Oppaira's JAV Debut Preview - May 2024

Published : May 16th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

It's that time again, time to check in on debuts. We're getting real close to half way through the year which is about when I start watching them so I'm starting to really get excited. Let's see who we have in store this month.

New Debuts

Marina Yakuno (役野満里奈)

Idea Pocket has really been hitting their stride this year with quite a few good debuts. As much as I want to say this is S1’s year to shine after 2023 I’m more inclined to believe IP is the standout thus far. Marina Yakuno looks great, she’s cute, she’s slim, and she has some nice H cup tits. Her tits look a bit more interesting with how saggy and floppy they are but you know me, they hit the spot. I’m expecting good things from her alongside the other IP debuts.

Kasumi Amamiya (天宮かすみ)

Kasumi looks nice, just milfy enough, tits just big enough, the makings of a nice actress. I’m not the most excited about her compared to some other debuts from earlier this year but considering what we’ve seen from some of the Madonna actresses this year she’s not looking half bad. And let's be real, as much as I love big tits I do enjoy a good milf too and watch my fair share of milfs, even plenty that aren't even this busty, so I'm hoping Kasumi turns out well.

Nami Nami (七海那美)

Whomever is in charge of picking these names needs to be fired, what kind of a name is Nami Nami? Name aside Nami looks to be solid, she’s got a nice rack and a charming face that I can get behind. I also like the atmosphere of the debut video even if it’s a gimmick that doesn’t translate well into the actual action. I really do thing more fun loving debuts like this compared to generic stuff would be great, maybe even focus more on a beach theme and really bring it to life. I feel like every time I look at a debut video I want them to be a bit more relaxed and hopefully themes like this do just that.

Earlier Debuts

Nozomi Shirahama

I’ve been clawing at the bits to find a good Nozomi video and it looks like we’re right on the cusp of it. Even if the action looks mediocre it’s got a couple of themed scenes that look right up my alley. I have low expectations for debut films and have to start watching actresses soon so this one looks like it could be the one for Nozomi.


Part of me wants to say it’s been a while since I’ve been this excited for a debut but let’s be real, we had some incredible debuts last year. Himari still does fancy me and this video showing off her squirting abilities has me extra intrigued. I’m not particularly clawing at the bits to watch this video on the merits of the film, it’s still a debut style film, but Himari is someone I’m very interested in. I mean just look at those stills her tits look absolutely ridiculous. I don’t think she’s the next Hitomi, not by any means, but she certainly comes closer than almost anyone I can think of. I imagine I’ll watch her a second time even if this is what I watch first so maybe I’ll bite the bullet a little early on her.

Rea Maruishi

I took a quick peek at her debut film and felt a little underwhelmed but this trailer looks good. For her second release it looks surprisingly good. Maybe a little bit of a bamboozle still but I’m still interested and we’ll have to see when I finally decide to watch her.

Asuna Hoshi

Asuna has finally spread her wings and is a full on freelancer. I like that for her because she seems like someone who has a lot more to give. Especially with her appearance being a bit bigger I think she needs a secondary selling point. She certainly doesn’t strike me as being as plump as Shizune Morisaki (which is a good thing) but being more of like an Akari Toka or Riri Okamoto frame isn’t exactly doing her any favours. Time will tell how she turns out but this nurse video is certainly good enough to watch, and who knows, maybe I’ll watch her as the first one just to get things started.

And keeping up with last month here is my tierlist once again.

Once again I'm being mindful about ranking them based on the fact that I can only watch so many in a year. I top out at 31 and my math says the 13 actresses I have in the top two tiers is right on track with how many I should have this far into the year. Obviously it's hard to tell what will happen when I still haven't seen anyone but it's nice for me to be mindful of this and keep track of which ones I'm most excited for.

At any rate I hope you've enjoyed another installment from me on the debut previews and hope you continue to follow along until we get to debut season at the end of the year. I think I'm probably getting close to actually watching some and perhaps by this time next month I will have seen one or two of them. Until next time!


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Ramp_it_up 3 weeks ago
What does your scales represent? How likely you'd watch the videos
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Oppaira 3 weeks ago

How likely I am to watch the actress but essentially yes. As I've pointed out, I should have just shy of 13 picked out if I'm assuming equal amounts of debuts will be worthwhile each month, so I'm right on track to watch the top two tiers and skip the entire third. In reality a couple likely will turn out to be bad or retire early, maybe a bad month or two, we'll see how it goes.

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