The Private Parts Guessing Game - Riri Kouda Steals the Show

Published October 14, 2019

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With the planets in perfect alignment, ROCKET finally releases a taboo guessing game title that turns the beautiful host into a contestant.

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The Private Parts Guessing Game - Riri Kouda Steals the Show
Translation by ZENRA
Timing by Aminachu

It's finally happened!  ROCKET has listened and responded to the multitude of fan requests by releasing a PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME title that takes RIRI KOUDA, everyone's favorite perverted host, and turns her into a contestant!  Yes, she was already in her early forties (!) when this was shot and obviously the final 'creampie till conception' penalty round was almost certainly staged (who are we kidding there?!), but who wouldn't want to see this incredibly attractive and fit mature Japanese woman in her birthday suit?  Who wouldn't want to see her naked as the day she was born in that amazing huge studio with the super bright, but effective lighting?

THE PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME - RIRI KOUDA STEALS THE SHOW takes the formula many ZENRA subscribers have loved to watch and shakes it around and flips it over.  We're given a title that most definitely breaks the fourth wall featuring 'behind the scenes' both before initial filming and later during the very intimate post-production one-on-one sex scene.  We see more of RIRI than one can ever imagine and it's a blast to see ROCKET take such risks by taking an extremely popular series and essentially making the final leap to satisfy the urging of their numerous fans.

RIRI KOUDA STEALS THE SHOW reminds me a lot of the 100th iteration of AOYAMA MASSAGE.  There, not only was the face mosaic finally dropped letting us see that super beautiful therapist's visage for the first time, but in the final scene she strips naked and becomes the client.  Here, we get the host who's until now remained rather demurely dressed (aside from the sexy bikini she donned in the beach edition of the series).  Now, she becomes a player due to a pair being late for shooting and in spite of seeing so many naked women take part via truly perverted and taboo panel play, finds out just how embarrassing Japan's most watched game show can be!

This title does a lot--certainly--but it also lacked a bit in truly zany play.  Only the first 70 minutes make up the actual guessing game and what you get is rather tame considering past exploits.  The remaining 50 minutes is dedicated to a cozy sex scene between RIRI and her special someone shot in her dressing room.  It's a bit more normal JAV when most fans of this series prefer their erotica more on the alternative side.  Also portions of that final scene where shot with a still camera leading to a few uncalled for angles (I don't think anyone wants to see extended footage of a male pounding into RIRI from behind when it's HIS butt that takes up most of the screen!).

This title was popular in Japan and from what I have been told, did rather well.  So well in fact that about half a year later ROCKET shot a sequel that takes place entirely in game show format.  That one of course we'll be showing possibly half a year later as well.  As of late, they haven't shot many GUESSING GAME titles though their rekindled interest via the foreign fans at ZENRA may see a resurgence in taboo JAV body parts identification challenges.

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