandwich Fuck Yukino Matsu”

We’ve saved the best for last with the completely insane Yukino Matsu. Miho might be a little wild but Yukino is on a whole other level. She had done some really out there and extreme stuff and honestly not all for me. What is for me is her stellar anal works. A huge anal fan, she could have a claim to the title of Anal Queen. But we are getting a head of ourselves, lets first look into the interesting career of Yukino. Debuting in 2019 at the age of 38, Yukino bolted into the deep end of JAV after her first title. After that she followed it with anal title after anal title. Despite a relatively short career she has quite a few anal sex in her videos. Adding onto that is that fact that she is a big time masochist. This pain slut loves her punishment and rough sex. Word of warning her rougher stuff might not be for you (I know a lot of it isn’t for me). For those looking for a hardcore actress than Yukino might be for you. Yukino is a pretty older woman, very pretty in my opinion. Those thin eyebrows, smooth skin, plump lips, and that beautiful short yet straight hair. A nice slender body with perky nips and a pert ass. Yukino is one pretty babe. Pretty enough to not do these hardcore titles. She could be a mainstream actress working that mature / milfy angle and just do vanilla videos.

Enough about Yukino what about the video itself. Well Yukino separates herself from the pack with this stellar interracial anal video. She plays a married woman who fucks some exchange students behind her husband’s back. Unlike more IR videos, Yukino is pretty much on board to fuck her black costars. No need for them to take her against her will, she is mostly on board for IR sex. Most times girls struggle to pack in BBC but Yukino takes it all in and then some. And on board is she. Yukino is almost as wild as any of her other videos (she can get really wild). Taking deep throating massive cocks to the face or getting her ass spanked red. Or completely stretching out that asshole of hers with a huge dildo. Double penetrations and rough sex until Yukino is hot, sweaty, red assed, and gasping for air. I recommend checking out the last scene. Where both guys try giving Yukino the business in this wet and oily finale. A solid entry way to get on the wild ride that is Yukino Matsu, that is if you are hardcore enough. It might be too early in her career to call her the Anal Queen of JAV but she is might be a future contender for it. Give this title a go for some rough and hot IR anal sex and Yukino in general for anal.

Anal Addict Level: Extreme


“[VR] 10-Hole Anal Creampie Fuck Fest”

Did I say last because I got one more bonus entry for all you readers that lasted til the end. This is an extra rare title, it’s got anal, it’s an orgy, it’s got cream pies, and finally it is all in VR. Pretty rare to see a VR anal group titles complete with cream pies. Starring a list of relative small names with Riona Minami, Marie Konishi, Misa Suzumi, Karen Sakisaka, and Suzu Yamai. This gaggle of cuties offer up their assholes to you up close and personal. So for all you VR fans who can’t get enough of the butt stuff. Give this rare VR title a look.

I guess we are on an anal debut kick because I’ve go another one queued up with Yuria Yoshine. Yuria is a rising star with a very cute face and huge tits and one under looked ass. Seriously she has one great fat little ass. We overlook that because of her honking tits. Boobs, butt, face; Yuria has it all. Can she add anal into her arsenal? Let’s see. Our video is all about Yuria’s anal training. It starts off hilariously enough all prim and proper like with Yuria looking elegant as she ever has. Even as we move on the anal play Yuria is as bubbly and playful as ever. Like Aisha’s video this video is lighter in tone than most anal videos. However Yuria takes it a step above Aisha when the action gets going.


My search for anal stuff has left me with more ladies than I know what to do with. Here are some more (I can’t believe it either) Anal Addicts real quick. Ayaka Mochizuki is another small name who does a bunch of hardcore stuff and anal, which is many of our girls here. Hana Kano is one wild lady with loads of the butt stuff in her CV. She's a huge anal addict but some of her stuff is too much for me to even handle. Too much porn not enough time. Time to get off out asses and leave our Anal Addicts for now but before that le me go through some of my faves from my search. Rei Hanamiya was the cutest of them all. Yukino Matsu the most hardcore of them all. Rui Hizuki had the hottest anal sex but Karina was my favorite of the anal bunch. She made it so hot and interesting to watch. Which is hard to do and with the censors even harder in JAV. I still can’t say that I am a big anal fan for either in western porn or JAV. In the west it is very hardcore and sex can get too wild for me. In JAV the censors of course blur the best bits and anal usually occurs in more hardcore titles. That said there is definitely an appeal to seeing a hot lady taking it from the backdoor. Her face reacting as she gets stretched out back there. Still it was very interesting to explore these Anal Addicts. Here is hoping all you Anal Addicts got your fill.

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Yudo 6 days ago
A little disappointed that Suzune Kyouka didn't get a mention. She's unfortunately retired now but she had quite a few anal movies
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Diego 1 week ago
Who’s the girl in the top photo?
1 0
Fried Chikan 1 week ago

That is Yukino Matsu also seen in the DASD-651 entry.

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Shinmai 2 weeks ago
Ayaka Mochizuki became one of my favorites in the tail end of last year. I think it was the RCT anal news presenter movie that made me check her out more haha. She has some of the best facial expressions in JAV imo
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