Miho Nakazato - The Iron Cage

Published October 18, 2019

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The hardest bukkake title WAAP has ever produced. Features heavy machinery.

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Miho Nakazato - The Iron Cage
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

THE IRON CAGE is certainly one of the most interesting JAV movies of the recent era.  This actually had the sub-title of "BLACK SHOWER" which we were considering giving it at ZENRA, but were worried that hardcore fans may mistakenly think this is a movie starring a gyaru  (spoiler:  it's not) and those new to the industry may think it's an interracial title (spoiler:  not that either!).  It is a "SHOWER" title in that after a rather lengthy absence, we're back with bukkake!

We haven't shown any DREAM SHOWER titles for awhile.  WAAP's flagship series has done insanely well in Japan.  They've been producing it for over two decades with regular updates, after all.  However, in spite of success there and long-term popularity among a more devoted subset of foreign fans, DREAM SHOWER haven't done *too* well with us.  We're a bit saddened by that and while we don't mind showing odd-ball titles that may not fly with all subscribers every so often, we are trying now not to license any movies we believe will be...well, flops.

Still, never taking any risks is not the path we walk upon and thus we present you all with THE IRON CAGE, probably the *hardest* bukkake title WAAP has ever shot.  Starring MIHO NAKAZATO, a JAV star not of much renown admittedly.  She only had a very short career that lasted not even a year and hasn't been active for close to double that time now.  She may not be the most beautiful women to ever grace the world of adult video, but I find her incredibly pretty and incredibly kinky.  Calling her a masochist is a surefire bet as the bulk of her work had her firmly on the defensive with THE IRON CAGE being the most extreme example.  I mean she's stark naked from start to finish and almost in some state of mechanical confinement while occasionally begging for more cum on her.  That's pretty masochistic.

Now as a fan of bright natural lighting and a huge critic of JAV movies that are just too darn dark, I can't believe I am saying this, but I firmly disagree with a few top-voted reviews at a certain 3-letter Japanese PPV site.  A few users panned this title for being too dark.  "It was so dark I couldn't jerk off!" one wrote.  Ugh.  Alright, THE IRON CAGE is a dark title both production-wise and theme-wise and yes, I do prefer brighter movies, but Director Samoari did well here.  The lighting on MIHO herself remained strong and served as a great contrast to the blackness surrounding her.  It's very hard to lodge any real criticisms to WAAP about production techniques.  Out of all the studios we show at ZENRA, I've found that they have always turned out the slickest productions.  Sure, they usually only feature just one woman per scene, but it's always shot beautifully with some great gear.  WAAP is the perfect antithesis to the overall ho-hum production uncensored JAV is known for.

THE IRON CAGE may only feature actual penetration in the final scene, but it's brutal and sexually-charged from the get-go.  Also major props must be passed to whoever made those contraptions.  Talk about some novel set pieces that I sure hope weren't destroyed after the shoot.  In fact, since WAAP filmed another (and only one more...) title in this series, they had to have kept them for a little while longer.  Your guess is as good as ours if we return to this series or other bukkake-centric JAV releases.  We'll just have to see how this one does and hope for the best.

Note:  WAAP requires all titles licensed out to third-parties like ZENRA to retain their small and nearly transparent watermark in the top right corner of the screen.  Thus we apologize for the footage containing both their logo along with ours in the bottom right.  If you find recently released movies by WAAP on websites without their watermark, then consider reporting the web addresses to them.

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