A World Where Nurses Only Use Perverted Words

Published September 9, 2022

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Female Japanese nurses use the most perverted lingo imaginable while giving their parents the types of services NHI normally does not cover.

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A World Where Nurses Only Use Perverted Words
Timing and Translation by JM84

Part of me is tempted to go into this review with something matching the content of the movie, but if there is one thing I've conditioned myself to be poor at, it's excessively lewd language.  While we show content that some may find risque, I've always tried to keep the text that appears on the site PG-13 rated, but who knows--something salacious may slip through the cracks and for a release like today's update, A WORLD WHERE NURSES ONLY USE PERVERTED WORDS, it may make sense to turn the prude filter off for a change.

ROCKET has always been known for thinking outside of the box and almost since their inception and continuing to this very day, they've shot their Lewd Announcer series, something that has been on our radar, but we're just not sure how fans will react.  Some time ago, they took that concept, cast three (or four if you count the patient in scene two) JAV stars rather than just one and went riot with it.  What we get in today's update is 150 minutes of the raunchiest performances I've ever seen with well-known faces outdoing each other in their perversion.  Just imagine AYUMU SENA, most likely now retired and maybe even a housewife living a normal life after also being the most seductive lewd-lingo-firing doctor imaginable.  I mean, really, even starring alongside HIBIKI OTSUKI, I think she held her own and then some (what's more, her hair, the light tan, and makeup is pure perfection!).

In a quartet of scenes, we see all the reasons why universal health-care is a must:  to get patients coming again and again and thus giving the clinic opportunities aplenty to bill the government, they combine regular medical support with extremely perverted sexual antics.  You'd think their waiting room would be packed full of horny men, but what we get are actual patients of all genders finding themselves surprised at how...well, outgoing the medical staff happens to be.  It doesn't help they're all beautiful women.  No gruff, overworked geezer doctors to be found.

Be it the hallway handjob that kicks things off, the almost, but not quite lesbian pregnancy check that may make people think again about protection, that guy with the butt-hole issue (scene of the year!), and the two bouts of medicinal harem sex that follow, what we get in A WORLD WHERE NURSES ONLY USE PERVERTED WORDS is perverted goodness.  A JAV movie jam-packed with great visuals, great casting, and of course dialog that could cause a rift to form between our reality and that of JAV Land.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 2124

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+What a theme!  I wish more movies employed it.
+Casting is as good as it gets.
+Props to whoever wrote that script (or cue cards given the theme).
+All sex from handjobs to harem were performed near flawlessly.
+Pretty thin mosaic.


-Not really a negative, but seeing HIBIKI credited made me think she'd of course steal the show only to have her outshadowed by AYUMU.

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