Series Spotlight - I Came Without Moving My Hips Once

Published : November 20th, 2022 Written by Oppaira

Earlier this year I wrote about my top 5 Madonna series and the number one series was an entry called I Came Without Moving My Hips Once. As I've been known to do, I like doing an in-depth series review where I go through what makes the series so great and my top entries in it. I've been furiously watching entries in the series to provide you all with that in-depth breakdown about why I like it so much and give you my favourite entries. Without further ado let's get into it.

What the Series Is

The series first started back in 2018 but didn't immediately take off, having just a couple of entries. After three years it would pick back up in 2021 and become a popular series, getting an entry about every other month on average. We've now got over a dozen entries in the series which is a pretty good number considering we're still getting entries.

The premise starts off with a married woman whose sex life is a little bit bland. Another guy then enters the mix, whether it's an old friend, a neighbour, or a younger man in college. The actress, not really being satisfied with her sex life, seeks out this guy to help satisfy her. Entries play out in various ways, whether she more innocently catches him being attracted to her or seeks it out much more proactively.

The pair finds themselves alone and the actress is all over him. While he's happy to accept a hot woman going after him, she makes it clear it's on one condition: he has to sit there and let her do all the work. Under no circumstances is the guy allowed to thrust during sex, and he's essentially turned into a human dildo for her pleasure.

The video continues in this trend for the remainder, having freedom to do whatever. While all the entries round themselves out with at least a couple of creampie sex scenes, entries get a bit of flexibility in the middle. You might get a scene in the shower, a footjob in the kitchen, or a mutual masturbation bit. They're willing to let scenes go however they may, so sometimes you get a scene that seems like there won't be intercourse evolving into an intercourse scene.

Why I Enjoy It

First off I think one of the things that makes this series so great is the actress is tasked with being dominant. I don't know about you guys but I love watching dominant JAV actresses when so much of the industry is submissive stuff. I find this to be especially true with Madonna where even more of their content is submissive compared to normal. I think to that point, part of what makes it stand out is how consistently assertive the actress needs to be. With the premise being the guy isn't allowed to thrust at all, it makes the actress have to be engaged the entire time and never phone it in. That's not to say every actress gets it and is able to be that assertive, but a lot of them do end up figuring it out. Not only that but you get a lot of scenarios where an actress who isn't necessarily a strong dominant performer manages to do quite well. I think it just sort of comes for free when the actress has to thrust herself in all sorts of different positions. Especially with the freedom they have, you sometimes get some really unique things that are surprisingly hot.

Secondly the series has a lot of flexibility in how it accomplishes things. It's never really too formulaic the way some series can be where there are specific scenes that have to happen. Actresses are kind of free to put their own spin on it and besides that, they're willing to change things up every now and then. Most of the entries end up in the countryside but then you have Marina's that's in the city, for example. The entries tend to have an initial sex scene, a final sex scene, and a scene in the middle, but really they get a lot of flexibility to make it up. It also gives me a lot of hope that over time, the series can evolve and do much more interesting things. I always find my favourite series have this kind of flexibility, because once you've seen a dozen entries (or 50+ in the case of some series), you can get tired of things real quick.

The video also has a strong sweaty theme to aid. Sweaty sex is always great when it's done well and this series tends to do it quite well. With the video often set out in the countryside it's easy for them to just show the actress glistening with sweat. It's something I think is low effort and high reward that fits the series so well, since it doubles up by showing just how active they are in the scenes.

The best part of the series is usually how awesome the sex looks. Actresses are supposed to do all the work, which creates some pretty nice content in some of the typical positions you see. While cowgirl might be a position the actress is normally more dominant in, getting them more dominant in missionary or doggy is quite the treat to watch. It really goes a long way having the intercourse be unique and compelling, and I always find myself enjoying these non-standard things. Even in other videos, an actress pumping her hips in doggy is a treat, and I can really get excited about a video where I know it's going to happen.

Future of the Series / Improvements

One thing I would like to see is a much stronger nod to the sweaty theme. The videos don't always get it right and it makes such a big difference when they do. Even if you have to pour water all over her to make it work, Madonna should really do it. It's very difficult to find actresses that are naturally sweaty when performing (like Kaho Kasumi) and they sometimes end up with releases where they aren't sweaty. It's literally a night and day difference when they're much more sweaty and it honestly baffles me how they don't realize it sometimes.

Another thing that would be fun to see is them trying out a lot of other plot lines. The core of the video doesn't actually need the plot to be what they've used thus far in order to succeed. You really just need a mature woman who has sex with a guy, not letting him do any of the work. You could do literally anything, from a teacher to the neighbour to the boss at work. I highly doubt that's the direction they would take for it but you could do a lot of fun things. I feel like they enjoy taking a woman in a position who might not be this assertive and getting her to do so, but in reality I'd enjoy just about anything.

Going off of my last point, I think if Madonna is going to keep the simplistic plot then they should do more in the actual entries that are more unique. Tying up a guy's hands or blindfolding him provides interesting ways to make an entry like this work. I could easily see them taking it outside to the backyard in a countryside entry.

The top three actresses I'd like to see star in this series are Nao Jinguji, Nina Nishimura, and Yumi Kazama. I think Nao would absolutely slay a series like this, she's really great at the more dominant stuff and I have complete faith that she would do it justice and produce one of the best, if not the best entry. Nina is an actress that gets so many submissive videos and I think giving her a more dominant video like this would be a good change of pace for her. Lastly I'd love to see Yumi Kazama do it because it would be a Yumi video I'd actually be interested in. Yumi has been incredibly underwhelming in recent years and considering how much I enjoy this series it would present itself as a video I'd actually be excited to watch.

Top 5 Entries

My top 5 entries all scored within one point of each other so it's easiest to take this list in no particular order. All of the entries are about as good as each other and if you enjoy any of them you'll enjoy the others.

JUQ-004 - Minami Yasu

Minami Yasu's entry was an entry done right, something I admit I did not expect. Having just a year of experience I questioned how well she could do a more dominant personality like this but she blew me away. She kept up the dialogue a lot, preventing herself from becoming too whiny at times, and was capable of some pretty enjoyable expressions. I think what threw me off was how good she was at being dominant, pushing him around or pinning him down at just the right moment. The entries in this series often have the guy being totally okay with it, so Minami having to act a little bit to get her way went a long way. Minami also has one of the nicer bodies at Madonna so she looked great during it, especially as they put in the effort to make her totally sweaty, drenching even her clothes and hair; you'd be surprised how big far little things like that go. I will admit that Minami isn't an actress I cared much for but entries this nice can certainly make me rethink things, so I encourage everyone to take a look.

JUL-425 - Ririko Kinoshita

Ririko's entry was awesome, especially with how good of a performance she delivered. She clearly wanted it and had no trouble making the effort to do it. Her passion mixed well with the upbeat performance, leading to moments of her gazing at him while furiously riding him. I found myself quite enjoying how the middle of the story went, with a mutual masturbation scene in the kitchen. I do find some of these have a little too much intercourse and the way Ririko was able to still display power over him in a non-intercourse scene was incredible. I think part of my enjoyment with Ririko's entry was how unexpected a plain actress like her being dominant came across, really messing with the perception of her. Watching her ride him in more dominant positions like the Amazoness just really did a number here. Definitely a great entry in the series and my favourite video from Ririko.

JUL-781 - Marina Shiraishi

Marina's entry was fantastic and it started off with a more unique plot for the series. Rather than be out in the countryside they were in what looked like a more standard apartment. It also came with a hefty dose of cheating, starting off with the student catching her having sex with her husband and watching. The whole "I see you watching us" bit is often quite nice and provided a pretty straightforward way for the content to start off. I think to some degree the video was more enjoyable because of where Marina's career was at the time. I know Marina to be a capable performer from her SOD days, and seeing her shine in a Madonna release for a change was quite nice. She understood the assignment, getting into it, pushing him around, and keeping up the performance just enough for you not to be too unhappy with her moaning. It also goes without saying but Marina is a bit thiccer and bustier than the average person starring in this series, which I think went over well with some great camera angles and how amazing she looked when covered in sweat. If you're like me and have been underwhelmed by Marina since transferring to Madonna, definitely one to check out.

JUQ-100 - Mariko Sata

Mariko's entry was great for a lot of reasons, starting with the plot. Even though it had a massage theme to it, it wasn't overdone like a typical massage theme. The guy hurt himself playing sports and she offered to help, and one thing led to another. It wasn't something wild or out of context, it just spontaneously happened, which felt very natural and easy to enjoy. She also performed it well, sliding into things quite fluidly and continuing that throughout. She was energetic and upbeat, making sure to tell him how much fun she was having with it. Mariko also looked fantastic, from her hair tied up in various ways to how deliciously sweaty she got (and holy hell did that look great). Mariko is still a relatively new actress with just a couple of years of experience, but this video showed what potential she had and she's definitely worth checking out.

JUQ-038 - Ai Mukai

Ai's entry is easily one of my favourites and it starts with how fun the plot was. He had feelings for Ai back in the day, and when he moved away she wound up getting married to someone else. When he came back for a visit she started playing pranks on him just like in the old days, except this time those pranks turned sexual. It was great to see that established relationship and how they were able to utilize it to give a much different feeling to the video. Of course, Ai was nice throughout the entire video. She's got such a fantastic body that looks amazing when she's able to get all sweaty like this. I find you tend to enjoy the more assertive stuff like this when their body is this nice, so compared to some others on the list it just physically looked a lot nicer, whether it was her toned midsection in cowgirl or missionary or her booty in doggy. I think at the same time, Ai was physically very energetic, more so than her acting, and it was extremely enjoyable. Next to Nao Jinguji I think Ai is the actress I would have most expected to make the top list, so it's unsurprising that she made my list, but that shouldn't take anything away from the amazing film this is that people should check out.


Madonna is a studio I have a love hate relationship with but there's no denying this series is fantastic. It's everything I want in a series from them: older woman, creampies, sweaty sex, and a dominant female lead. You can strip away just about everything else and if you tell me that's what the video has, I'll be all over it. It's not a perfect series but I've come to quite enjoy this series and I look forward to seeing more of my favourites at Madonna take it on. Until next time!


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Drake 1 year ago
I completely agree with everything said. I love this series. It almost never misses.
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