First Impressions: Tsukasa Aoi

Published : December 5th, 2022 Written by Panking

It's that time of the month again for another new edition of first impressions and this time I'll be looking at one of S1's heavy hitters, Tsukasa Aoi. She's actually been around a lot longer than I initially thought having made her debut clear back in 2010 with Alice Japan studio. She would remain an exclusive there for five years before transferring to S1 where she would remain to this day. Over her time she has maintained a consistent level of popularity and shows no signs of stopping. I have always seen clips of her films but never gave her a full shot until today. As always I'll check out five different films and give them a score. At the very end I'll give a summary of my thoughts and whether or not I'll watch her again. With that out of the way, let's begin!


Beautiful Hip MANIAX

This was my very first introduction to Aoi Tsukasa and I think it's clear why I chose this film judging by the cover. How could I resist? One look at this cover should tell you what it's all about. The overall theme centers entirely around her juicy ass. It's pretty vanilla for the most part with a few minor exceptions being two scenes that do incorporate a slight theme to them such as having her play a masseuse and female boss. Don't expect anything too in-depth as it's still just a straightforward ass video and what you see is what you get. The film consists of two sex scenes, two assjob scenes, and a handjob scene all with a major focus on her ass. It's always the center of attention as it should be.

The action overall is fine but nothing too crazy. The position variety is a bit limited and lacking in intensity at times. But all the ass focus is handled well plus every cumshot is real which is nice to see. Now unfortunately one aspect that left me feeling underwhelmed was her acting. She could've used more enthusiasm and her facial expressions were rather weak. Not something that ruins the film but I was hoping to see her use her ass to its fullest but I was left a bit disappointed. Thankfully the production values are mostly on point. There is a ton of fish eye lens used here but I'm not too bothered by it personally. If you can get past that and the middling performance from Aoi then you'll have a good time here. If nothing else for some terrific ass eye candy.

Overall Rating - 8.3/10


A Brilliant And Talented Female Boss Orders Me Around and Fucks Me Silly

Just from that title alone, I was sold. The plot is pretty self-explanatory with Tsukasa Aoi playing a female boss who takes one of her employees out to a hotel and fucks his brains out pretty much. That's about all there is to it really. It's a typical straightforward S1 plot. Now a key component to a premise like this is a strong performance and Tsukasa does...just alright. I do think it's a step up from the first film I watched of hers but still lacking a bit. It's mainly her facial expressions that can feel too stiff at times. Her enthusiasm is pretty good here at least. All around a solid job but could've used a little more of a spark.

When it comes to the action, the film delivers. It features three sex scenes and a blowjob scene. The blowjob scene isn't anything too special but the sex scenes are all terrific. Each one is paced pretty well with a nice array of positions. Plus, all the cumshots are real which is always appreciated. Now the production values are on point with one small exception and that is the setting variety as two scenes reuse the same exact room and bed. Plus, the lighting has very minimal changes between them. But on the bright side, the camerawork is solid with one scene even featuring POV. And Tsukasa looks very sexy throughout. Overall I enjoyed this one but felt her performance and some technical aspects held back it's potential. Still a good watch though.

Overall Rating - 8.5/10


The night of the business trip where she was fucked like crazy by the temptation of big-breasted and cute new employee's unprotected tits

As part of my first impression to Tsukasa Aoi I just had to check out a VR film to really get a full appreciation of her body. And while her figure does indeed look especially nice in VR, I can't help but feel underwhelmed by her. The premise isn't anything too fancy. It centers around you going out on a business trip with your female boss, Tsukasa, and spending the night together in a hotel room. One thing leads to another and you two eventually fuck. You've no doubt seen this setup before. It's a fine premise but just way overused. Anyway, let's move on to the actual video itself starting with her performance. I'm sad to report that her acting was a big letdown.

I always harp on acting being a vital aspect of a VR film and Tsukasa is relatively stiff and lacks proper enthusiasm. She really just has one gear and doesn't change it up it all. This is mainly noticeable in her facial expressions. Overall not the proper energy you'd expect from a role and plot like this. The sex does fare better at least consisting of some paizuri and a standard sex scene with a nice array of positions such as cowgirl, doggystyle, and missionary. And the eye candy factor is excellent here as her ass and her tits look stunning here. Her boobs really pop in VR. While the action and production values are generally on point, the film really suffers from Tsukasa's lackluster performance. It's still a fine watch but could've been much more.

Overall Rating - 6.8/10


Big Ass Teacher Showing Her Plump Bottom And Fucking In A Provocative Cowgirl Position

I think many would agree that is one of Tsukasa's more iconic films and after watching it, I can easily see why. This one casts her into the role of a flirtatious teacher who loves to tease and seduce her students by flaunting her big ass. It's simple but effective. I for one love teacher themes so as a result, I enjoyed this setup quite a bit. Now, unfortunately, her performance doesn't live up to this premise. This is certainly the weakest aspect of the video. She lacks the necessary enthusiasm to really bring this plot to life. Her facial expressions are underwhelming too and overall she's just way too stiff. Thankfully the rest of the film is generally pretty great.

Let's talk about the action which is stellar featuring three sex scenes and an outercourse scene. That latter scene is mostly forgettable but the other scenes are terrific. The position variety is solid with a nice mix of cowgirl and doggystyle all featuring a heavy focus on her ass. Plus, there are some nice cumshots as well. The eyecandy factor is fantastic and further enhanced by her sexy teacher attire consisting of some pantyhose, skirts, and even a thong. The camerawork is top-notch too. However, the settings can be repetitive as they reuse the same classroom for three out of four scenes. At least they vary up the lighting but it's still a bummer. Overall this was still one of the better films I've seen from her and can easily see why it's a fan favorite.

Overall Rating - 8.6/10


Super Gorgeous Sex Service VVVIP 10 Store Special

With the last pick of my five films, I went with this one as it seemed to boast a real bang for your buck. It's a simple premise that casts Tsukasa Aoi into a multitude of different sex workers roles such as a masseuse, soapland girl, hostess, and even a dominatrix just to name a few. As the title and cover imply there are ten of them in all. Not every scene is a hit(more on that later) but the sheer variety is great and keeps things fresh. The excellent production values certainly help to bolster that. Everything from the lighting to the set design and especially her wardrobe is equally varied. You'll find something to like here no matter what. Now not to sound like a broken record but sadly her performance is very middling once again.

At the very least her energy at times can be decent so she's not a complete dead fish. However, her facial expressions are several lacking as she once again feels quite stiff overall. You just never get a sense that she's really giving it her all feeling quite disconnected. Thankfully the action helps to make up for it. It consists of several sex scenes and handjob scenes, a paizuri scene, a blowjob scene, and even a JOI(jerk off instructions) type scene. As I said not every scene lands but the excellent variety ensures that there's something for everyone and keeps you invested from start to finish. Despite a so-so performance I still had a good time with this one. The wealth of variety is superb and is backed up by S1's top-notch production values.

Overall Rating - 9/10

Overall Thoughts

So after watching five of her films how do I feel about her as a whole? I think she's good but massively held back by her incredibly underwhelming performances. I love her fake tits as I think they're some of the best bolt-ons in JAV right now. And her ass is fantastic too. Overall an amazing figure on top of being really pretty as well. She kinda bears a resemblance to Yua Mikami in the face. There must be something in the S1 water. Anyway, she's physically stunning but her acting is so disappointing. She's very laid back with weak enthusiasm and very static facial expressions. Once in a while, she'll turn it up but those moments are pretty few and far between. I will keep watching her but only when something particularly stands out. Her being exclusive to S1 makes that a bit difficult as they've become a factory churning out the same shit all the time but that's another story. I'd like to say that maybe she'll improve as a performer but given she's been in the game for over a decade already, I think that ship has sailed...


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sub hunter 1 year ago
Her peak videos for me were her early days with S1. Check out snis-519. Undercover investigator theme. With that said, all your criticisms of her are warranted. I agree with Chaps regarding her minor face surgeries. She didn't have to do anything as her natural elegant face was one of her most attractive qualities to me.
Chaps 1 year ago
She was so hot early on, but then did one too many cosmetic surgeries. Recently, it seems she had some bad eye work and it left her eyes quite uneven. It is especially pronounced in VR. It is a shame, as she is such a naturally pretty woman.
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