JAV Debut Reviews 2023: First Report

Published : May 17th, 2023 Written by Fried Chikan

 Welcome back to my Debut Reviews. This year I will be going for a different format, going from monthly reviews to more periodic reviews. With March in the rear view mirror lets look at some new debuts from the year and some rookies that started off late last year. This is the First Review Report for JAV Debuts of 2023.

Chiharu Mitsuha (みつはちはる)

First up is Faleno’s Chiharu Mitsuha. A pretty dark haired beauty with a very prominent beauty mark to match. A 25 year old debut with F cup breasts at 5’3” with 90cm-59cm-94cm measurements. She might be listed with an F cup but her tits were pretty small and unnoteworthy. Tiny nipples though. A lot more fun was her ass. A nice firm booty with a decent size on her slender frame. As for her beauty mark mole beneath her lip, I’m not sure what to make of it. Beauty marks can be nice but hers is smack dab right down the middle. Mole aside Chiharu is quite pretty and is a classic beauty. Small pretty eyes, perky ears, and a pointy face shape.

We still haven’t gotten to the best part; her performing. This rookie is not new to sex and rather good at doing it on camera. I have to imagine she’s done some amateur work because this girl works like a pro. A good performer in bed out the gate already she’s also charismatic and personable outside of the sex too. This is the first Faleno debut that has really blown me away. Outside of a tiny little mole, Chiharu won me away with her classic looks, firm bottom, bed room experience, and charming self. Our 2023 Debut Reviews start off with a bang and Chiharu nabs a sweet S rating from me.


Constant Sensual Sex With Body Fluids Chiharu Mitsuha

Watch the video for yourself to see her in action. Video always gives a better idea about an actress. Here you’ll see how much more muscular her body is. How she has a peculiar birthmark near her crotch. Or that she’s one big squirter. This is a classic hotel sex title. No plot or gimmicks to play with. Just Chiharu delivering some hot sex.

Rumina Sena (せなるみな)

Next up is a gal to enjoy. I’m a sucker for a good tan on a tight. Rumina Sena gives us a little bit of both. A stocky looking tanned blonde with all the gal accessories to match. Shiny jewelry, a nose ring, bikini tan lines, and even some tattoos. Tats are pretty no-no in Japan even in JAV, so it’s uncommon to see girls able to flaunt it out. Rumina has a nice face, on the cuter side. I think she looks a lot better then toning down the makeup on her face. Body wise is where the fun begins. Rumina sports a pair of soft tan lined H cups. A nice medium pair with a nice softness. As does most of the rest of her body. A fair soft midsection. Her ass however is quite firm and taut in comparison to the rest of her jiggly body. A smooth and tight bum. Body wise Rumina was quite alluring which I did not expect.

As for Rumina herself I found her to be a cheery gal with good energy. An okay performer in bed she seem certainly experienced at sex. Not great at it but neither poor at it. Didn’t make a big impression. She was however game for some rougher stuff in some videos. For a newbie she was pretty solid. Overall Rumina is a rock solid gal. An okay face and performing with a sneaky good body. A smaller stocky chick with a fun figure. Rumina nets a solid B from me. If you are looking out for a new rookie gal to check out Rumina is not a bad place to start at all.



Non Shirohana (しろはなのん)

Next up is an interesting new actress in Non Shirohana. A gravure idol model who debuted around 2021, she’s making the switch over to JAV. At first glance she is pretty on point with the popular archetype over in Japanese Gravure. Smaller cutesy chicks with plainer features and rocking busts. At 5’1” Non sports a pair of hefty H cups with a bust size of over 100 cm. Medium to large breasts with a firm shape to them. A pudgier bodied rookie with a nice slight curvy figure. While her breasts will draw many in and no doubt be featured heavily. It’s her looks that drew me in. It’s a surprise Non didn’t make it to SOD’s main label Stars. On paper she’s prime debut material.

Non is a cutie who lays it on thick. She can really play the innocent waif well. Even using a very high pitched and cute speaking voice. Her cutesy acting may be a turn off for some. It was a bit much for me at times. Still her cloyingly adorable glances were too alluring. It is a shame her performing suffers as it does. While she plays the innocent shy cutie, that extends to many of her sex scenes too. So far she has played it as your classic shy and inexperienced girl. Very passive and deferring during the action. Non is hard to judge. I liked her cute face and meaty body but she could play it too cutesy and her performing fell flat for me. Non averages out to a B. Maybe SOD was right to push her on a smaller label.


A bruise and a fellatio girl! All 10 Facials 4 Cosplay Non Shirahana (20) Active JD Faculty of Law

For Non’s title give a look at this one which puts a bigger focus on her pretty face rather than her big bust. A scenario rich title with different themes and costumes for each scene. First is Non giving a double blowjob in a schoolgirl outfit then dressing up as Lum from Urusei Yatsura, then as a nurse, and finally in a reverse bunny suit. The title keeps a strong gaze on Non’s face as she keeps strong eye contact with the camera. A lot of POV like love in the video.

 Yuina Taki (たきゆいな)

The Mogitate debuts continue with Yuina Taki. Yuina is a tall goddess at 5’8”, well above most of her countrywomen and JAV colleagues. Not only that Yuina is a cutie to look at with a body that delivers some fun. Some tall girls might not be all that as pretty or have figures to match their impressive heights. Yuina is a plain looking girl with small sharp eyes. Plain and oh so cute with a deep voice to pair. Down below she has a decent pair of small titties, not bad for someone of her size. What’s even better is her bottom heavier figure. Yuina carries more down south.

A tall Amazon with a good bottom half to match. Thick thighs and a nice fat looking 94 cm ass. A giantess of lady with a good booty to match. That’s a sweet combo. Tall girls aren’t the most popular body type and that’s a shame. If Yuina put on some more muscle and really filled out her body she’d be amazing. As an AV actress she is okay. Not too shy but also let her own personality through. Her body left a stronger impression than her performing did. Yuina started out with the SOD sublabel and is now freelancing; many of them more mature leaning labels. I can’t say I have high hopes for Yuina mainly because her body type isn’t very popular. I can say this tall cutie with the deep voice gets good A rating from me.



MOGI-066 173cm Tall Older neechan Who Loves Cunnilingus Yuina Taki 25 Years Old Juice Overflows From Her Whole Body Holes Sweaty All Day Long

Yuina’s title gives us her in three courses. First a normal sex scene with an extra emphasis on licking. Then a little bit of bondage and blindfold play with sex toys to boot. Finally we finish off with her in the gym taking on some men while building up a sweat. And the gym is where I want to see more of her. This round assed Amazon has such a fun body to play with and a cute face too.

 Sena Ito (いとうせな)

We finally make it to the 2023 debuts with Sena Ito, S1’s latest rookie. Sena is a tall woman at 5’5” with a lanky body to match. Long arms and legs with a skinny body. Small sized F cub breasts with pointy nipples. Big eyes with round ears and a chiseled chin. A square jawed woman. Let’s cut to the chase. Sena did not do it for me at any level. I found her body and face unremarkable. Her performing in bed was as dry as most debuts. And her personality could be hardly felt in her titles. Most debuts coming out of S1 usual have some promise but this one fell flat for me. I have to give Sena a low score at C. There are better debuts out there for you JAV fans.


Sakura Otohana (おとはなさくら)

Up next is another small and busty chick by the name of Sakura Otohana. A lot like Non Shirohana above. She’s a cuter faced girl with a nice bust and a meaty body. Standing up at only 4’11” she has a lot packed into her tiny self. Those heavy G cups are certainly fun on her stocky body. In fact I found her plumpy figure to be the best thing about her. From those tits, to her pudgy tummy, to her round ass, and those thick thighs. Sakura’s body is a whole lot of fun. Performing wise she was solid and could take a good plowing. However I didn’t find her face all that attractive. That said she’s got a fun body and is decent in bed. I’m giving Sakura  a solid B. I can’t say I’ll be keeping an eye out for her but maybe that plump figure will catch someone’s eye out there.



Maaya Irita (いりたまあや)

 We have Faleno again this time with an older debut. The 32 year old Maaya Irita debuts next. The older age isn’t a fake claim, this is a confidant older woman with a great figure. Two things really struck me about this short haired brunette. One she has a really nice figure and that’s largely thanks to her bust. Your classic slim figure with sizable boobs. Her H cups hanging fantastically off her slimming figure. Full, shapely, and so soft breasts that you just want to grab. One of the best pairs today. The other is how this older woman carries herself.

In her first couple of titles Maaya is fun, easy going, and charismatic. It’s not usual for debuts to be so loose during their debuts but this lady knew how to carry herself. As for her bedroom skills she was fun and flirty. Knows to take some dick and play for the camera. If I had one nitpick about her maybe it’s that I didn’t think she was all that pretty. Unremarkable. But her body and charm more than make up for that. Faleno has another winner on their hand. I’m giving Maaya a fine A.  


FSDSS-601 Rookie Miraculous H Cup Swimsuit Model AV Debut Maaya Irita

Give her debut title a look it is one of the few debut titles that are actually solid. Aside from the many glam shots of Maaya in beautiful dresses and enticing swimsuits. Maaya is just a delight. Not the quiet wall flower like some other rookies. You need a little something more than just being hot and having sex. Though it doesn’t hurt that she has banging tits bouncing up and down in the scenes.

Azu Amatsuki (あまつきあず) aka Nako Hoshi

Up next is a cheat. A re-debut by the new name Azu Amatsuki. She was formerly known as Nako Hoshi. First debuting in 2020 with Million before retiring in 2021 and now coming back. Let’s give this fake debut a pass and see if her return should be welcomed or not. Azu is a short haired woman with a round face and a nice plumpy body. Like Non she has a really cutesy voice and plays up her cute side. She hasn’t changed much since her first go around. Maybe some work done on her face. Azu has a good pair of F cup titties. Pointy and perky boobs. Her ass is also just as nice; a round and firm little dump truck.

Performing wise she did pretty well but that’s expected from someone whose had a year of experience in the bank. She could be very quiet but at the same time let guy’s go hard at her. Re-debuting with some hard fucking scenes. Overall she reminded me a bit of Hana Himesaki. A round faced cutie with a nice body. I’m not a fan of either of their faces but I do see the appeal of their body and both perform well enough. If this really was her first time up then she’d get an A from me but because it’s her second time around Azu only gets a B. Either way I’m glad this second time rookie is back in JAV. We’ll see if it sticks.


JUFE-445 That Girl With A Short Cut And A Cute Smile Wants To Feel Good After School Sex A Plump Busty Backdoor Girl Azu Amatsuki

A schoolgirl themed title with Azu hooking up with men in hotels. If you check this out jump straight to the final scene. It’s the best in video and much harder than I was expecting. Azu’s ass is raw and red as the guy’s pound into her and spank her. Looking into more of her stuff and you’ll see she likes a bit of rough play.

Momo Ninomiya (にのみやもも)

This debut only caught my eye because two words. Ichika Matsumoto. JAV is always trying different ways to sell their newbies. In this case they are using the freelancing queen herself Ichika. Sure there’s the additional gimmick of her boyfriend giving her permission of doing porn but who cares. Ichika cameo. And yes it’s only a cameo. Superstar cameo aside I am glad I took a chance on her. This chick is legit. Momo is a thin and petite cutie who can fuck. Her plump lips being my favorite feature of her face. A brunette with medium long hair and a pale complexion. With a nice slim figure with small perky tits and a little butt. Her slim and fit figure was more enjoyable than I expected. In fact that’s how I would describe her as a whole. Much better than I thought.

As with many less well-endowed actresses, her true appeal comes in from that cute face, charm, and performing. All of which she has. Momo was fun, charismatic, confidant, and playful on camera. In bed the same goes too. Fucking or playing around with her costars; she did not look like a newbie at all. She must’ve had some amateur experience before. She knew not only how to fuck but do it for the camera. The Ichika cameo got me hooked in but Momo’s cute looks, nice slim figure, and most importantly her great performing got me sticking around. Momo gets a surprise B rating from me.


HMN-326 A Newcomer, Ichika Matsumoto, Is An Amateur Girl Who Is Too Erotic And Applied For It. AV Debut With Boyfriend Official Recognition! ! Momo Ninomiya

This is the rare great debut title. A first video out the gate that I would recommend watching. Like her AV idol Momo is a charismatic and playful petite. Not many debuts would playfully slap their partner’s cock in their first video. In the bed room she can fuck hard and let herself go. Giving out some nice immodest orgasms. For the best of her devilishly slutty attitude check out the second scene. She gets surprisingly physical with the guy. This newbie might be hiding an inner femdom. A nice little petite with a title that is even better than its eye grabbing debut gimmick.

Rin Suzunoya (すずのやりん)

Prestige is up next with a tried and true template. They have really tried to copy one of their stars Umi Yatsugake here with newcomer Rin Suzunoya. A tiny woman at 4’11” sporting a traditional youthful look. Long straight hair perfectly styled with her big ears poking out and a cute pointy nose. A quite soft spoken woman. She fits Prestige’s preferred style for their exclusive actresses. While she’s not quite as cute as Umi, her body is a bit fuller figured. Sporting perky E cup knockers and a little ass. Overall I wasn’t too keen on Rin. She was cute sure and had a decent body for a woman of her petite size. However her performing was very dull and substandard for a debut. Many Prestige girls are quiet and reserved but can go hard in their scenes. She didn’t have that. A big whiff for me, I’m giving her a C.



Ran Kukino (きくのらん)

Next up is a heaping plateful of plastic in the form of Ran Kukino. Ran is a vision especially her body. A 5’7” lady who towers over the competition. Complete with a big set of fake titties and possibly ass too. Big firm and round H cups. I found her equally big ass even better. With a 101 cm bust and 101 cm hip size; she is a lot of fun all over her tall frame. In terms of looks she’s nice to rest your eyes on too. A long haired brunette with light shades. She has clearly had work done on her face. She didn’t leave much of an impression in terms of her personality or performing. Nice looking eye candy that didn’t leave much of a lasting impression.

Fans of Konan Koyoi might like Ran. As a sort of plastic version of her. Also fans of Rin Hachimitsu. She gets a recommendation to fans of plastic women or those that like more voluptuous bodies. A pretty face and a real nice body but her performing could leave something to be desired. Ran has the potential to really draw in fans with her body and looks. I’m giving her an A for now. Mainly due to her great body and nice looks. Ran is great eye candy and sometimes that’s all you need in your porn.



EBOD-968 A Perfect Mistress With An H Cup Glamorous Body Who Has All The Looks, Personality, And Services That The Ordinary People Can't Get Away From

            Nana Misaki (三崎なな)

We cap off with Moodyz and Nana Misaki. An absolute cutie with a big toothy smile. She is too adorable. Easily the cutest girl today. Body wise she’s no slouch either. Her slim frame supported by some ample E cup and one nice ass from behind. A sneaky good figure. Sadly performing wise I found her to be pretty monotone. Her moaning being a bit monotone. She was quite playful and charismatic outside of scenes. She’s a debut I want to withhold judgement on. I really want to see more of Nana. She’s cute and has a surprisingly good body. She could be special. Or not. From what I saw I’m giving her an A. Cute face, nice body, good attitude, but her performing in bed could be better. She’s got the most potential today.



MIDV-309 Rookie Super Cute TikTok Chan Misaki Nana AV DEBUT


To sum things up. My favorite debut today was Chiharu Mitsuha. She is solid on all fronts and I will be keeping an eye on her. She was also the best looking debut today in my eyes. Best Performer goes to Chiharu or Momo. Momo seems like she could make for a really good freelancer in the future with her free and fun attitude. The cutest of the day goes to Nana Misaki. A face fit for a star. The Best Ass of today’s report goes to the towering Yuina Taki. That Amazon has an ass I want to climb. Best Tits goes to Maaya Irita. A slim body with a sizable chest is too good a figure combo. Best body overall goes to Ran or Nana. In fact Nana would be second in rank to a lot of these categories. One of the nicer chests and the second best ass. She’s the one I’m most hopeful for and want to see more of the most. If she can throw herself into scenes and get better then Moodyz might have a bankable actress in the future. A nice start to the first half of the year. Lots of good newbies. Feel free to share other new debuts that have caught your eye below. 

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