The Private Parts Guessing Game Extra Voluptuous Fathers Day Special First Half

Published June 14, 2021

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After one and a half years, the Private Parts Guessing Game has returned!

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The Private Parts Guessing Game Extra Voluptuous Fathers Day Special First Half
Timing and Translation by ZENRA
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It's been way too long since we last showed an entry from ROCKET's most famous series, but allow me to begin the review for a pretty decent, but not amazing (spoiler!) entry with a brief note on coincidence:  the always welcome RIRI KOUDA begins this movie by noting how it's been a year and a half since the last 'regular' entry in the series and coincidentally it's also been a year and a half (on the dot, no less!) since we last showed one.  Adding to the coincidence haystack, while we semi-randomly picked this update to show this month as per our monthly studio quota, it just so happens that this really is a Father's Day-themed movie that we just happen to be showing in the days leading up to the actual holiday.  Good timing, eh?

The biggest and most noticeable change present in THE PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME EXTRA VOLUPTUOUS FATHER'S DAY SPECIAL is the the filming location.  As noted in previous reviews, that amazing huge ceiling studio used for many game show movies by ROCKET and other JAV studios is no longer.  I'm still not sure if it was shut down, banned adult filming, or just became too pricey to rent out, but alas, with its absence we lose a lot of the game show vibe this series had going for it.  While I've never been a fan of lighting that's too bright, what we got in that huge airy studio was scorched earth, but GOOD scorched earth.  Exactly what you'd expect when watching TV.  Sadly, today we get something filmed in smaller quarters with lighting that's OK at times, but also sometimes is just too dark.  This is no major mishap like that nightmare bizarro world guessing movie, but I can't deny I felt a modicum of disappointment when initially subtitling this release.  You get used to it over time, but it's not ideal.

Cast-wise, we get a few familiar faces such as the almost freakishly tall (169 cm / 5'5") MIINA WAKATSUKI, the always welcome cherubic CHINAMI SAKURA, and the adorable ANRI NAMIKI.  They're joined by three other new faces including ERINA YUUKI whom I only mention here due to her being the first JAV star to my knowledge to follow our Twitter before we followed them.  Unfortunately, she's retired and I'll admit with her mildly homely looks never was going to see major success.  What all six actresses have in common are youth and huge breasts.  Yes, this is a title all about pairing up perverted older men (but not too old, thankfully) with younger women for truly twisted private part identification.  The heart of the game has survived the location change and I'm elated we have RIRI KOUDA for a little bit more before her industry retirement/sabbatical (ya never know).

If you've seen previous editions of this amazing series, you probably already have a good idea of how the play and the games go down.  What happens before happens here and with big numbers to boot.  That by itself is a plus, but it almost felt like the director was working a bit on autopilot when it came to the crux of each round:  the penalty game.  What we basically get is the same penalty repeated three times.  What's worse, I almost can't believe it, but somehow ROCKET hires six actresses to appear together yet has no harem sex scene.  Each penalty is basically just FFM sex without much thought put it into it.  I hope you like double-decker butt towers because that's all you really get.  One of the most novel penalties from the second movie we showed in this series consisting of clothed young mothers watching one of their own have dangerous sex would have been a welcome addition that probably would've been cheaper to film than three FFM encounters yet ROCKET didn't seem to look too far into their past for inspiration.

I'm a little bummed.  I can't deny it.  From any other studio attempting a game show JAV movie, this would be a good release.  In fact, even by ROCKET it's far from bad, but you'd think they'd try to go all out with the play to make up for the new, smaller location.  They don't and that's just a shame.  I'm happy with the casting, I enjoy the little bit of rivalry we get, and thankfully all three men aren't too ogrish (they got Dango, after all!).  RIRI's there looking great and proving yet again how she's the best host ever and I'll never truly distaste a movie that features stark nudity from start to finish (it's what ZENRA means, ya know!).  I'm happy to see a return of everyone's favorite risky sex series with THE PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME EXTRA VOLUPTUOUS FATHER'S DAY SPECIAL and I can say ROCKET has upped its game since then (but still no big airy studio).  This one's a very minor bump on their continued road to greatness.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1348

4 Files 3.40GB


Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+The return of everyone's favorite risky sex game show series!
+Big cast of six women plus RIRI KOUDA.
+All big breasts.
+Lots and lots of FFM sex.


-Filmed in small studio instead of the huge one with the high ceiling.
-Uneven lighting and OK sound (the latter got better later on).
-Penalty games are repetitive and uninspired.

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