Miki Sunohara and Miyu Kanade - Diary of a Wife in Training

Published March 27, 2020

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Married insurance saleswoman Miki Sunohara eavesdrops on a client with an abnormal BDSM secret. Drama JAV via ORGA.

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Miki Sunohara and Miyu Kanade - Diary of a Wife in Training
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Yoshie (Miki Sunohara) is an insurance saleswoman who makes a startling and salacious discovery at the home of a client.  Upon noticing her unwavering, wide-eyed gaze, he and his mistress volte-face and go on the offensive.  When the act is done, compromising pictures are taken with Yoshie promising to become his new sex slave to keep their newfound relationship clandestine.  

You know what's ironic?  This is the SECOND title by ORGA we're showing that stars MIKI SUNOHARA playing a married door-to-door insurance saleswoman who yet again has the same customer (TONY OOKI) who turns out to be a massive, dominating pervert who ends up turning her into his even more perverted, masochistic sex slave.  You can pretty much take the plot to PLEASURE OF EXPOSURE, add in additional actress and remove the outdoor play and the stunning 'sex in front of an audience' finale and you'll get DIARY OF A WIFE IN TRAINING.

This is director SHISUI USABA doing what he does best and having the ability to throw in an extra actress to boot (MIYU KANADE).  Strangely, in a market where more females usually lead to more sales, ORGA decided to only put MIKI SUNOHARA on the cover.  I'm a bit baffled by this.  If you have two attractive JAV stars whom in terms of 'skin time' are shown pretty much equally, why not put both on it?!  Yes, MIKI is the protagonist and has been in the industry longer, but two women on the cover...c'mon!

As for the plot, if you've seen any of the masochistic training titles ORGA has released, you know what to expect here.  DIARY, with the exception of an additional JAV star does not really break any new ground.  MIKI essentially plays the same character we saw in PLEASURE OF EXPOSURE.  Her husband is still the same type of low testosterone nice guy who has no idea just how lucky he is to marry such a babe, and the sex, of course, is glorious and salacious.  A wicked combination.

I've mentioned this in other reviews of MIKI SUNOHARA titles, but holy cow is she a great actress.  Absolutely under-rated and the perfect example of someone who NEVER phones in a performance.  The best example in DIARY can be found in the final FFM threesome when you see her gazing with such yearning while MIYU gives her master a blowjob.  The teary eyes, the quivering mouth, the facial sweat, and the red nose from her own previous go at irrumatio; she's an actress who can...well, ACT.  Some may think she's wasting away her youth doing JAV instead of 'proper' movies, but I believe she's doing what she enjoys most.

Now I'm not sure whether this was due to the heavy mosaic diktat of 2017, but DIARY OF A WIFE IN TRAINING is a dark title.  I mean this in the lighting sense.  Devil's threesome aside (scene three), the studio lighting was rather low.  Could this have been a directorial decision done to make the mosaic appear less harsh?  Because while thick, I didn't find it to be as bad as other titles released at the same time (we've another PLEASURE OF EXPOSURE movie on the way released during this period and good grief is it a hard one to watch due to the pixels!).  DIARY is a good JAV movie.  And yes, it's a title with a story by a maker of drama titles, but let's not kid ourselves as this one's several minutes of dialog and 100 minutes of amazing 'full body' performances.

Score:  4/5

Pro's:  Anything MIKI SUNOHARA does is gold in my book.

Con's:  Pretty much a JAV with a smidgen of plot here and there.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 890

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