JAV Series Spotlight: Forbidden Care

Published : July 26th, 2023 Written by jmsorry

According to data from The Japan Times, Japan has the highest proportion of elderly citizens in the entire world. More than a quarter of its population is above 65, and about 38% are above the age of 50. In short, more than 70% of the population is well above middle age.  

SNIS-237 with Ayumi Kimino

Classified as a "super-aging" country, Japan's low fertility rate is attributed to many factors. One is high life expectancy, among the highest in the world. There are also many 30-something Japanese men who have not had a single sexual encounter, while 40% of men in their 20s have not been on a single date. The Japanese work culture also prevents men and women from having vibrant dating lives.  

SSNI-992 with Ichika Hoshimiya

This is why it's no wonder that one of the most popular tropes in Japanese adult videos is old men having sex with youths. Considered a cultural no-no as with most other cultures, the sheer rarity of people in their 20s in Japan makes fucking them such a popular fetish. Youthfulness is valued, as expected, but seeing old people way beyond their sexual peaks and physical attractiveness engaging in the dirtiest acts with the most beautiful women in the land is certainly a fantasy that most Japanese people engage in. 

SNIS-303 with Mai Usami

Glory Quests' Forbidden Care series is one of the many JAV that capitalize on this fetish. Starting in 2006 with SCD-001, the series has a pretty simple concept: A disgusting old man who turns out to be a pervert needs some adult care, and a youthful and beautiful lass gives him some service. This extends, of course, to sexual favors. 

Made under the studio name Sex Care, SCD-001 already has most of the series' typical tropes. Starring Rina Takakura as the nurse and Shigeo Tokuda, the first installment of this popular series already has (1) the opening scene where the girl gets introduced to the oldie and realizes how disgusting he is, (2) the infamous "assisted feeding" scene where the nurse has to chew some porridge before transferring it to the old guy's toothless mouth, (3) the girl actually becoming addicted to the old guy's cock and fantasizing about it, (4) the final scene where the girl takes on the driver seat and pounces on the old guy because she now genuinely loves him. 

With Shigeo-san at the helm, Glory Quest eventually got better-looking actresses for the series, all while being loyal to the spirit of the series. 

The popularity of the Forbidden series Care (and the age-gap genre in general) pushed other studios to make their own spin-offs. S1, for one, subjected their actresses to the irresistible charms of the likes of Shigeo-san. For instance, this one featuring Aimi Yoshikawa, is just too good. 

SNIS-390 with Aimi Yoshikawa

Maxing also made a couple of videos with basically the same concept. Which is very fortunate, as we get to see beauties such as Kana Yume getting sullied by the elderly. 

MXGS-663 with Kana Yume


Forbidden Care started with Shigeo-san being the sole recipient of excellent home nursing services. However, having sex with beautiful women is quite a serious job, and he needed people who can replace him. He got Yuji Yamada as his rightful successor. 


Shigeo Takuda
Born: August 18, 1934

Branded as the "king of Japanese mature porn," Shigeo-san is so old that he was born before the start of World War 2. After working as an average salaryman all his life, he retired at the age of 60, and then embarked on his AV career.

Fucking hundreds of women while people his age were tending their retirement farms has made him such a popular figure. His life has since been featured in a bunch of documentaries. One of his biggest achievements, of course, is single-handedly making Forbidden Care a JAV staple. 

One of his best works is GG-238, where he got to fuck Yui Hatano as an 80-year-old man.

Shigeo-san fucks like how you would expect an 80-year-old man would. He just lets actresses suck his dick, occasionally munch on their breasts, all with a limp member. In a lot of his later videos, he doesn't seem able to sustain an erection. He just shoves his groin in the woman's backside, and the camera makes sure not to get too close and ruin the illusion. Quite sad, if you ask me.

Nonetheless, what he lacks in copulating power, he makes up with his superb acting. Shigeo-san's facial expressions are quite impressive. He makes faces like a man who has not had good pussy for decades, and his faces of ecstacy look like he is ready to die at the very moment. 

We get to see this in another great Forbidden Care video, an older work with the divine beauty Azusa Nagasawa, KK-077. 

This one is quite unique because although it followed the series' general format, it introduced some new sequences and gimmicks. For instance, they introduced another male actor to give Shigeo-san a hand in maximizing Azusa-chan's insane body. 

They also benefited from Azusa-chan's impeccable acting. This goddess acted like a total slut, as if she genuinely enjoys playing with these oldies. KK-077 is a bit more varied, a bit more nasty, and thus more enjoyable to watch than the typical Forbidden Care video. 

Shigeo-san may look frail, but he doesn't seem in such a hurry for his next life. He ploughed through multiple generations of JAV babes, from the tall and thick Emii HoshiMiho Tono, to Kaho Kasumi, Tsubomi, and other actresses of the early 2010s. 

GVG-395 with Miho Tono

Shigeo-san made Forbidden Care videos until 2019, but he started to give the younger guys a chance, first with Yuji Yamada back in 2014.  His last Forbidden Care video is  GVG-798 with Kanna Abe. Funnily enough, this video starts with Shigeo-san looking ill on the house's porch, with the nurse showing concern for his life.  


Yuji Yamada

Born: June 18, 1968

If you're somewhere in the Gen X/ millennial age range or even younger, you may have known Forbidden Care through Shigeo-san's replacement and protegé, Yuji Yamada. This oldie started replacing Shigeo-san when the elder actor was beginning to slow down. Yuji-san gladly took over and carried the series' torch for the next generation. 

Both of these guys certainly look old, so it's kind of mindblowing that Yuji Yamada is 34 years old younger than Shigeo-san. Yuji-san is almost like his grandson, haha. 

Unlike Shigeo-san, Yuji-san isn't content with just stripping in front of the camera and letting the actress do the work. This old man brings unbelievable energy, licking and fucking the actress with infernal ferocity. He also seems to prefer using his cock, unlike Shigeo-san who cannot seem to even have a hard-on in some videos. 

Yuji Yamada made tons of videos with the series, including GVG-557 with Nao Wakana, who at this moment has been freelancing away from Prestige. 

He even did some crossovers with other studios' spin-offs, such as in the excellent SNIS-390 with Aimi Yoshikawa.  


Another stand-out work for him is GVG-012 with the phenomenal Ai Uehara. Ai-chan matched Yuji-san's energy and seemed to genuinely enjoy making love with the old man. GVG-012 is actually Yuji-san's first video for the Forbidden Care series, so it makes sense to see him enthusiastic and very eager to perform. 

Yuji-san has done it with a wide range of actresses in a single series, from Mai Kagari and Neo Akari, to Mina Kitano, Rena Kodama, and practically every other big actress who isn't under some exclusive contract. Talk about living your life to the fullest. 


Other actors

Occasionally, Glory Quest uses other elderly actors to help out or to give the series some other flavors. 

Donki Hamura

Donki "Blunt" Hamura has appeared in more than a few Forbidden Care videos, sometimes in tandem with Yuji Yamada or some other old guy. 

Donki-san is a lot calmer, a bit grumpy, and more 'elder'-like', standing in contrast to Yuji-san's demented image.  

He did well in GVH-205 with Rei Kuruki.

His other stand-out titles are GVH-001 with Mitsuki Nagisa, and GVH-164 with Nene Tanaka


Osamu Saito 

Osamu Saito is a lot younger than his colleagues working on the Forbidden Care series, but his menacing mustache gives him a bit of a personality. 

To be honest, he doesn't seem old enough to deserve a beautiful nurse, but whatever. 

In GVG-655 with Akari Mitani, our old boy gets fed with chewed rice multiple times. Boy, this old man's hungry, ain't he?

Osamu-san also seems capable of maintaining an erection, so at least we're rewarded with an actual sex scene with the beautiful Akari-chan. 

Osamu-san scores big on GVG-951 with Kaho Imai. Not really part of the Forbidden Care series, but here he takes on the role of a horny in-law. He fits the role better than an elderly guy.  

Today, the series is still going strong with Yuji-san in the lead. We're yet to see a rightful heir for him, so we're wishing him good health and more pussy in the future. 

What do you think about the Forbidden Care series? What's your favorite video in it? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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bigcac 3 months ago
What is the name of the another male in KK-077 ?
Jav Sommelier 9 months ago
Reiko Nakamori made a good caretaker series: HNB-038 and NADE-770.
ZENRA 9 months ago

She was born to play voluptuous slightly dominant women.

LividYellow 10 months ago
Holy shit he was only 46 when he did GVG-012 with Ai???
No offense, but extremely jealous he got to shoot that video (and then all the subsequent videos), but he's been looking like he's in his 70s since he was 45.
ramp_it_up 10 months ago
I don't know why, but I'm super into this genre along with older women younger men
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