RamenBoss's Frustration With The Lack Of Korean Women In JAV

Published : March 10th, 2021 Written by RamenBoss

   Hello again fellow JAV lovers! I wanted to make a post about Korean women in JAV. To quote our friends at covertjapan.com, "Democratic South Korea criminalizes porn and filters their Internet. Koreans are very underrepresented in adult video, I don’t understand what problem the gods and governments have with porn, as more time spent having sex and orgasms means less time spent hurting and killing each other. And porn certainly generates taxable revenues and boosts the economy, not to mention personal well-being. The world can be a very fucked up place with ignorant morons at the helm."

Personally, nothing will ever replace beautiful Japanese adult actresses. Nothing. Japanese women are my ultimate favorite. But sometimes, well, I want a slight kinky change. I sometimes crave some Korean cute faces in porn, doing all the wonderful things we are so lucky to see Japanese actresses do! I have spent many hours searching for high quality LEGAL Korean titles in JAV. It will make you almost give up, I swear. I thought it would have changed by now, but here we are in 2021 and it's still almost non-existent!  

I find it extremely frustrating when I search "Korean" in JAV titles, and many results just look like Japanese titles. Also, I think many of the titles that show up with a "Korean" search feature the SAME Korean actress over and over in many different titles. Variety anyone? Help! I ask why. Why is there not more? And, not to complain, but why isn't there more variety in the limited Korean JAV titles? I would love to see a lesbian Korean/Japanese production for example. Who the fuck wouldn't? More Korean masturbation with a huge range of wonderful Japanese toys? I hope more Koreans are recruited for JAV and fast!  


Well here's a first example of what I think is wrong with the world! Sigh.  

Here's the title: "A Club In Okubo That's So Popular You Can Never Get A Reservation! A High-Class Korean Creampie Massage Parlor Where You're Guaranteed To Get Raw Sex Amy Fukada Shuri Atomi Seiran Igarashi." Can you spot the problem? Where are the Korean JAV actresses?! At a quick first glance, I think, “Wow, this is looking like a good Korean JAV video! That is what I’m fucking talking about!” Yep, then it hits me. What does this title have to do with Korean women? They include two wildly POPULAR JAV actresses, Amy Fukada and Shuri Atomi. How frustrating.

However, it’s not completely hopeless. The purpose of this post is to provide some good examples of some fairly decent JAV titles with Korean cuties. Many of you I assume already know there is a very limited amount that exists in the JAV community. I hope I can spread awareness that this niche exists to those who may not have been wise to the existence of Korean women in this industry. I am also always ALWAYS actively looking for new Korean JAV titles, I believe if you are also interested, we are all in this together! This is a small list that is of a small variety of styles.


First we have: Korean Style ASIA-01

So this first one is a good feature in my opinion, because it's simple. It has a good POV feel and not to mention a great JAV. What is better than a one on one personal experience in JAV? Now with a Korean cutie! Not only are these two cute as hell, but we get to see one wearing a Traditional Hanbok. That's kinky as hell, and to those who don't know, a Hanbok is obviously the Kimono of Korea! This is what I think of when I think of Korean JAV.


Another ridiculous cutie appears in: The 18 Year Old, Born In Japan, Raised In Seijo! The Reputed Korean Beauty Who Goes To A Famous University Will Only Do This Once! The Miraculous Porn Debut! Rin Yamamura VAL-029

 I selected this feature because it appears to "do the trick" if your looking for a Korean in a real JAV feature. I wish there were hundreds, thousands of Koreans in movies like this.  I personally enjoy when a JAV special focuses on one particular actress.


Here is a great JAV, and hey, this is a fun story too. Not only do I like the story in this one, the models are cute as hell: You'd Been Waiting For This! More of Korean Golfers Doing AVs For Us. We Ourselves Can't Believe We Scored Holes-in-One On the 19th Hole With These Beauties Who Are Just the Biggest Nymphos! HUSR-118

If you're looking for some hot fresh Korean action, look no further than this title. Bonus if you love sports and love seeing sexy fucking athletes get fucked. I wish they were fucking on the golf course though, holding a club and wearing at least the golfer's hat. (I've mentioned before how I hate when JAV actresses strip out of their sexy outfit/costume too soon before the good fucking starts). With the cover model I think of something you would see in K-pop. Possibly some specific, unique plastic surgery type of look to complete the kinky Korean look you crave.


Here are two more movies of the same series. I just had to add these to show these cuties doing nasty things. I fucking love it.


Shocking! That Famous Korean Golfer Is Making Her AV Debut! The Strongest Korean Slut Golfer Is Making Her 19th Hole In One! HUSR-103


Shocking! That Famous Korean Pro Golfer Is Making Her AV Debut Korea's Strongest And Sexiest Golfing Babe Is Hitting An Amazing 19th Hole In One! Jiyeon, Mina, Yuri HUSR-105


I love those Korean names! It is all part of the kinky fetish package I mentioned before, it's just fun to see the difference once in a while!

As I mentioned before, you'll maybe notice there are repeat actresses in some of these features. That is my best guess anyway, given there is never names listed. But It's pretty obvious. Not that I am complaining, they are cute as hell. And they act like porn is a new concept to them, pretty sexy. Shy, confused and timid. I almost get the sense that even the Korean women appearing in JAV feel they shouldn’t be there- as if they are too good for it. This of course, isn’t true, and thankfully, these princesses coming off as maybe a bit prude only help make the situation kinkier.

Now, if you really want more titles with a more amateur feel, next I've provided some wonderful examples.


True Tale! What Really Happens At Korean Establishments! You Can Really Do That? We Went and Tried Esthetic Treatments in Korea! ASIA-044


I specifically picked these out, so it's not just hand jobs. The same as many, I find "handjob" porn extremely boring and almost ALMOST pointless. We get to see real action, the kind you only fantasize about with Korean women!

Another obvious downside is again the Japanese censoring as we have all come to accept and love. However, please make no mistake, like regular JAV, it does not affect the experience of seeing Koreans in JAV in any negative way!

It’s also fun to kind of guess which ones are angels and which ones are sluts who couldn't wait for this opportunity to be in JAV.  Maybe you can tell better than I can. That's kinky enough right there, watching a gorgeous woman pretend and act like she doesn't want pleasure like every human. Let's see how human nature plays out here. Watch them act offended by kinky foreplay and unapologetically hardcore fucking.  


Korean Aesthetic Appreciation of a Man Masturbating Himself - You'll See During 4 Hours, How Do Korean Amateurs React to Seeing a Japanese Guys Jacking Off? Korean Masturbation Appreciation: How About We Show Korea's Amateurs Japanese Men Fap ASIA-043

I like this one in particular because we get to see one of the cuties play with a dildo! Worlds are colliding!!! But I’m not getting upset haha.

I recommend these if you enjoy movies that feel like the featured amateurs are literally RIGHT OFF THE STREET! To me, these "amateur" features just make the whole Korean niche thing kinkier. That is one tiny positive in the lack of Korean JAV.  I find that ironically the very lack of the Korean JAV that exist (only for the moment I hope), is a good thing in that aspect. Kinda. Here's what I mean - it is the rarity of Koreans in JAV that makes it kinky. So, anything I do find with Korean women in JAV, I cherish very much. Maybe more than I should! I find many of these examples only have the word "amateur" listed for the actresses’ names. This does not surprise me. I hate it, but perhaps you can look at it in a positive light. The anonymity can be sexy. A real amateur who did this feature as a one time thing. Maybe that is your thing as opposed to a popular actress who pumps out thousands of scenes!


Full Aura!! Beautiful Face Puts Actresses And Idols To Shame! Former Korean Announcer Debut HUSR-196


I just want to point out something in these videos that also turn me on. They don't just giggle and nod.  Plenty of Korean is spoken throughout these features.  Some with a translator, some without any.  I cannot stress enough, especially if you’re new to watching Koreans in JAV, that different is good. New is great. I don't know about you, but like to think I have picked up a lot of nasty Japanese language used in JAV!  


Workplace Harassment In Korea - Dreaming Of A Japanese Debut - Aiming For Amateur Korean Beauties! Seducing Them And Winning Them Over With The Power Of The Yen...! HUSR-058


 Adding on to the fact that I prefer JAV features to focus on one model at a time, this issue continues within the main problem of JAV lacking Korean girls. Say if you like one actress a hell of a lot, then too bad.  She's in one scene and that’s it.  It's hard to find her again, that's if she even did more than one scene  (I mentioned how their names are missing, so there’s no way to search for them).  And the names that are given seem to be only first names so that’s no help!  And remember this is all happening at the same time of the problem existing that they repeat the same actresses more than once.  So the opposite is true.  If you don’t like one actress, chances are you will see them again and again over and over in the limited universe of Korean in JAV. 


Go For Korean Beauties Who Dream of a Debut in Japan! Power Harassment Getters Return in Korea Number 2 - First They talk Her Into It, Then They Use "The Power of Money"...!!!! HUSR-064


I'm a sucker for long features, as long as the quality remains constant. This is worth mentioning, 4 hour features of gorgeous Korean JAV action: Nonfiction Tales We Filmed An AV With This Korean Beauty 11 Ladies/4 Hours HUSR-094


Hopefully, with this small variety, there is something for everyone. I'm sure the pandemic will surely slow down everything in JAV in general, but obviously especially Korean recruitment. We want everyone, everywhere to stay safe.

Please leave any comments or opinions on Koreans in JAV. Please, I welcome any new information on anything related to Koreans in JAV in the past/present/future!    


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DigaRW 3 years ago
One of main reasons there is no Korean adult video is because of the K-pop. While J-pop in the Japan doesn't affected much by JAV and relatively same popularity, K-pop has highest popularity as being global attraction of South Korea. If they legalize porn movie in their country, that would severely damage image of South Korea. Even if they already legalize it, they would restrict them so their legal porn movie cannot be accessed outside of Korea.
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Periph 3 years ago
agree that the protecting kpop angle could be a big reason. for example, when Yua Mikami, Moko Sakura and other JAV stars tried to break into kpop with their musical group Honey Popcorn, the group was completely frozen out of debuting in the korean market. The reason I think for this is how the kpop idol development system works. Entertainment companies scout for attractive candidates on the street or in mass auditions. These are as young as primary school but mostly middle and high school. Those that pass the audition are then accepted as trainees start going to the companies for training in singing, dancing, etc. after school. Many of them may live in company dorms during the training period. If they make it through to debut in a group, they will live in company dorms for at least the first several years of their performing careers. Now here is the anti-porn angle: the kpop industry absolutely cannot afford for there to be any perception that the kpop industry is in any way a "gateway" to a porn career. Yua Mikami is the perfect example of this in the Japanese system. She was a music idol trainee that didn't make it and then turned to JAV porn as a career. If Korean parents ever got the idea that sending their kids to be trainees could lead to them ending up in porn (since the majority of trainees don't end up making it in the music industry) then they would never allow any kids to become trainees, and the supply of future idol talent would completely dry up.
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ZENRA 3 years ago

You bring up a good point about Yua's (failed? I wasn't paying attention) K-pop attempt. Their industry is kind of similar to domestic JAV in that the barrier to entry is quite high; outsider entities are welcome to take part, but they'll soon find a ton of unexpected hurdles in the way to getting anywhere. That plus simply being adult film stars in their home country probably did not help her chances of success.

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I don't understand how female korean broadcast jockeys are allowed to basically do uncensored camgirling but the other stuff isn't allowed. Alas no KAV scene to give some healthy competition to JAV. They have the potential girls and culture to make some great stuff (based on their softcore porn), but archaic porn laws such that no scene will ever come.
1 0
Periph 3 years ago
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsqZeKO603Mthis youtube video has an interview with a korean adult film actress. she mentions the company MIB making K porn videos. mib19.comhowever, from the comments: "you need to connect to korea server through vpn if you're out of korea..and korean phone with korean sim ..which means its impossible to watch their video unless you are in korea.."
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ZENRA 3 years ago

Interesting. Thanks for sharing that. Do you know if it's censored? Has real penetration?

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Periph 3 years ago
Don't know, can't view since I'm not in Korea. The MIB YouTube page has some previews, which obviously don't show the full versions, but maybe you can find more info in the comments.
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ZENRA 3 years ago

That's interesting that it's totally region-locked FOR Korea. I know some SE adult sites that block the countries they shoot in for legal reasons (and also to prevent the woman from being discovered. A Korean AV site by and for Koreans certainly makes sense to allow Korean traffic, but blocking all other countries is a bit odd. Even from anti-piracy perspective it sounds like the final form of burying one's head in sand.

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Gekin 3 years ago
Amen! The only true decent Korean "porn" are movies... but there are quite a few absolutely beautiful pretty famous actresses that have done some, like Kang Hanna, Lim Ji Yeon and Song Ji Hyo. As for the HUSR series, its sad how few and far between and the lack of any repeat occurrences. I yearn for the day an actual beautiful Korean becomes a full fledged JAV by maybe being a dual citizen of something. HUSR 176, the cover girl is still my absolute favorite "Korean" JAV...
1 0
ZENRA 3 years ago

Yea, there is definitely some good soft Korean porn, but not much of note that you can consider hard. However, I think with the barrier to entry in producing and distributing amateur content being lowered so much, we may see some good changes.

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