Honoka Mihara and Misato Nonomiya - The New Pupil of Perversion Sensei

Published February 15, 2019

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Teacher Honoka Mihara sleeps with the boyfriend of a student leading to a truly terrible and salacious situation via ORGA.

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Honoko Mihara and Misato Nonomiya - The New Pupil of Perversion Sensei
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Dedicated teacher Honoka (Honoka Mihara) pays a visit to Kenichi, her frequently delinquent student.  By happenstance, Kenichi resembles her young brother putting her in a situation of heightened concern.  That day, passion got the best of her and they consummated their forbidden relationship.

During their coupling, Kenichi’s girlfriend Misato (Misato Nonomiya) got more than an eyeful.  This put her in a blood red rage she took out on Honoka soon after.

Watch as Misato enacts sexual revenge on her teacher in ways that combine shame, humiliation, and extreme group sex.

Recent ZENRA reviews have had me cutting to the chase early on before taking a step or two back and looking over the big picture.  I shall follow that trend for at least one more title:  THE NEW PUPIL OF PERVERSION SENSEI may be a "drama JAV" on paper, but do not go into this title expecting a fully-fleshed out story.  Consider it more akin to that fantastic YUI HATANO and RUKA KANAE update from last year.  These are movies by ORGA that are absolutely JAV titles with a sliver of story rather than being something that finds a more middle ground between all-out sex and grounded emotion (see this amazing AI UEHARA release for a perfect example).

Already I may sound like I'm bashing the update but that's not totally the case.  OK, so from a story perspective, I knew five minutes in that this was the result of veteran JAV director SHISUI USABA quickly jotting down a few salacious ideas on a napkin after ordering lunch somewhere near the ORGA office in Asakusa.  While he's not known as the story guy at this drama-centric JAV studio, you can rest assure if his name is attached to the title as a director, it will firmly put the star in a masochistic role that involves sexual training of some sort.  You'll also see lots of great butt shots and rimjobs aplenty.  Lastly, more often than not, the star of the title often is a married woman put into a rather distraught situation and tries to keep her carnal desires hidden from her husband.

HONOKA MIHARA is not married in THE NEW PUPIL.  Well, she *could* be married, but the story doesn't hint at it nor does she wear a wedding ring.  What she does have is an amazing figure and perfectly-shaped breasts that put her high up in my imaginary JAV star rankings.  What this release lacks in a story it makes up for in scenes that have her stark naked.  You see, one Japanese reviewer panned this one because it contains close to zero striptease encounters; most scenes begin with HONOKA stark naked.  It's really only that final well done sex montage that includes a stripping element.  Fans of CMNF such as this author are fine with a lack of actual stripping, but I can see why some may be a bit peeved at its absence.

Joined by HONOKA is another actress whom honestly I did not now about until seeing her here:  MISATO NONOMIYA.  Also like HONOKA, she thankfully still is actively pushing out movies as of writing this and what she lacks in huge, gargantuan breasts, she makes up for in strong acting chops.  Titles that push a femdom element should be her bread-and-butter.  I'd be hard-pressed seeing her in a masochistic role and believing it after seeing her be such a Grade A Queen Bitch in THE NEW PUPIL.

By far it's that one hour final threesome that will certainly have near everyone's attention.  If you recall the one with YUI HATANO and RUKA KANAE, then you should know what to expect here.  If not:  heavy, heavy lesbian play mixed with messy and sweaty hetero activities as well.  Many angles, many positions, and a suspiciously big cumshot over their faces at the end.  We clear?  Hope so.

A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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