Helicopter Wives Erotic Switch Turned on by Sense of Smell 2

Published September 19, 2022

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Abnormal, but we all have our kinks. Married and lonely Japanese wives making the best of fraught situations.

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Helicopter Wives Erotic Switch Turned on by Sense of Smell 2
Timing and Translation by JM84

Some may look at me funny when I say that HELICOPTER WIVES EROTIC SWITCHED TURNED ON BY SENSE OF SMELL 2 contains all-star casting.  But it does!  I mean it!  We've the always welcome KANNA SHINOZAKI kicking things off in a scene making amazing use of natural lighting (albeit falls short in one aspect covered later) going almost head-to-head with eternal youthful beauty/potential crazy cat lady if her life took a different turn RINA HATSUME who was pushing 30 when this was shot but still possesses looks those a decade under would be jealous of.  In between we get other familiar faces before the rather unique conclusion starring ARISA SHITARA whom herself is unique to say the least.

NON has pushed out many a 'package' movie until recently with this being one of the newer ones.  While on hiatus (this type of movie, not the studio itself!), there are still a handful of releases that make the cut.  Frankly, anything featuring the voluptuous bordering on cherubic KANNA SHINOZAKI is an almost automatic shoe-in.  Not only can she act well, she looks fantastic. Here, we get here doing what she does best with the added support of skillfully-used natural lighting.  This wasn't her best scene though mainly do the fact that the director forgot KANNA's most salient charms are found in her lower body on the rear side.

It's going to be tough to avoid scene-by-scening this review.  Rather than focus on other encounters, the theme itself deserves some attention:  sexually-unsatisfied wives with extra sensitive noses.  That's the gist.  If you're not into "your dick reeks!" type of dialog exchanges, this may be a tough one to stomach.  Frankly, I've always found that type of verbal foreplay to be odd, but I also admit a smell fetish is not something I possess.  Some out there may care little about butts and only focus on chests.  I can't totally see eye-to-eye on them, but that's what having a fetish is all about: enhancing one's kinks to their fullest possible intensity even if some of them can be quite abnormal.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1001

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+KANNA SHINOZAKI again delivering the goods
+Other good casting as well (RINA HATSUME and SARA YURIKAWA
+Unique play


-Certainly a lower budget update.
-Sex real?  Staged?  Up to you to decide.

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