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Published : June 15th, 2022 Written by Fried Chikan

Last time I exchanged videos with writer Oppaira, this time I swap favorites with Vienna. Overall I think our tastes are more similar than me and Oppaira. He watches a variety of women with different body shapes but seems to favor slimmer and slender bodies a bit more. Now let’s see how the swap fares.

“Hey Mister, Can We Do It Today Too?" 10 Year Reunion With Fully Mature Step. 1 Month Of Lusting For Rocket shaped Colossal Tits In Hot Sweaty Summer House. Riho Takahashi”

First up is Riho Takahashi a 2021 debut and her appeal is clear. Once she pops off that shirt you can see what her biggest assets are; her big plump and perky H cups. So supple, so shapely hanging on up high defying gravity with equally big areolas. A great chest on this one. Outside of that fat perky chest she has a cute chubby face and a curvy body with a surprising tight midsection and legs. Her ass is fine but not nearly as nice as her bust but I was pleasantly surprised by how meaty yet fit her body was. Obviously her video here and others focus on her chest more than anything else. A sort of pitfall for girls with a great pair of tits.

Our video is about an older day laborer getting it on with schoolgirl Riho in an office building. Pretty standard lusty sex and a good focus on her chest with Riho in mostly schoolgirl type outfits. She does get a nice one piece swimsuit that really shows off her plump figure. The video takes place in just one location and the lighting is very interesting. Dark moody yellowish slash brownish light, making it look like the day of time is dusk or twilight. In some scenes it is perfect and moody looking and in other moments it was too harsh and blinded the action. Up and down lighting overall, I did appreciate the creative attempt.

The titty play is rather good. So nice seeing him fondle her chest, or her giving a slow tit job, or just seeing her boobs hang down while she straddles him on top. Overall her performance was pretty solid, her moans were too whiny for me but she showed some skill in bed. I recommend the swimsuit scene to see her whole figure, the tit job scene to see her skills, and any scene with her riding on top. Those boobs bouncing up and down while having sex. Too good. Riho reminds me a lot of Hana Himesaki. Both are relatively newer actresses with fat racks, chubby faces, and curvy bods.

And just like Hana, I’m not all that crazy about Riho. Her face doesn’t do much for me and her performance while okay didn’t move the needle a whole lot. It’s a loss for me because she has a killer set of knockers on her, one of the better ones I’ve seen this year. Riho isn’t bad by any means; in fact I think she is rather good and still relatively new. I just don’t think she is for me. Fans of Hana or big boobs may certainly like what she has to offer. She might be an upcoming busty actress in the near future.


Solid but not for me

“Devilishly Slow Ejaculation Control, A Carnal Lascivious Woman Who Slowly Plays With Her Meat Stick Pet Akari Niimura”


From Riho we move onto Akari Niimura. An interesting actress, not a big name, she seems to do more hardcore and weird stuff. BDSM to anal to superhero titles. A quick look at her library shows that she is a fairly adventurous actress who likes both the dom and sub roles. Figure wise she is pretty medium and balanced, making for a nice curvy figure. A modest F cup chest, a slender body, and a nice meaty bottom half with a good plump behind. Just a nice medium figure overall, not super eye popping but not poor by any means. Akari has a real sexy face with her piercing eyes, slight nose, and the distinct shape of her lips. She has a bit of an older woman vibe and I really liked her dyed red-brown hair here.

Our title is a femdom delight. Akari in the driver’s seat as she controls all the action. She gives a great commanding and measured performance. Knowing when to go slow and seductive and when to give guy’s the business. Teasing edging sex that is slow and sensual with a femdom edge to everything. There is a moment when a guy audibly yelps out loud when she slowly goes up and down his cock. She was so good she made him cry out, now that is a ringing endorsement of her skills. She keeps her clothes on for all the action which did obscured her body’s juicier bits but I did like the red and purple outfits that she wore.

I really liked the long blowjob scene with her in the purple outfit though for a good look at her ass check out the intro scene. Overall I liked Akari the more I watched her. Her nice balanced figure, that bottom half I want to see more of, and her sexy face that really grew on me. She reminds me a bit of Kurea Hasumi with her femdom performance, adventurousness, and nice bottom half. I don’t know if I’ll like everything she does, she has some out there stuff, but her femdom was pretty darn good. A great slow and teasing performance that should entice femdom fans. Akari gets thumbs up from me.

Thumbs Up
I may check out more from her

“After School, The Devil Whispered Into My Ear Every Day, Every Single Day, His Student Gave Him The Slut Treatment And Shamed His Cock Into Domestication Hana Shirato”

The teasing femdom train continues with Hana Shirato. Unlike Akari, Hana is a tiny looking chick; petite and skinny with a flat pointy chest. Her ass fares a bit better and I liked her lowkey thick thighs but Hana’s not a physical stunner overall. She has a frail and slight appearance. Hana does have a rather pretty face with big plump lips, a large rounded nose, and beautiful eyes with a big toothy smile. So pretty and dainty looking. She reminds me a lot of Rena Aoi and not just physically. This tiny looking chick is hiding a dark side underneath.

The video has Hana playing a devilish student who has completely tamed her teacher and his dick into submission. Heavy on the school theme with risky sex, humiliation, and lots of teasing. The tiny Hana plays the innocent femdom so well. Jerking herself off in front of him as the engage in some mutual masturbation. Holding him from behind as she jerks off and whispers nasty words into his ear or putting his face into her pussy to eat it out. Hana also keeps on her glasses for the entire video even the sex. Something that doesn’t always happen when they do wear them. So hot seeing her in those round frames while getting pounded.

Rather than the full on sex, I liked all the teasing hand jobs and blowjobs even more. My favorite being when she corners him out in a hallway to jerk him off. She plays the devilish tease so well and her petite figure makes everything even more enticing. With Rena retiring soon, I may have just found a worthy successor. A new petite girl with a skinny flat bod and a huge tease underneath. A devilish seductress, good at acting, a pretty face, and a nicer bottom half than you would think. Hana gets a big yes from me and I will definitely be checking out more of her stuff in the future.

Thumbs Up
A big yes and a definite follow

“The Third Madonna Exclusive! A Married Woman With A "Super Beautiful Face" Shines In A Lewd Way! Mayu Onodera”

Next up is Madonna’s Mayu Onodera. Madonna has been churning out some fine older ladies so seeing her with them made me excited for her. Mayu is an older woman with a pleasing face. Small features and a very sharp pair of eyebrows. I liked her expressions of lust during sex. A fairly sexy face with a tiny and petite body with no chest or ass. She is small as they come. I like my fair share of skinny or petite women (like Hana or Rena) but Mayu’s flat chest did nothing for me quite the opposite. Her ass wasn’t much to speak of either. She looks too skinny and could really put on few to fill out her body.

As an actress she is quite good, playing the plot parts well. She can act. During sex she can be seductive and sensual but also very awkward. Her tonguing is very odd to watch but her teasing slow blowjobs were much better. I also liked her non whiny, very breathy moans. Up and down in bed overall. She is still really new and a still a rookie actually. Debuting late last year so she can get better in that area. She’s definitely already comfortable with sex and the camera. She is a great fit for Madonna with their love of older women and dramas requiring some acting skills.

The video is her seducing a younger man a role that allows her to be more alluring and assertive. I liked the storeroom blowjob and pussy eating scene the most with her in a nice red crop top. In fact I liked her mouth and hand skills the most. She gives a good performance and acts well. Her skills in bed could be better. I could see why she was recommended. An older woman with sexy looks who can act. But her flat and flat can be chest and so-so sex skills make Mayu a pass for me. Maybe with more weight filling her out and time she can get better. For older petite women I can already think of a few who can fill out that niche for me.

Not good enough for me

“I Went To A Rejuvenation Massage Parlor And Ordered The Most Popular Girl There Who Gave Me A Sweet Massage And So Much Nookie That My Cock Went Crazy Sakura Tsuji”

We close out with Sakura Tsuji. A rather plain looking girl with a toothy smile and a big nose. I actually liked her face. Cute and unassuming. She has a medium figure with small to medium breasts and a modest tushy. Nicer on top than on the bottom side. The video is about a guy hiring a sex masseuse after his girlfriend leaves town. Fairly standard massage theme stuff but mainly taking place in his house. There is a bit of Sakura in these Chinese dress inspired outfits that I liked. With her hair short in small buns to complete the look.

Overall Sakura Tsuji didn’t exactly jump out to me one way or the other. She is cute and gave a game performance. She has a nice balanced medium figure. I can’t say much about Sakura one way or the other. I did like how overactive her asshole was. There is a moment when he is fingering her vag and it starts to pulsate. Maybe anal could be in her horizon. I liked how her thighs looked as she opened up her legs and moved her hips. A really hot moment and my biggest takeaway from the entire video and I’m not even big into anal stuff. But as a whole I think Sakura is a pass for me. Maybe with more ass or anal stuff in the future I might give her a look. It is rare that an asshole gets me intrigued.

Didn’t think much about her

And so ends our actress swap. I can definitely see why Vienna chose his actresses. Out of the five we saw 2 winners with one of them being a surefire hit. Even if I only liked one actress it would have made the entire exercise worth doing. I’m glad to do these swaps. It introduces me to new actresses I would have checked out or was never willing to do so. Thanks for Vienna for the recs and thanks to you all for reading.

Til next time FC out


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