Miki Sunohara - Pleasure of Exposure

Published May 20, 2019

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The magnum opus of Miki Sunohara in this incredible cheating wives release by ORGA.

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Miki Sunohara - Pleasure of Exposure
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Miki is an avid fan of volleyball who works as a door-to-door insurance saleswoman.  One day while visiting a new neighborhood, she knocked on a door best left alone.  A fraught tryst led to Miki facing an impossible situation of an escalating series of sexual escapades that began with public exposure and reached fever pitch with actual sex in front of an audience!

The thrill of being naked outdoors and in front of strangers set Miki’s libido alight.  Can she ever return to normalcy or will she ever remain a perverted and unfaithful wife?

PLEASURE OF EXPOSURE is a really, really good title.  No, I'm not inflating it in hopes that we get new subscribers (though that would be nice...), but ORGA and their masochistic-specialty director SHISUI USABA struck gold by casting MIKI SUNOHARA.  MIKI is a JAV star that while we haven't shown too much on ZENRA (soon to change), I have been incredibly fond of since she debuted way back in 2012.  It's crazy that with so many larger names retiring out of the limelight, MIKI keeps on trucking on and thankfully keeps on giving it her all.

JAV stars and acting may be an oxymoron.  Even in dramatic releases, you sometimes can tell that they may be trying, but as acting with clothes on AND dialog is far from the norm, their performances may appear lackluster.  MIKI SUNOHARA, whether trained or not, is PERFECT in PLEASURE OF EXPOSURE.  Here we've a Japanese wife with a strong jaw and a go-getter personality skillfully shifting from dutiful housewife to moe-inducing insurance saleswomen to demure, but incredibly perverted exhibitionist.  Each role she nailed flawlessly and even if her fit and lithe body isn't your type, seeing her perform throughout this extra long 150 minute release is well worth your time.

It's really hard to pick a standout scene from PLEASURE OF EXPOSURE.  While some JAV movies may just have one or perhaps two, PLEASURE is just jam-packed with great footage going from real outside nudism (OK, in a closed set, but still outside!) to outdoor sex with the real possibility of being caught, and MIKI's nocturnal (and later, afternoon) timid slow-paced streak to her paramour.  But in spite of the title's namesake, it may be that final encounter--an indoor one, mind you--that really nails MIKI SUNOHARA as one of JAV's best active performers.

Sex while friends watch is a popular theme at ZENRA and the final sex scene of PLEASURE OF EXPOSURE takes elements of it by having a masked audience including a pair of loquacious women watch and comment on MIKI's performance with TONY OOKI.  ORGA has done 'sex with an audience' before though this time rather than simply watching with mute approval, the audience gets in close and really livens up the scene.  MIKI was intense.  You can't fake a full body sheen and convulsions from powerful orgasms.

This is an absolutely solid release without flaws.  It runs long, but features tons of great footage with nothing staying past its expiration.  There's even a few minutes of bonus features featuring still photography for the box cover (don't see that often!).  Stick around past the credits for that along with a nice message from by far one of the most underrated actresses in JAV.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 881

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