The Voluntary Violation of Young Wife Sayaka Takaoka

Published January 10, 2018

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Sayaka Takaoka is married and quite unhappy about being poor so why not—she does JAV! Via GUTS.

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The Voluntary Violation of Young Wife Sayaka Takaoka
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Not everyone is living the high life in Japan.  Just like in any developed nation, there's the have's and the have-not's with the latter being an ever-present though oftentimes invisible segment of the population.  Of course those below the poverty level receive aid and those living on the streets can be extremely easy to spot.  Usually those at the end of the line are older men off on their own without any family to call their own...and sometimes--once in a blue moon, really--it can be a very cute and young prospective JAV star.  The bulk of those who identify as 'poor' in Japan, however, survive just over the poverty line.

Being poor, but not 'poor enough' is a tough place to be.  You don't really qualify for government assistance, but life is far from easy.  In the case of SAYAKA TAKAOKA, today's very unfaithful wife, being married to a no-good husband who slacks off more than he clocks in while trying to take care of their little one is just too much to handle.  Enough's enough for her.  She can't keep passing things off to her parents.  She's a grown woman married to someone who refuses to grow up and hold down a steady job.  They live in a crappy apartment with literal holes in walls and a single junky heater that randomly turns off when it's needed most.

For SAYAKA, life really, really sucks.  She needs money for school tuition and working part-time out in the boonies won't cut it.  What will is simple:  dabbling in JAV.  This is where GUTS comes to the rescue as SAYAKA finds herself the star of today's update, one of the best infidelity movies we've shown by this popular studio of the last decade.

THE VOLUNTARY VIOLATION OF YOUNG WIFE SAYAKA TAKAOKA is longer than average (clocking in just under 2 hours) and has a very strong documentary vibe to it.  This title does have laughter here and there, but it's more of a "my life sucks so bad, look at our crappy place!" type rather than feel-good humor or anything close to it.  This is serious.  This is serious JAV.  It's a documentary done right with oodles of sex structured in a way where SAYAKA comes off first as cheerful but destitute, but is given the ability to 'escape reality' and by the end, we see her as a bona fide sex maniac taking the lead in a love hotel with a suspicious number of beds (seriously, there were like 3 beds in this room for some reason).

I don't know much about this actress.  SAYAKA TAKAOKA did end up starring in a few more titles after this one and it's a shame she stopped early.  She did debut right around the time she was 30 which is a bit late, but her face and that body...extremely rare and extremely superb.  Long limbs with huge breasts make her less 'real person' and more Leiji Matsumoto anime character come to life.

VOLUNTARY had some weird editing going for it.  It featured tons of on-screen captions that we faithfully translated to the best of our ability.  However, GUTS' editor decided for some unfathomable reason to keep them on screen for much shorter than would have been preferred; something wordy that should have had at least 5 seconds of airtime got perhaps 2 so we admit there were times we had to 'compact' the meaning to make things readable.  Also the initial interview covering the first couple minutes of the first scene featured very loud music that almost entirely drowned out what was being said.  We figured out most of the dialog, but we also admit there were a few instances where we had the option of either not translating what was said (unthinkable!) or guesstimating based on what came before and after and this latter option is what we chose.

It's hard to pick a favorite scene in this release.  Each one really does have something unique for it.  The home visit in the first may not have concluded with full-on sex, but I really do believe it was not staged; what we saw was almost certainly her home and gosh it was a dump (no offense SAYAKA).  Later on the play intensified at the hotel with dual bouts of condom-free coitus with a really fun and adventurous bath break-time in between.  That last scene with SAYAKA in that insanely revealing outfit complete with pubic hair sticking out...priceless.

After working on this title for a few days, I do wonder if her breasts are totally real.  The shape and the spacing make me wonder if she's had some 'help' in the past.  And speaking of said past, the way she volte-faced into a sex maniac in the final scene was almost too good for an amateur.  She mentioned she's cheated at least once before, but perhaps that was a fib?  Perhaps to help keep her house afloat she's worked the 'water trade'?  You never know as even out in the boondocks, men have their 'needs'.

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