Pan's Spotlight: Alice Otsu

Published : July 4th, 2022 Written by Panking

This blonde bombshell has been blowing up recently so I figured now would be a perfect time to take a step back to examine how she got here and what makes her so great. Some may be surprised to learn that she isn't some newbie and has in fact been around for about nine years now. In addition to all this I will also give my personal list of recommended watches for her so whether you're getting freshly introduced to her or perhaps a long-time fan, hopefully, you'll find something new to check out. Now without further ado, let's dive in!


Birthday December 18th, 1993
Height 160cm/5ft 2 in
Measurements B85 / W60 / H86
Cup Size G Cup

Alice Otsu is currently riding a massive surge of popularity that can be traced back to the spring of this year. But what you may not know is that she's actually been around since 2013. In those early years, she mostly shot with lesser-known studios and starred in multi-actress films. She barely made a blip on the radar to be perfectly honest until around 2019 when she finally began securing more solo videos to herself. But even then she rarely got to work with any of the major studios. Things began to look upward for her though in 2021 when she trimmed her hair and finally branched out to different studios like Moodyz, Fitch, and Marrion.

But the biggest change came at the start of this year when she dyed her hair blonde going for a more "gyaru" look which worked wonders for her. Since then her career has exploded with her output reaching wild new heights. She's currently receiving work with all the big players like E-Body, Oppai. Honnaka, and Wanz Factory just to name a few. This is being reflected in her sales as just within the month of May she's jumped up to the 25th spot overall. Her insane output isn't sustainable and she will eventually slow down of course but right now she's at the top of her game. There are several reasons for her newfound success and why she's such a great talent. For starters, her figure is incredible.

Physical traits

Her ass is perhaps her most notable physical trait and for good reason. It's plenty meaty and is further enhanced by her equally juicy thighs. She's super thick from the waist down and it's amazing. Next up are her boobs which are very nice overall. They're quite perky and suit her figure very well. This is all complimented by her rather slim waist helping these features stand out even more. And not only is her body fantastic but she's extremely adorable too which serves as a contrast to her more wild persona and acting ability. Lastly, I personally really love her new hairstyle. Some may prefer her with black hair but this new blonde color suits her perfectly and has really helped to fuel her career reboot. I should also highlight her incredible squirting talent. She's up there with the best of the best as she let loose like a fire hose with maximum horsepower. It makes her scenes even more entertaining as a result.

Performance Ability

As a performer, Alice is easily among the best in the business right now. In every video, she always brings it and rarely phones it in. She's extremely lively and her electric personality shines through. There's never a dull moment thanks to her terrific energy, superb facial expressions, and top-notch engagement. You know you're in for an entertaining watch when you ready up one of her films. She really does remind me a little bit of Mao Hamasaki with how nutty they can get on-screen. Funny enough they even shot a film together with EBOD-908 which was a very wet and wild watch. Speaking of, let's jump into my top 10 videos for her starting out with the aforementioned...



"Investigator Step-Sisters Flood With Tides Of Squirting Orgasms Together For Blissful Sex And Harsh Teasing"

Have your ponchos ready because you're gonna get soaked when watching this one. Here we see the pair of Alice and Mao play secret agents who are on an undercover mission. While attempting to steal some intel they get busted and know how the rest goes. I'm not really a big fan of this setup but who can say no to two super soakers squirting like crazy? Now one aspect that left me feeling lukewarm was the acting from the pair. They tend to go a little overboard at times. It makes sense given that they were treated with special "medicine" but it's still a bit much. I didn't hate it too badly but I know some may be turned off by it. There's never a dull moment at least thanks to their enthusiasm.

The action overall is terrific but be warned if you're not into squirting, you probably won't enjoy it too much. It features a group sex scene, a threesome sex scene, a blowjob scene, and a masturbation/toying scene. The best aspect IMO is the over the top squirting. It makes each scene much more entertaining as a result as you watch them gush like a geyser. The production values though can leave a little something to be desired. The lighting is a mixed bag as sometimes it's fine and other times it's a bit too dim. The setting variety is repetitive as each scene takes place in mostly the same set. But at least the camerawork is mostly solid. If you enjoy heavy squirting, you'll be in heaven with this film.


"Student Gal With A Huge Ass Uses My Face As A Bicycle Seat!"

Rocket sure loves their wacky concepts. This setup centers around a man who is somehow able to magically transform himself into Alice Otsu's bicycle seat. It doesn't really make much sense but it's entertaining all the same. This results in tons of facesitting and squirting. Overall it's a very absurd plot but makes for a fun watch. Now the one major drawback I have is the lack of setting variety as every scene takes place in the same exact room. I honestly wasn't too upset by this but it can make the scenes feel a tad repetitive by the end. Aside from that, the production values are fine with adequate lighting and camerawork on top of boasting some nice outfits for Alice that showcase her ass quite nicely.

The action consists of two sex scenes, a facesitting scene, and a masturbation/toying scene. Every single scene features a heavy amount of squirting so if you're not a fan I would advise you to skip this one. But personally, I can never get enough of watching Alice gush like a geyser. It's insane how explosive she is. The sex scenes are decent but are limited by their position variety. The last scene does fare better in that regard but is still quite brief. Lastly, I gotta praise Alice's performance as she is so fun to watch here. She's got fantastic energy and lively facial expressions that really help brings this outlandish premise to life. It may be a little narrow in scope but if you enjoy squirting, bizarre plots, and facesitting then it's a must-watch.


"Rose FUCK Bunny Pussy! Throat Pussy! Ass Pussy! Where Should I Cum...FUCK! Cum Inside All 3 Holes! Amazing 19 Cumshots!"

This particular film served as my introduction to Alice and boy did she make a wild first impression. It boasts a tantalizing cover for sure and the film definitely lives up to it. This one features no real plot at all and instead just focuses on the action which as the title implies, gets pretty intense. Expect some anal, DP, creampies, cum swallowing, and deep throating. Since it's the main focus let's dive into it. Overall the film consists of two foursome sex scenes, a group blowjob scene, and a toying scene where two guys use a variety of toys on her ass. That scene is admittedly forgettable and pretty dull. But thankfully that's the only minor issue with the action.

The other scenes fare much better. The group blowjob scene is nice due to the intensity of it and the fact that she swallows some of the cum at the end. The sex scenes though are the major highlight with their wide array of positions and good pacing. There is plenty of DP action and it can get pretty rough at times. Such as when they show her asshole budding out like a rose, which is kinda gross. This leads me to her performance and she does a fine job for the most part. She takes the anal and DP segments decently well at least compared to other actresses. No tears from her. The film may not be for everyone due to its heavy focus on anal but if you do enjoy it, you won't be disappointed.


"Dark Empire Dirty Nurse"

Films from GIGA can be rather hit-or-miss for the most part. Many reuse the same basic formula or feature the actress in a submissive situation. But this one bucks the trend by providing an interesting take on their typical superhero theme. This time we see Alice Otsu playing a supervillain-type role who is looking to steal an alien meteorite that has come to earth. She goes toe-to-toe with a superhero and ultimately gets the upper hand as she subdues him. But of course, it doesn't end there as she has her way with him and fucks him senseless ending with him becoming her new sex slave. Overall I really loved this premise as it features an entertaining twist on their usual setup. And Alice makes for a convincing bad girl.

She delivers a good performance for the most part as she takes control and dictates the action. But at times she can be a little too whiny for my liking and isn't quite as dominant as I'd hope. The action is extremely simple as there's really just one sex scene with quite a bit of setup that is pretty entertaining in its own right. The sex is great with a nice range of positions but all the cumshots are fake sadly but at least it fits this wacky setup. I definitely gotta praise the production values. Sure they're a bit cheap but they have a lot of charm making for a fun watch. Not to mention her signature outfit here is very creative and sexy. GHMT-68 is easily one of the better GIGA films I've seen in recent memory and will surely entertain you from start to finish.


"My Girlfriend's Super Slutty Younger Step-sister Has Curvy Colossal Tits To Lure Me In Temptation"

I was very eager to check out Alice Otsu in VR to see how well she'd fare. I'm happy to report the results are outstanding! Here we see Alice playing the flirtatious sister of your girlfriend who seduces you by flaunting her sizable chest. It's very similar to Oppai's GES(girlfriend's elder sister) series but instead, she takes on the role of the younger sister.  It's always a great premise that's further enhanced by the added immersion of VR. There's some risk here but nothing too in-depth. One nice moment features her jerking you off while the girlfriend is in the kitchen. A bit more risk would've been nice but it's not a big deal as the rest of the action is superb.

It consists of two sex scenes overall. The scenes feature a very nice range of positions including cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, doggy, and missionary. Plus, she even squirts a few times which is always a plus. Alice makes for some lovely eye candy here as her booty and thighs look incredible.  But perhaps best of all is her performance. She's so enthusiastic here and super-expressive while maintaining good eye contact which is always key in VR. She also loves to drool a lot which makes for some nice visuals in VR. Beyond that, all the technical aspects are on point too with top-notch lighting and smooth pacing. All this adds up to one of the best VR videos I've seen in quite a while. It checks all the boxes making for a very satisfying watch.


"This Is The Story Of My Niece, Who Was Left At My House Because Of Her Bad Behavior. She Was Teasing Me With Her Miniskirt, So I Made Her Understand With My Big Dick"

What a nice cover right? Thankfully the film is just as good making for one of her best ass-centric videos to date. The premise revolves around a man who has to deal with his lewd niece who is played by Alice of course moving in with him. She ends up teasing him by flaunting her ass until he can't resist any longer and ultimately fucks her. The rest of the film is about what you expect with the two going at it over and over again. I really liked the plot as Alice is a fantastic fit for this role with her spunky personality and great energy. She can be a bit too submissive at times which is a little frustrating given that she should be enjoying herself more but most of the time she does a solid job. And she looks damn good while doing so.

That's certainly one of the highlights here as Alice's juicy booty makes for some stunning eye candy. It's showcased extremely well with some short skirts and thongs. Not to mention the camerawork features some amazing shots of it although there is some minor static camera use that can be hit or miss. The lighting too is a little mixed but is mostly pretty great. Lastly, the action is terrific consisting of about four sex scenes in all. However, the actual sex can be quite brief in a few of those scenes with a good chunk of the time devoted to showing off her ass and thighs. If you're looking for a video that makes excellent use of her big booty, then this is right up your alley.


"Seduced By My Girlfriend's Busty Stepsister"

Alice Otsu in a GES film sounds like a slam dunk on paper and it absolutely lived up to expectations. The premise is like all other entries with Alice successfully stealing away her stepsister's boyfriend by showing off her cleavage and flashing her chest. This leads to them having risky sex all over the house as per usual. I will say that I think the risk factor was a little light here and could've been implemented more in a few of the scenes. There is still some risk of course such as when she tittyfucks him in bed with his girlfriend or sucking his dick in the dining room while the sister is in the kitchen. Overall not a huge issue though. Another critical aspect of any GES entry is acting and Alice delivers a fantastic performance overall.

Her enthusiasm and facial expressions are exactly what you want to see in a film like this. She exudes a nice slutty vibe and is relentless. Not to mention looking pretty damn good while doing so. The action is good featuring two sex scenes, two paizuri scenes, and a blowjob scene. Fantastic balance all around. There are quite a few fake cumshots here but at least they look somewhat realistic. Also, I gotta point out that Alice is a super soaker squirter. She's like a geyser at some points. Lastly, the production values are decent with no real glaring issues. The wardrobe variety is great along with excellent camerawork. All in all, it's a brilliant entry and another quality release from the red hot Alice Otsu.


"Blonde Gal's Huge Ass Is Too Sexy!

If there's anything Marrion knows how to do well it's showcasing a nice ass and once again they knock it out of the park with this one. I don't think I need to explain the setup too much here as what you see is what you get. It's just any other entry from this series as it serves to highlight Alice's bombasstic booty. That's all there is to it. One of the best aspects has to be the eye candy factor that this series is known for. Her ass and thick thighs look incredible here in every position. She's definitely got one of the best booties in the business right now. This is all bolstered by the terrific lighting and camerawork that features some really nice shots. Such as when she's riding reverse cowgirl while looking right into the camera with a seductive smile.

That leads me to her performance which she knocks out of the park. She's so full of energy and spunk(in more ways than one). Not only that but she boasts some top-notch facial expressions that are wonderfully vibrant. And then of course we have the action. It consists of two sex scenes, two assjob scenes, and a handjob scene. I don't really have any issue except for some scenes feeling a bit repetitive like the assjob scenes. Beyond that, it's pretty satisfying and Alice even squirts quite a few times which is always nice. And as I hinted at earlier each position shows off her ass in stunning fashion. MMKZ-113 is definitely one of my favorites in this series. This is a brilliant place to start if you've yet to jump onto the Alice Otsu bandwagon.


"Big Ass Gal - Endless Lasciviousness for Pocket Money - Instant Blowjob and Pile Driving Creampies With Infinite Pussy to Mouth Servitude"

What a stunning cover am I right? Thankfully the video more than lives up to it. The premise is pretty simple casting Alice as a slutty and lewd schoolgirl who fucks this older man's brains out completely over and over. That's really all there is to it. This simplicity extends to the setting as the entire film pretty much takes place in a singular hotel room. That didn't bother me too much as they at least switch up the lighting to keep it from getting too stale. In addition, Alice also sports a nice array of schoolgirl uniforms that look amazing and suit her nicely. So overall it's a well-produced film if not a little basic. What really carries this film though is her acting as she delivers a flawless performance. Her sheer enthusiasm is just off the charts.

She's incredibly engaging and super-expressive from start to finish. Just an absolute ball of fire. It's especially apparent when she sucks dick because she goes HARD(no pun intended). It's certainly one of her most energetic performances to date. The action is just as great too consisting of three full sex scenes, a mini sex scene, and a blowjob scene. The position variety is fantastic, the intensity is very high and frenetic on top of featuring multiple cumshots per scene although a few are likely to be fake. I'm sure some are real since the guy will often squirm around pretty hard after she makes him cum and she keeps going. All this makes for a wild ride that will leave you breathless. It's definitely a must-watch for any fan of hers.


"Losing Virginity While Room Sharing On A Business Trip. Two Busty Employees Find Out He's A Cherry Boy And Turn Into Wild Sluts Till Morning"

I was completely blown away the first time I watched this one as it turned out to be one of the best 3P films of the past several years. The premise is a mostly typical take on the "spend a weekend alone with my female bosses" trope except for this time the guy is a virgin which makes the pair even more aggressive towards him. Once they find out they take turns fucking his brains out all night and into the morning. It's nothing too fancy as it's quite basic but it sets the stage for some threesome action which this film delivers in spades. The film consists of two sex scenes, a handjob scene, and a paizuri scene. The paizuri scene is a bit lacking and the handjob scene is decent at best as it does feature a nice cumshot at least.

The real meat of the film lies in the threesome sex scenes which are brilliant. Intense doesn't even begin to describe them. They're very passionate and feature an impressive range of positions. The spotlight is shared evenly between both actresses too. And Alice's amazing squirting ability is put to good use here. There are a lot of fake creampies sadly but it's to be expected. Their acting is the other major highlight as both share good chemistry and boast superb enthusiasm. Both are relentless and are an utter blast to watch. It's some of the best acting from a 3P film in a long time. Production values are on point too although the handjob scene feels oddly placed. CAWD-363 is a nearly immaculate wild ride that will leave you breathless.



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Moonlight 1 year ago
Now you can call me a proud fan of Alice's lol thanks for your recommendations
Panking 1 year ago

Happy to hear! Alice sure is a great one.

exiarv2 1 year ago
I've been seeing her pop up heaps this year, I didnt actually she was so thicc till I saw the trailer for the upcoming movie with Yuri Oshikawa
Francisco 1 year ago
Alice Otsu has already made a strong case for Model of the Year. She's been on my radar forever but I wrote her off as an Azusa Misaki type: the type of actress who gives elite performances but only appears in sporadic and forgettable videos. Never expected her to dye her hair and become a breakout star alongside younger models like Rino Yuki and Ena Satsuki. As a sexual performer, she excels in Yumika Saeki-esque "Super Slut" roles but her acting instincts allow her to do much more. Like Yuna Ogura and Ichika Matsumoto she's able to add layers to a performance by just being present, reacting, and finding interesting things to do. For example, in DASD-994 she appears to surprise her costar a bite of her pizza and then gives him another bite during the sex scene. It's a small detail, but it shows how fun and charismatic she is.
ZENRA 1 year ago

The hair color really suits her. A dye job well done!

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