JAV stars are People Too: A Letter From A Fellow Fan

Published : February 7th, 2024 Written by jmsorry

DISCLAIMER: Opinions expressed in this blog are those of the writer, and not ZENRA as a whole.

When browsing through JAV forums , it's natural to see the most unhinged comments. Most of it is hilarious, while a few provide some valuable insights (ZENRA's comments section, for example).

However, some comments can be downright barbaric. A few, in particular, have made a hobby of insulting JAV actresses, without the least irony.

There's no issue when these comments remain in cyberspace. But things could get dark when actual people start messing with the actresses' personal lives, such as when Mao Hasamaki tweeted this incident.

Now I don't want to impinge on anyone's freedom of speech, much less to make a white knighting simp of myself. But it pays to encourage fans to put things into perspective.

It's true that pornography is not the most 'respectable' industry out there. Aside from the fact that it features people fucking on screen for all people to see (sex, after all, is still more or less a private activity), the industry has its own issues as well: allegedly shady business practices, underpaid production staff- you name it. Of course, you're bound to see these kinds of things in all places, and not just in the porn.

However, it would be quite unfair to disparage people involved in the industry and the actresses themselves because of their chosen line of work. After all, they have their own reasons. Many actresses come from rather humble backgrounds. Aside from a few who have willfully chosen to do porn for a bit of adventure, the majority of the actresses simply saw the industry as the best way to make use of their abilities, talents, and God-given looks.

Let's not kid ourselves. We all have our own sexual fantasies, from the most innocent to the most deviant. We're lucky to be living in an age where we can see these fantasies brought to the screen by talented directors, hard-working camera crew, and the most beautiful actresses on earth. These people have dedicated their lives to fulfilling a very basic need - sexual entertainment.

Sure, these people may not be creating food for our tables or building roads, but they are doing a job that has existed, and will continue, while humans continue wanting to watch other people fuck on their phones. Moreover, the JAV industry is a proper, legal, and legitimate line of work that follows strict rules and standards.

Morality and consent

Now let's talk about morality.

Obviously, different people have different notions of it. But know that when you're watching JAV, you're participating in the industry. And that's nothing to be ashamed of.

However, if someone insists on looking at pornographic work as immoral, that doesn't give anyone the right to treat JAV actresses in an unethical (read: non-asshole) way.

First, JAV actresses consent with everything that they do and being done to them on screen. Of course, not all of them have the same levels of agency, especially if they're in a tough economic situation and they feel the need to enter the industry just to sustain themselves. But still, every professional actress simply does her job and does so willingly with full, informed consent. Just because an actress is fucked by ten gross-looking actors on camera doesn't mean that they enjoy being fucked by gross-looking men in the real world without their consent.

At the end of the day, JAV actresses are professional actresses. They are simply playing a role. They have their own private lives outside the roles that they depict on camera.

Respect and Dignity

In recent years, we have seen some changes in the industry aiming to give talents more control over their images and careers.

JAV regulation is a touchy topic. I, for one, have mixed feelings about some of the new regulations that public agencies impose on the industry. I grew up watching a relatively unregulated industry. While some of the things that have been produced in the past are rather fun to watch, that doesn't mean that the people involved enjoyed them as much.

This is why I personally want actresses, crew, and everyone involved in creating the JAV masterpieces to have as much fun as I do when doing their work. It feels good to know that everyone in the industry been given even the most basic levels of respect and rights. This will allow them to perform better, be more creative and enthusiastic about their work, and deliver the best possible content for their fans. If some of the regulation is directed towards achieving this, I am all for it.

In short, JAV actresses should be treated with respect and dignity, not just by the industry but also by its consumers. Yes, they are public entities, and you as a fan can always have your opinion. Let us let our JAV waifus live their own lives, in peace and quiet.

Now to end this piece on a more cheery note, here's a picture of JAV actress Marie Aine with a cat. Peace out, and see you in the next blog post!

What do you think about JAV actresses and the way some of their fans treat them? Share your thoughts with us!

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browseman 2 weeks ago
who's the actress in the thumbnail and is that attached to a video?
jmsorry 2 weeks ago

It's Remu Suzumori, and it's from a random shoot.

Brilliant Bill 2 weeks ago
It takes more courage than most people have to put yourself out there as a performer in sex vids. I certainly couldn't do it. Frankly, the women I know who work in that business are nearly always the most intelligent, courageous and sincere I know. Look at Stormy Daniels if you want a shining example. I always wish for these women that they can amass sufficient wealth to insulate them from harm for a lifetime. Derogatory comments always bring to mind one of my favorite aphorisms:

No matter the facade a man fronts the world, there is always a woman, somewhere, who knows he’s just a little boy who wants his cookies and his mommy.
ZENRA 2 weeks ago

Stormy I think lives on a ranch, rides horses, directs when she has the urge, and otherwise lives a great life. Most haters are various forms of basement dwellers, those in dead-end jobs, married to people they despise (otherwise, why spend all one's time spewing negativity on the internet?), and generally are misanthropic people.

Zooeybear 2 weeks ago
Everytime I hit JAV Library to see who’s new, I constantly get a kick from comments picking on an actresses nose, or eyes, or feet - anything ridiculous. I always want to reply ”congrats on never having been on a date.”
ZENRA 2 weeks ago

There are actual comments there? Any time I dare to expand the box, it's full of (thankfully mostly inactive) pirate site links.

R0ck 2 weeks ago
100% agree, people forget sex workers are people too. On the western end, I've seen some terrible things said about Emily Willis while she's in critical condition after an OD. Hoping she makes a full recovery...
jmsorry 2 weeks ago

man, that's sad to hear. the porn life can be tough.

GerardKhacha 2 weeks ago
Off-topic, but just read the news that Nina Nishimura is married (for real) while still active as an AV actress.

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