The Risky Strip Show Endurance Game

Published October 26, 2020

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Japanese dancer hopefuls assemble at a strip club for a crazy event all for winning a ticket to mainstream success.

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The Risky Strip Show Endurance Game
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

What ROCKET does best is taking mundane ideas and giving them an extra perverted, extra crazy spin.  The closest analog to this beside today's update is one we showed about a year ago featuring young mothers suddenly taking part in a nude art class.  What we get in THE RISKY STRIP SHOW ENDURANCE GAME is awfully similar though this time with ages of participants reversed.

Hosted by none other than RIRI KOUDA, we get three mainstream celebrity hopefuls and their older father-like figures in tow for a dance contest like none other.  It's only after they're all comfortably inside and settled that RIRI explains the real gist of the contest:  strip dancing.  Yes, with the pole.  Yes, involving stark nudity.  And yes, given ROCKET and the fact that they're shooting a JAV movie, lots and lots of dangerous sex!  They're all surprised to hear this, but the lure of real fame is too much to pass.  As insane as it sounds, stripping (and doing a lot more!) in front of a loved one is worth the risk for an opportunity that may only come once.

All three actresses taking part are great; there's no real leader here though I feel like MIYUKI (last name not given and even doing net searches resulted in false leads) unjustly got somewhat shafted.  Both KYOKO MAKI and SENA something-or-other-whose-last-name-I-should-know-but-don't equally share the limelight.  KYOKO with her supernally huge chest, is sure to be a fan favorite, but SENA is way more my cup of tea.  I won't turn this review into a debate on beauty.  To each his own.

While running a hair over 120 minutes, THE RISKY SHOW ENDURANCE GAME is split into three parts with the bookends being the longest.  How it starts and ends is obvious going by the screenshots (embarrassed stripteases and insane group creampie sex) though that middle scene featuring those older men each being bound up against the pole while trying their hardest not to ejaculate by their...well, just watch and enjoy.  Their reactions and the sexual fury waged on their erections really makes it worth it.

I have to give ROCKET props for picking actresses with real dancing experience.  This goes mostly for KYOKO MAKI who over the past few years has been working hard with other veteran level JAV stars like MIORI HARA and SAKI MIZUMI via their underground idol GINGIN GIRLS act.  GINGIN, by the way, is Japanese for 'rock hard'.  You can probably figure out what an idol unit consisting of four JAV stars refers to with a name like that.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 741

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


-Great pacing from embarrassment to stark nudity to sex.
-All around fantastic production values.
-Cast actresses who can actually pole dance.


-The final devolved into near mindless group sex a bit too early and almost overstayed its welcome.
-While some actresses could dance well, others...
-Almost certainly staged creampies, but that's standard fare when shooting something like this.

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