The Unbelievably Perverted Soapland Training School First Half

Published October 3, 2022

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A perfect way to help a trio of virgins become men in a most glorious way. Japanese wives strip clothing and more to lend a hand (and a vagina).

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The Unbelievably Perverted Soapland Training School First Half
Timing and Translation by ZENRA
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It's a tough call to decide which is more of a draw:  oil massage or soapland.  The former, honestly, with its hint at eroticism versus 'you know exactly what you get' of the latter shows where my vote goes.  My cards are laid out for the world to see--necessary as honesty going into review for yet another top-notch, but not perfect, ROCKET release is warranted.  What we get in THE UNBELIEVABLY PERVERTED SOAPLAND TRAINING SCHOOL is pretty much what we got in that awesome massage training release from the other year.  The same host, MAI HENMI, a trio of older women with curves in the right places, and three very lucky and eager fresh-face JAV actors masquerading as virgins.

Imagine being in their situations:  never have been with a woman and now not only have the chance, but to do so in style!  At an upscale soapland!  In lesson format!  In a room where you can see the action of surrounding couples!  With a creampie to even things out!  Fantasy for some--or for all, really.  Unless you are extremely embarrassed about your body, this is a real heaven-on-earth situation.  With professor MAI HENMI showing one can be a perverted host that veers more toward the 'refined woman' category versus RIRI KOUDA's outgoing late night CS demeanor, we have a JAV movie that delivers from the get-go and just keeps on going till the very end.

If you've never been to a soapland, watching something like this may be hard to accept as reality.  Sure, normally it's one customer and one queen, but otherwise the rundown shown here is pretty much on point including the fabled 'skinless' finishes (rumors say that when sex happens at soaplands--and the same rumors hint at this being almost standard--it's done raw since customers are already paying top yen and expect nothing but pure pleasure!).  From quick blowjobs before even washing begins to the gamut of erotic bathing support services concluding with messy lotion mat play and raw sex, soaplands are really something akin to non-platonic paradise.  I'm always happy to see JAV take on this theme especially with the number of actual establishments potentially going the way of the dinosaur (due to zoning laws effectively preventing new ones from opening though there have been some unique workarounds...).

UNBELIEVABLY PERVERTED SOAPLAND TRAINING SCHOOL isn't perfect and as noted, the massage movie with a similar theme is better.  Beyond the aforementioned reasons and yes, this pushes into personal preference, but I think the casting in that movie was better.  There, we had three knockouts all voluptuous and curvy with the straight out of a Doujin Manga MOMO KURUSU leading the bunch.  This time, I sadly don't even know the her name as it was not given and image searching isn't up to par, but aside from her (and it's quite obvious who she is given all the focus on her), we get a somewhat unknown and not credited by name actress putting on a good show.  Then there's MIREI YOKOYAMA.

While even if I limited myself to C-tier actresses active when this was filmed, I think a better trio could have been employed.  The action is spectacular though it's almost too much given how with a massage, you may or may not be getting extra services whereas at a soapland going to the end essentially means going all the way.  I salute ROCKET though for bringing a movie like this into fruition and really hope we see more like it in the future.  We can never have too many 'HOW-TO Sex' JAV movies.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1433

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Excellent training theme.
+Three groups!
+MAI HENMI a great host.


-Casting a bit lackluster.

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