Ninth Month Nakadashi

Published July 15, 2020

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

With her due date just round the corner and a husband who could not care less, a beauiful Japanese wife makes a fraught decision.

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Ninth Month Nakadashi
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Color me impressed.  Here we've a JAV movie far from new (we won't beat around the bush with an SD update) starring an unknown with an absolute clock ticking over her head shot entirely by the actor/director that should be a bomb on paper, but turns out being anything but.  NINTH MONTH NAKADASHI may be the first time we're ever showing a movie featuring a pregnant actress (what took us so long?!) and if it proves popular, we may see what else we can license that's similar to it.

YURI MIZUKAMI may deny it, but she's a babe.  Amateurs like her are often so-so in the looks department, but this time we get a full-bellied anomaly.  She literally looks great from every angle and even in her most bloated form--weeks away from delivery!--she's a natural beauty.  Your guess is as good as mine as to why her husband has chosen to avoid sharing a bed with her.  We hear in the interview it mainly deals from him scared of injuring her, but pregnancy is really a most dangerous time only during those first few months.  In Japanese, once you pass that fraught period, you enter what's known as 安定期 ('anteiki').  From this point on, having crazy sex with one's husband (or JAV director) is probably OK and we get to spend a well-timed 90 minutes with this ninth month goddess as she does the deed several times with the latter.

NINTH MONTH NAKADASHI like other GUTS cheating wives movies is not big-budget.  They never were a big JAV studio and even during the crazy years of the mid-2000's, their finances just weren't good enough to maintain solvent.  NINTH MONTH was one of the last titles they produced before folding and I'm happy to see them go out on such a good note.  We get great camera quality (for its time), one of the prettiest soon-to-be-MILFs I've ever seen, and a potential authentic creampie at the end.

I'm not entirely sure if the actor truly did go in raw and finish in her in the final scene.  The lighting was a bit dark and the camera during the 'good bits' generally was not focused down south.  Even at the end, we don't get footage of him actually finishing in her, but only see the aftermath.  Perhaps I'm an optimist, but something about this one just feels authentic.  It certainly didn't have the bounteous volume fake creampies in JAV are known for and the risk of accidentally getting an actress pregnant is a non-issue.

YURI MIZUKAMI did a few more titles around this time period.  Just like how NOZOMI HAZUKI took about a year off to give birth to come back as a lactation queen we've YURI milking (for a lack of a better word) her full-bodied appearance for all it counts as her delivery date slowly, but surely arrived.  It's totally up in the air as to whether she was really married at that time and everything we heard throughout this movie's multiple interviews was true or not.  Documentary JAV like NINTH MONTH NAKADASHI are known to stretch the truth.  YURI certainly wasn't faking being pregnant and I'd like to believe she was married at the time to a husband who just was too weak-willed to make love to his pregnant wife leading her to a short-lived career in JAV.  I also hope they reconciled and still remain together today.


Score:  4/5

Pro's:  Gorgeous actress.  One of the best documentary JAVs we've ever shown.

Con's:  Lighting was a bit too dark at times.  An additional cameraman during the sex scenes would have been a welcome addition.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 484

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