Oppaira's Top 25 Videos of 2022 - Part 1 (Videos 25-11)

Published : January 22nd, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Another year another top list of my favourite releases. 2023 doesn't strike me as a particularly incredible year but that doesn't mean there weren't a handful of great releases.

Honourable Mentions

Before sharing the full list let's quickly just list my honourable mentions that narrowly missed the list

Each of these entries were great but some of them every year inevitably just miss the cut, and if you like those actresses or themes I'd still highly recommend them. With that said, let's jump into my top 25.

25. JUVR-149 - A Voluptuous Mistress Who Is Ready To Have Sex Anytime

Nina is an actress I always want to enjoy more than I actually do. She's definitely got the kind of bust I look for and I really don't mind her overall size if there are other things going for her or the video. She's certainly no Hitomi but at the same time Hitomi retiring opens up some space for Nina. And I think especially in VR, tits this big just hit different. The video involves Nina playing your mistress and having sex with you at your beck and call.

This video was actually really quite nice. The concept of her being a mistress you could just call any time actually went over well. It gave enough of a backdrop and let them have a minimalistic plot and get away with it, getting you faster to the action you wanted to see. That theme also provided a lot of opportunities for short scenes to work out, like her coming to your place and you playing with her tits right in front of your door (as if she couldn't even wait). Of course, Nina also bought into the theme herself. She really enjoyed being your mistress and sneaking around to have sex with you; her performing was much better than it usually is.

At the end of the day big tits in VR are just really nice. I can simply appreciate how massive Nina's tits are and how enjoyable it is to look at them bouncing in front of you, your cock between them, or simply squeezing them. That being said it was a pretty enjoyable video on its own. Not every video is going to be this good but I think finding this combination of tits and an enjoyable theme really hit well with me, especially since there are so few actresses with tits quite that massive since Hitomi retired. I wouldn't be surprised if I started watching more Nina, and this video is certainly a good start.

24. NIMA-014 - When I Started a New Job With These Busty Women...

Ena Koume, Hana Himesaki, Momo Minami

Hentai adaptations can be really hit or miss and I think part of that happens to be because the plots are always too intricate to properly follow along. So of course something like this where the narrative is simply "my coworkers are so horny they can't help themselves" is very easy to get into and enjoy. I think when I saw that it had a good amount of sex at the office it was an easy sell for me, especially since I hadn't quite watched enough Hana videos this year. I don't think Hana had a bad year so much as I have a lot of expectations for her to do well, plus with her output not being quite the same as it was last year it was just bound to not be as fantastic of a year.

This video wound up being so enjoyable because it had so much going on in it. Three different voluptuous actresses? Don't mind if I do. Office lady sex? In interesting settings? In business attire? With creampies? Check, check, check, and you guessed it, check. Having scenes with varying amounts of actresses was also nice to make things feel fresh from scene to scene. I felt like that along with pacing short and long scenes, sex and foreplay scenes, made the content flow very well. I wouldn't say their performances were amazing but they were good enough as a whole to make the video enjoyable.

I know I found the video more enjoyable than most and I think perhaps my bias for voluptuous women is showing. This is definitely the highest rated video I have of any of them, which is actually quite surprising for Hana Himesaki because she's a great actress. I guess that's a bit of a spoiler that none of them are making the rest of the list, oh well. I'm sure Hana will eclipse this at some point, she's too good not to, and maybe videos like this will make me a bit more interested in Ena Koume, someone I never seem to enjoy quite enough despite her being the kind of actress I like. I'm also happy that I finally found a good Momo video because she's never quite been able to achieve the results I've always hoped she would. All in all though, one of the better Hentai adaptations out there.

23. IPX-900 - The Pretty, Busty Tutor That Will Let You Cum Inside Her

Momo Sakura

Momo is a wonderful actress who, every once in a while, gets a video that's perfect for her. She does very well in videos where she's not totally submissive but also not dominant. In this one she starts tutoring someone who's a little bit shy and introverted. When she notices him looking at her cleavage she decides to tutor him in some unorthodox subjects. That sort of slight positive input to the narrative is exactly the type of thing that fits Momo and I came into it expecting good things.

The video did a good job of a lot of different things. It had a lot of creampie sex content on top of a well structured tutor theme. It also came with a heaping dose of boob play, and if you're into Momo's G cup boobs you'll love that. I think tutor videos in general are quite nice because they have this sweet spot of just enough of a plot to keep that portion satisfying while not being some overwhelming drama. You might spend a few minutes setting it up but then scenes can execute with minimal plot and still feel satisfying. Like I alluded to above, the more coy and innocent personality Momo got to display here was great. I could really buy into her smiling and laughing as she showed her boobs to this inexperienced guy. Those vibes from her were incredible and really sold the performance in a way most actresses can't actually do (as they're either too dominant or too submissive).

I kind of said it above but finding videos that suit actresses like this one is a really big deal. I already mentioned with Nina Nishimura's VR above that it was a video that suited her and the same is certainly true of at least one other on the list. I love these kind of videos for Momo and I had high expectations that it would do well coming into it. It might only be 23rd on my list but don't let that fool you, it's still a fantastic video from her.

22. SSIS-469 - My Girlfriend's Elder Sister Seduced Me When She Pranced Around Without Her Bra

Konan Koyoi

Konan has continually impressed me as a debut, far more than my initial impression. I keep finding myself enjoying her more and more as time goes on, whether that's finding her more endearing, attractive, or a better performer. Out with the old, in with the new, I say, and Konan is the new hotness. The video itself is also just an excellent theme where Konan's sister is dating a mutual friend and Konan swoops in to steal him. Just look at those massive titties, who could resist her?

The video really did the plot and themes justice. Every way you looked Konan was in some sort of revealing outfit that highlighted her assets in a way that made you want to keep looking. Seeing them partially covered made it all the more satisfying when they were exposed, especially when they were only just barely covered and you were hoping they would slip out at any moment. I felt like the middle risky stuff was pretty hot but I also felt like the backstory of them knowing each other helped alleviate some of the issues I would normally have with them sneaking off and having a scene alone together. Konan was her perky upbeat self, which she's still getting used to and improving, but was certainly enjoyable enough, especially as she was able to bounce back to a perky personality quite frequently.

This is definitely the kind of video I see Konan excelling at. I think you want to get her into things that are less serious dramas and have more opportunities for her to just be her naturally bubbly self. She always looks like she's having a great time if you let her and this one is one of her better ones. It does certainly help how attractive she is and how well it fit into the theme itself. I find some of the clothed sex videos to be too overwhelming with how much they're clothed when the actress has such great tits, so with this one towing the line quite well, it really made me enjoy Konan that much more. Definitely one of hers to check out if you still haven't gotten around to her.

21. SSIS-441 - Emergency Visit to a Submissive Man's House

Konan Koyoi

I wasn't kidding when I said Konan is the hotness and having back to back top 25 entries is certainly a compelling argument. I think one of the big selling points for this video is actually seeing her work with Nao Masaki and how Nao can take an actress at S1 (so very low genre variety) and still produce a video that feels interesting and entertaining in the same Nao fashion we've come to expect. That's certainly what happened here, where Konan went to a guy's place and spent a day there just going wild with him.

Firstly I think the video did a good job of hitting on a more wild theme despite the limitations of S1. I don't necessarily think it was that wild but the variety itself and just random things they did made it feel that way. For example, him cooking nude and Konan teasing him and eventually blowing him. Or especially one scene where she took him for a walk with a leash and when they came home, bam instantly going at it. Even just waking him up by shoving her tits in his face was hot as hell, and something that highlighted both the content and Konan as a performer. Rather than just let her do some boring drama stuff she was getting the opportunity to be more spunky, which I think generally suits her quite well. It goes without saying but Konan being quite nice physically also helps when the video is well over three hours, a rarity among S1 videos. I actually never really found myself bored or feeling like the pacing was off, which again is hard to do at this duration of a video.

Konan is definitely making a strong case for being the best debut from 2021. I haven't quite decided between her and Rino Yuki the same way I haven't decide between Aka Asuka and Hana Himesaki among 2021 debuts, but definitely Konan is one of my top two from 2021. It's not hard to make the case for her if you watch this video and see what she's all about. You get lots of content with her great assets and pretty face, plus tons of fun and spunky content. I do think this video is slightly better than the other one but honestly you can't go wrong with either of them, or even just Konan in general.

20. CJOD-345 - Jailbreaker Compulsory Creampie

Kyoko Maki

Kyoko is firmly in a crowd of actresses that I classify as attractive MILFs that I wish I liked more. You see, Kyoko is certainly a looker, hot, big tits, what more could you want? The problem I have with actresses like Kyoko is that they just never seem to produce the quality videos I'm hoping for. Part of that is their performing not being top tier but part of that is all the mediocre studios they often work with. With this video I came in having high hopes because it's a narrative I quite enjoy. It's an interesting series where the actress is an escaped convict and finds herself hiding in a random home. The guy that lives there winds up in a strange relationship with her, where at first she's using him for her pleasure but eventually they become lovers.

I typically find the plot to be great in this series and this was no exception. Watching it go through this gamut of Kyoko straight up using him at first all the way to becoming lovers was great. The video did a fantastic job of selling that progression, whether it was Kyoko making him eat her out while she was snaking or when Yuzuru got jealous of Kyoko having sex with his friend. Kyoko also performed it well, definitely better than most actresses do this theme. There's a certain minimum level of dominant you have to be in order to make it enjoyable because you have to sell being the escaped convict. Sure, someone who has been behind bars for years is likely to be unprepared for sex but the whole selling point is really the escaped convict theme. I loved watching Kyoko chuckle at Yuzuru as she was doing as she pleased. Especially seeing Kyoko with her back tattoo to sell the personality or how sweaty she got, the visuals were equally on point to match the narrative and concept.

It goes without saying but Kyoko is just the right actress for this video. Kyoko just looks like a villain and I say that in the best way possible. She has a look where you expect her to be up to no good and it goes a long way in selling a video like this. Whether or not she can perform it well (and she certainly did), you just want to root for her winning because she looks the part so well. 

19. HMN-110 - I Met My Delivery Health Customer at the PTA Meeting and Had to Keep My Secret


Julia is easily one of my all-time favourite actresses, without a doubt in my top five. That being said, Julia is also a very hit-or-miss actress. She has some performing skills but often doesn't quite do things justice, and especially with some of the generic themes she's a part of it can be far and wide before you get the good stuff. Julia is, however, an actress I'm very willing to watch content from. Even if it's just slightly interesting I'm all over it. That leads us to this, a video with a slightly interesting theme, where she goes to the PTA meeting and finds out the man she's been having sex with to support her home is also a parent.

First off I quite enjoyed the way this video escalated the narrative. It started out with Julia and the guy having sex at home and wound up moving to the school after they were at a PTA meeting together, ending with them doing it in the nurse's office after school. I thought that wound up adding a lot of extra depth to the video, giving you tons of varied and interesting content, especially when you got Julia wearing glasses. I tend to be someone who dislikes school based videos starting off like that, but honestly with them being parents it managed to make a lot of sense and flow very well. Julia also performed it surprisingly well, really hitting a lot of key notes and dipping between different conflicting thoughts about it (I'm not so sure about this but I also need to do this). It honestly made me re-evaluate how good Julia's expressions could be, and I've started to notice a lot of little things that make her performing stand out.

Julia has honestly been doing well these past couple of years. I think a lot of people look at Julia and think she's past her prime. I don't necessarily think they're wrong because prime Julia's boobs are incredible, not to mention the fact that prime Julia is unquestionably one of the most attractive actresses out there. At the same time I also hate saying that because I think current Julia is absolutely fantastic. She still looks great and has matured quite nicely, not to mention that she's still regularly producing top 25 videos (she made my list last year as well). It's definitely a bit far and wide with her producing such videos but I would encourage fans of Julia to keep giving her a chance.

18. HMN-160 - My Girlfriend's Stepmom Caught Me Cheating and Taught Me a Lesson

Riho Fujimori

Riho Fujimori is an actress much like Momo Sakura (featured above) for me: I don't tend to watch them as much as I should, but when I do the videos turn out very well. In fact, I've seen just only five of her videos and given a 9 or higher rating to each and every one of them. It really goes to show just how great Riho can be and the fact that she's still making my top 25 is a great sign. This video had an interesting premise where Riho caught the boyfriend cheating and decided to punish him by making him cheat even more with her.

This video had all kinds of awesome stuff, starting with the plot. Even if it sounds strange that the answer to cheating is to keep cheating, it was really hot watching Riho put him in his place. They definitely framed it as a "you did a bad thing so you need to let me punish you" and the guy just sort of squirmed as she "dealt with him". I must say, part of what made it come together was Riho herself, doing justice to the performance. Watching Riho slap him made you see this dominant side, while watching her drool on him made you recognize this hidden desire as a lonely woman not getting any action. That dichotomy added a nice something extra, just like the glasses she had on throughout. I definitely do think a lot of little things went right here, like stuffing her panties in his mouth, multiple creampies in a scene, playing with her tits, getting him off in the hallway, and of course getting caught in the end and not caring. Really just a masterclass in how to sprinkle some special sauce on top.

I'm glad Riho has this and some other good 2021 and 2022 videos because it doesn't particularly feel like 2023 is going to be a great year for her. She's on SOD's new Kirei label and it just doesn't seem like the right home for her. She's far better when she gets better opportunities to be dominant and, well, do something that isn't super boring like their videos have been. At least I can say that good Riho videos tend to be great and that this is no exception. I generally find there's a lack of these sort of GES (girlfriend's elder sister) plots featuring someone other than the sister, so seeing Riho there playing a different role was absolutely the kind of video for me. I really wish Madonna would do this sort of thing but I'll take anyone doing it. I'm obviously quite biased but hey, this is my top 25 list and I'll recommend whatever I want, and I recommend this!

17. FSDSS-518 - The Manager's Cock Was Bigger Than My Boyfriend's...

Yume Nikaido

Yuma Nikaido, or Ai Hongo as she's going now, is an actress I always hope for the best from. I liked her as a debut and she's been very popular, but Faleno hasn't been giving her the best opportunities. Maybe that's more a complaint about Faleno as a studio than Yume Nikaido, because I expected myself to watch her a fair bit more than I actually have. At any rate, I was really excited for a video like this, it just seemed like exactly what I wanted. As the narrative goes, she spies the store manager with a huge rocket in his pocket and decides to see what's really under there, especially since her boyfriend is unsatisfying.

I thought the video did an excellent job on hitting a lot of the right notes for a convenience store themed video. I find that with convenience store videos you need to get the right tone of the video but even more importantly you need to get the right variety. For starter's the video's narrative was pretty nice, making it a lighthearted theme of Yume doing it with the store manager. Especially with the ways they just randomly did things, like her grabbing his cock from the fridge or lifting up her skirt in public, all things that made the video feel good. That also highlights all the various things that happened throughout the video, like sex in the aisles or a blowjob behind the counter. It just honestly was all the right kind of variety and I loved every minute of it.

Convenience store is a theme I really enjoy but rarely is it done this well. Studios tend to do a lot of heavy dramas here that aren't as lighthearted and fun, not to mention the fact that convenience store videos are rare enough on their own. Every time there's a more lighthearted one like this I'm all over it, and honestly they often turn out excellent. I don't know if actresses just inherently know how to do this or if Yume was a step above, but she really delivered a great performance. I really hope they continue this style like what Yume had rather than the heavier drama Arina got in her convenience store release for Faleno because I'd probably be more interested in Faleno content if they did.

16. JUQ-004 - I Came Without Moving My Hips Once

Minami Yasu

Minami Yasu was an actress I watched for the first time early last year when going through 2021 debuts I missed. I had been told she was good but I kind of wrote her off after a video as not really being for me. It wasn't until I was reviewing all the videos in this series for my series review of it where I found myself pleasantly surprised by Minami's performance. If you haven't quite figured it out the concept is entirely in the name, where Minami plays a married woman who needs a bit of help being satisfied. That being said, she's not quite ready to give up control so she makes the guy she's doing it with sit there and let her do all the work.

The performance from Minami was definitely unexpected and a real treat. She had a good amount of assertiveness and was capable of keeping up dialogue throughout the film. She'd push the guy around, tie his hands up, pin him down, and just generally do all the things you would expect. The narrative wasn't all that engaging but I find the sex looking fantastic, especially with the sweaty theme, always manages to eclipse any concerns I have about a shallow film. It turns out guys that you only need some hot sex to make a good video, none of that extra fluff they put in the two hours.

This is my favourite series at Madonna but it's a series that has very high variance between entries. Some actresses do a terrible job and some do it justice, like Minami Yasu did. Minami isn't an actress that I really expected a ton from but if she's capable of being this good then it changes some things. I think I may have to start paying attention to her and seeing if anything catches my eye. Of course, it's always possible I just like this series so much and things don't pan out for her. Either way, I'll hope for both good Minami videos and great performances in this series in 2023.

15. JUQ-038 - I Came Without Moving My Hips Once

Ai Mukai

Ai Mukai is an actress I only checked out late 2021 for the first time, and people who have seen my last top 25 list probably recall a couple of her videos making the list. Since then she's become an exclusive at Madonna, boy how things change in a year. I'm not necessarily thrilled that Ai is exclusive there because the variety she had going before was way better for her, but every once in a while there's a Madonna release that absolutely suits her, like this one. Just like Minami Yasu's above, it's the exact same plot of the woman having sex with the man while he has to just take it. In this one, the two of them are longtime friends that meet each other after a long time.

The video's plot was similar to Minami's, which is less on the plot side and more on the overall tone of the dominant female. This one did have more of a plot to it where Ai and him go way back and we saw Ai pranking him. Her going "it's just a prank bro" was a fun way to spin the content. Of course, the content was a ton of the usual dominant female stuff. She led the content the entire time, kept up the dialogue, and managed a ton of fun positions. The way Ai looked as she pumped her hips in doggy or missionary was something else I tell you.

Even though I'm a little sad that Ai Mukai is at Madonna now instead of freelancing she's still not missing a beat. For someone I first watched late last year to have top 25 entries in her first two years is pretty remarkable. If I had to compare this one to the above one with Minami Yasu I might honestly say that I simply like Ai more. Ai's body certainly shines a lot more when it's nice and sweaty, and some of the less common positions she gets herself into look a lot nicer with her great body.

14. JUQ-034 - I Was a Virgin Who Lusted for the Neighbour's Wife and Things Got a Little Out of Hand

Rio Kuriyama

Rio Kuriyama is an actress I had flat out never seen prior to this and was someone I watched for another blog post where I ranked all the Madonna actresses. I know I spent a long time trying to figure out which video to review until I came across Nao Masaki as the director. It was honestly pretty easy to put my faith in Nao Masaki with this one and hope she could work her magic and bring out the best in Rio. The narrative wound up being Rio living next to a virgin streamer and having a crazy time having an affair with him.

I must say that Nao absolutely killed it with the directing on this one (which you probably already knew, she's already been featured on the list and still has quite a few more entries to come). They did such a fantastic job mixing all sorts of things, like risky bits, short scenes, and getting the overall narrative and tone right. I really appreciated all the attention to detail, like this guy streaming in his apartment and then suddenly Rio is all over him making him squirm and end his stream. Of course, it was only such a great video because Rio actually managed to live up to the expectations and be the right amount of upbeat and assertive to make the theme work. You just have to be wild to make this concept work and holy hell did Rio have the right demeanor. I think at the same time seeing her nice and sweaty added an extra dimension to really push it into my top 25.

I haven't quite gotten around to Rio again yet but this video made me a believer for sure. She surprised me in so many ways, from getting sweaty to having a nice body to performing it well. It goes without saying but Nao Masaki directing is always worth watching and like I said, Nao isn't a stranger to these lists and she's going to appear as director on quite a few other titles. That probably tips my hat to what kind of videos I enjoy but I've also just been enjoying Madonna a lot this year. Literally the two videos above it are from Madonna and I made a point last year to watch every actress they had on their roster, and honestly Rio has a lot of potential. She seems right at home here instead of IP where she debuted.

13. CJOD-346 - I Was Sandwiched Between Two Buxom Bodies As I Creampied Them

Shiori Tsukada, Yuria Yoshine

Shiori Tsukada is an actress I don't watch nearly as much as one might expect. Physically she is great but as a performer she's just as bad as Rara Anzai, and everyone likes to meme about Rara. When paired up with Yuria though, well hot damn the pair seems great. Pairing up with another busty actress that is a better performer unlocks all sorts of potential, especially when there's some lesbian interaction throughout the video. That was the name of the video here as the guy went home for a visit and found Yuria and Shiori there.

First off let's get the obvious cat out of the bag: yes Yuria and Shiori did all sorts of things together, and it was glorious. Shiori isn't someone who does lesbian all that often these days, especially with such an amazing costar, so it was definitely great to see. The action itself was really insane too, like making out, playing with each other's boobs, and even eating out creampies to cum swap. Other than that the two performed rather well I would say, definitely above what they're usually putting out (especially in Shiori's case). I think between the hot action and the the great performances everything managed to look good. There was always something for you to look at, and worst case you had a couple of great pairs of tits to fall back on.

I must say that everything in this vein that Bi puts out ends up being spectacular. Even if this isn't technically part of the series that some other videos are in, it's basically the same thing and just as good. Of course, that could just be my affinity for big tits and lesbian stuff (especially partial lesbian stuff involving big tits), but it's also something that's scarce enough in the industry that it probably comes off better than it might be. That being said, anyone who's a fan of these actresses probably knew it would instantly be an incredible video and it sure was.

12. PPPE-010 - These Sluts Let Their Tits Out Suddenly!

Monami Takarada, Nanami Matsumoto

As soon as I saw this video spoiled I instantly knew it would be a hit. Nanami and Monami together? Yes, please. Monami is an actress I don't watch nearly as much as I ought to and Nanami is an actress who hasn't quite been living up to expectations in recent years. I think the combination of them is great, who wouldn't love two similarly busty women? Especially with a theme of them randomly exposing their magnificent mammaries to guys, it was so obvious it was going to be incredible.

The video was definitely everything I had hoped for. There was a lot of good variety with the scenes between the parking garage, the bedroom, an office, even a restaurant. I think that theme and variety went hand in hand, giving you a small bit of plot to make a scene flow quite nicely. I'm normally someone who complains about random bedroom scenes but when the scene is the delivery guy being pulled in by a busty woman half naked, it's hard not to enjoy. Of course, Monami and Nanami both played well off each other, clearly having fun with it the entire time. They could take pleasure in the other one having fun or just shove their tits in the guy's face and make a fun time of it. I think the video having three sex scenes and just a ton of focus on their huge, amazing boobs made it really great.

It goes without saying for a video like this but a pairing of actresses working well together can make or break a video very easily. On screen chemistry is important and you could tell the two of them were totally into it and enjoying being paired up. Additionally you could really see how well the two of them paired up physically with how similar they are. That kind of set the whole tone for the video and made it that much more enjoyable. Or you could subscribe to a much simpler theory: big booba good.

11. HMN-203 - Quick, Insert It in Mina's Big Butt Before It Goes Limp After Cumming

Mina Kitano

Mina is an actress I am super conflicted about. On the one hand she's a fantastic performer, easily one of the top in the industry right now. She's also got one of the nicest butts in the industry as well. On the flip side, Mina has some of my least favourite tits, and I think you all know me as a boob person. I tend to be very shy about watching Mina as a result, only picking videos I have a high amount of confidence in. That leads us to this video which was just focused on her big butt in different scenarios. They can put デカ尻 (big butt) on the cover in big letters and still have it be smaller than her ass, so you knew it was bound to be good.

When it comes to low-plot videos like this I tend to appreciate when they give you just a very simple setup to each of the scenes. I think it makes all the difference to have some small theme going on in the video and giving you that little something extra. Watching Mina dominate her boss or have sex as the maid added that extra something I love to see. Of course, Mina being great as a performer also helped, and watching her pull his tie as he was railing her was hot as hell. At the same time the video just had all the right ass-focused content it needed. You got so many incredible views of it that the entire thing was great to see, even the random scenes tossed in there just to make it to two hours.

It's a shame that I often feel the need for Mina to be one dimensional with her ass but it's just so incredible. At the same time I find it also helps diminish from my least favourite quality of hers. I don't consider myself a huge Mina fan but these days I seem to be consistently rating her videos quite highly. I think that's just a factor of how reserved I am with watching her so I only watch top tier videos. That's actually something that tends to happen with actresses I'm only lukewarm about, where I enjoy the videos I watch a lot but also rarely watch them (which was the case for Riho Fujimori above). I'm sure this isn't the last time I watch Mina and who knows, maybe videos like this will convince me I'm missing out (I know Pan would say I am).

With that we're done with the first 15 entries on my list. I hope you've enjoyed part 1 of my top 25 of the year. Be sure to check back in a couple of weeks when I go over my top 10 of the year. Until next time!


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I'm a big fan of that Jailbreaker serious from Chijou Heaven. Sarina Momonaga had a good one this year as well (CJOD-350).
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Touka Rinne's was really good.
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