Ramen Boss's Rio Tribute Part 2

Published : September 25th, 2021 Written by RamenBoss

Hello JAV lovers, welcome!  Welcome everyone, this is the second part of my tribute to Rio (Tina Yuzuki).

Yes, part 2.  How lucky am I?

The first entry was just the start.  An intro, if you will.  Looking back, I feel it is not enough.  It's too much of a tease and I wanted to offer a more comprehensive list than just a top ten.  Tina is worth it a trillion times over.  I really do apologize if the first entry didn't do her justice!  I briefly explained, as I do with many JAV models, that I acknowledge that these lists are just that. Shortlists. Of course, they will never fully represent a JAV actress's entire career and their impact on JAV.  The fucking World.  But I hope this will cover enough to where her fans will appreciate the homage.  She has nothing but my full respect and admiration!  I could never write about every single release.  That is not the point of these entries either.  


I covered most of my immediate favorites in the first entry.  So honestly I had to branch out a little and discover other releases of hers that were new to me. I am trying my best to incorporate at least one title per commenter here. I was so thankful for the feedback!  

Rio is 110% on my normal watching rotation.  How can you just watch one of her titles?  I covered most of my immediate favorites in the first entry.  So honestly I had to branch out a little and discover other releases of hers that were new to me.  I am embarrassed that I did not know about IPZ-127 for example - thank you to a fan for pointing it out.  I tried my best to incorporate at least one title per commenter here, I was so thankful for the feedback. 

Simply put: I want to cover as much range and unique titles as I can here.  I cherish every single release I could find.  If she did a fucking stupid commercial for the stupidest thing, I would love it all the same.  She's a timeless treasure. These are in no particular order, at all: 


Talk to her SRXV341/XV356

I really enjoyed the story atmosphere in this one.  I understand JAVs with actual plots aren't for everyone.  But I can't help but get sucked into the emotional drama of a beautiful Japanese girl's life.  How can anyone, ANYONE not fall in love with Tina as she recalls various memories from her life??   We as the audience just hands out and talks to Rio as she recalls these romantic stories and sexual encounters.  Some moments feel like a drama, and I wonder what the hell is going on since I am a native English speaker.

My favorite part was seeing Tina at the riverbed looking outward and deep in thought.  Just spoke to me!  She's so beautiful, what was she truly thinking about I wonder?  The second scene I loved was where Tina was blindfolded, fucking hell that was hot.  I don't think I had seen her blindfolded before, damn she looks good.

There's a moment where there is a break-up, and she runs away crying and visibly upset.  It's heartbreaking!!

The only terrible thing about this is the size of the censored pixels!   Obviously, this is normal for this time period, so I won't complain any further about it.  I'll try that is.

The sex was definitely on the boring side, but it's still a great experience watching Tina's earlier works. Lastly, look out for the extra dark scenes.  For fucks sake, really dark setting with Tina?  Especially when there is no damn good reason for it?  It's not like it's imperative to the story, frustration. 

Again, points for the story. It was like watching a movie of her life. 


Impressionist - Make My Dream SRXV-353/XV-367

The outfits here are much more my style.  Ridiculously cute cosplay and acting.  Very old and wild-looking sex toys, my favorite.  The weirder the better in my opinion!  Outfits range from a French maid to a nurse.  Now I know Tina and all JAV are nurses constantly, but this is Tina we are talking about here!

Hell, I think the hottest scene is seeing Tina tease (for a long time) with an ice cream cone.  The cutest by far for me is when she is giving spanks out!

The sex is great here as always.  There's a point where she is wearing headphones watching herself on camera get fucked?  Some rope bondage makes an appearance.  You know, I really wish I knew what she was saying in all these interviews. I love how Tina casually wipes the cum off her beautiful face after some of the scenes.  Additionally, she is so SO playful.  I love that so much.


Dramatic Love SRXV-329/XV-342

Tina looks like she has something on her mind in this one.  It's some warped storyline, where she doesn't look happy for a single second.  Even in the in-between scenes on the street, she looks like she has a lot on her mind.  I personally love how miserable she looks in this one.  Especially when she looks uncomfortable as hell being groped at work.  Or when she is getting group-fucked.

I really noticed her aggressive cock sucking here in this title as well, same with Tina getting her pussy licked.  Lucky guys.

The title really fits this release.  I think it's a cute short story, except it's missing the cute part at the same time.  It's a mini miserable drama with good fucking!  It's worth it to see her tongue go to town.  This is great if you love story-based, obviously.

Hot Passion  SRXV-532/XV-532

This is where I think Tina first started doing a more sexy style and not just cute.  I personally think even if she is trying to be sexy, it's still cute and vice versa!   But the moment this release starts, she's tasting honey, has a sexy hairstyle with a shiny gold dress.  Her lips look extra bright pink too, what a bonus.  Not to mention the guy is blindfolded, how kinky. 

The theme seems to stick throughout here.  It's almost like she is finally gaining more confidence and not just relying on acting cute. And of course, one of my favorite scenes is her masturbation scene with a weird-looking vibrator! 


Max Girls  XV-531

Here is another completion and her single scene are so fucking hot.  First of all, it's a real cuckold-type vibe.  She is REALLY enjoying her toys here, I mean she is into it.  Tina Masturbating, really isn't that all you need to know to be on board?  This is unique because the guy helps her out a little.  Normally I hate this, and I do.  But it's Tina. He begs for a blowjob, but all she does is tease.  Not only just tease, but she gives ONE LICK.  Can you imagine?

Before the Hitachi is used, she uses an old-style primitive-looking loud rotating toy.  The older and junkier the toy, the more trashy, the more I like.  So this is a total of three toys used, Tina is moaning wildly and he cums on her leg.  So fucking hot.


Digital Remastering - Lust & Cheerful, Healthy Beautiful Lady XV-613/SRXV-620

Where do I begin with this one?  It's all over the place.  What stood out to me is Rio acting like a jungle explorer.  Hands down, one of the cutest things I have seen in JAV up until today.  The wonderful thing about Tina is that she has a lot of fun with the character she plays.  The very unique scene with her fucked  in some river.  It hilarious ending where the lucky guy runs away with her panties after cumming on her ass.  Of course, just like her style, she acts discombobulated and puts on an adorable too cute mini tantrum at the end.

The second thing that I loved about this release is watching Tina give a blowjob to a lucky driver.  We are talking actual driving here too.  I always enjoyed seeing car blowjobs in JAV.  Of course, that is not all she does, they stop and get gets fucked good.

The last memorable thing is the vacuum cleaner.  Yes.  The weirder the better please.  So in comes Tina looking adorable for the billionth time (and her career's just getting started), and she plays with a vacuum cleaner tube.  It's a short scene but worth a look.  Fucking kinky, I don't care.   It also warms my heart to know that she is open to such bizarre things.  Tina is always going to be the best.


Uniform Hunter XV-485/SRXV-484

This is a dark story.  I am so here for it.  Bravo here now and forever for Tina's acting skills.  What a performance, she's just good.  I mean she could have been in real dramas, but she chose JAV. I'll say it again, her acting here is off the charts.  It's unbelievable HOW believable she is.  Let's see how I can word this.  Tina is seen in a room and acts pretty upset about it. 

You just have to see this one for yourself.  Tina looks ridiculously amazing in that schoolgirl uniform.  She looks fresh and so innocent, and then there she is looking upset being fucked by a guy in a hilarious ski-looking mask.  On an extra note, Tina looks fucking amazing with a ballgag in her mouth, wow.  She's even seen being transported in a huge bag, very different. 

So there's a moment in the end when she realized who the guy in the room was, and it's quite a cinematic moment.  I'm not kidding!

Please check out this dark story, it's very unique and different.  It has many different scenes, many in busy public places (which I love for some reason).  This is a must for Tina fans that prefer her earlier work especially.  It has it all, a great story, masturbation with a cute pink toy, and a great variety of sex.  And it's really a short story to fit that all in too.  Love it, every second.

Something not important, but annoying.  What a horrible fucking cover for this release.  Bad representation, it's confusing and doesn't do the story justice.  It has almost nothing to do with the release.  Please don't let it deter you, it's crazy misleading.


Complete Limited Production x High Mosaic, Hyper-Risky MV SOE-057

Somehow I think this is a great representation of my favorite time period of JAV.  I can't describe it.  So the benefit of this one is the POV fisheye lens type angles you get to see Tina in.  Her bush seems extra unruly here too, fucking wild. 

For some reason, I think this movie was a real experiment when it comes to style and camerawork.  I fucking love it, it shows creatively.  There's a side view blowjob scene that reminds me of a certain time period style.  Does anyone remember those "virtual" POV scenes of Jenna Jameson?  Reminds me of that, since it's stylized that way, black background and all.  It's just more art for me to enjoy.  Damn, she looks hot as hell like always in this release.   Ridiculously breathtaking views, I have never felt so close to Rio's pussy.  Great action, sexy clothes too.

The last note here, from here on is where I will be referring to Tina as Rio!!


Casual Sex  SOE-079

Normally and generally, I am not the biggest fan of group-fucking.  Even if it involves a JAV model I adore.  Yes, same with my ultimate favorite Yui Fujishima.  However, you have to appreciate it.  What's the difference between one and one with a male actor vs many?  I want to see the least amount of males, but that is just me.  I don't judge.

The only other group fucking I really enjoyed as much as this is XV-585 which I wrote on before.  However, that was mainly because of her kinky outfit visuals. I can respect works like this though.  Watching Rio work these cocks lets you appreciate her skills.  These lucky guys, I swear. 

The part that stood out of me here was seeing Rio bring herself off with a Hitachi, which the guys watched on their hands and knees.  Not only that specifically, but squirts right in their faces.  Again, lucky guys.  Rio looks hot as fuck in this release and definitely does a fantastic job.  Rio does everything here, suck multiple dicks at once is a classic.  Points for her outfits that stay on and her long hair here with pretty braids as well.

A boring side note.  The behind the scenes, for example, seeing Rio here at the make-up chair does nothing for me.   It's cute and interesting, just not cute and interesting enough if that makes sense.  And I fucking love story-based and in-between scenes in JAV.  However, in Gonzo, I don't think it's needed. If there is any type of interview situation, I think there are endless possibilities outside of a boring make-up chair.


Sweaty Sex  IPTD-716

Who the hell could pass this up?  Either by the cover or just hearing the fucking name of this knowing it's Rio?!   I feel this is one (of the many) very important Rio releases that had to make the list.  Damn, she has too many, but this is special for obvious reasons that I am sure you already know!


It's pretty straightforward, it's Rio sweating and wet doing a ton of fucking and I couldn't be happier.  It somehow makes her sexier which is impossible right?

This title contains one of Rio's best dildo fucking masturbation scenes, ever. My opinion of course, and it's hard to pick.  I strongly, STRONGLY recommend this title, just for this scene alone.  It's a long one too, about twenty minutes.  The view is fantastic, and the way she fucks it with such passion.  She stares into your eyes the whole time.  One of the hottest scenes in all of JAV.

Can we all take a second again to appreciate the picture of Rio on this cover?  I could use that poster in my house.  How great the fucking cover truly represents every second of this release.  I mean, every damn scene in this title, Rio is so sultry and unbelievably sexy. As you know, JAV can be full of fucking, but might not be sexy.  Rio's performance here can't be summed up in words, please please watch this yourself.  How else will you see Rio as a glasses-wearing teacher getting fucked from behind and yelling, or witness a soaked (yes soaked) Rio POV BJ for example?


A masterpiece.


Fucked in Front of her Husband IPTD-853

I am personally not interested in cuckolding.  Many are, and I don't judge.  Having said that, however, I think this release is hot as fuck.  Rio is a superheroine when it comes to acting upset and ashamed.  How shall I say this, how does Rio act so unhappy sometimes during her titles?

I am disappointed only by the fact that the husband is tied up and watching in the last scene only.  And I would have loved more creativity.  Really it was just the main actor (opposite the husband actor) fucking her at different times. 

I wanted to see more sneaks.  I wanted to see even more of Rio acting humiliated.  There is a scene where a vibrator is held on her and she doesn't look too happy about it.  I would have loved to see her on the phone with the husband while the vibrator was on her pussy.  Or have Rio wear a remote control vibrator in an infinite amount of scenarios like a dinner scene at the table or a card game (like my favorite situation ever).  Where are the damn toys?  Imagine Rio holding her moan in front of her husband while the buzzing toys keep going and going and going. 

The last complaint, actually I was hoping the whole fucking movie would be in front of the husband.  Nevertheless, this release is one of her best performances.  Hell aren't they all her best performances in some way?


Passionate Sex While Looking into Each Other's Eyes IPTD-666

The title says it all again.  This release is just gonzo.  It might as well just say "just sex."  But it's Rio, so I gave it a look.  I found it a little funny like it was trying too hard to be classy.  Well dammit, they succeeded.  Somehow Rio can be classy even being fucked a ton of different ways.   

Do you know what the vibe is here?   It's Gonzo as I just mentioned, but it's also very relationship as well.  These scenes feel like they are a honeymoon.  It's a real couple fucking if that makes sense.  Rio looks like a Goddess, and once again like always I wonder how these guys get so lucky. 

Of course, it's a little boring to me, but it definitely deserves a place on the list that shows Rio can do any style of JAV.  Especially a sophisticated release like this, that doesn't even feel like AV. 


My girlfriend is a teacher IPTD-800

This.  I'm speechless, I mean this release is so fucking good, I am speechless.  I watch it with my mouth open in awe.   It's totally my style, it's unique with a theme.  Actually, it's both POV and Story-based at the same time.  That is fucking rare!  First of all, Rio couldn't look better.  Couldn't be prettiest, it's the light hair or something. Close to IPTD-825 perhaps?  Does Idea Pocket EVER disappoint?


I swear, sometimes, I watch parts of this (or any of Rio's work), and she's so adorable I just can't help myself but smile.  How can she be this cute?  I don't think it's fair! Even her mistakes are adorable, for example when it is supposed to be POV, she'll look sideways at the camera during a blowjob scene!  Rio, that's not POV!  So cute.

Cute doesn't do Rio's performance justice here.  When you are talking about a woman of Rio's caliber, I feel anything she produces is fire.  But POV Rio is still somehow another level of amazing. Rio is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous, I can't say it enough and this title obviously reflects this a trillion times over.

There is a random moment in her swim instructor scene where she uses goggles on the guy's cock, very unusual!  She's so kinky, I'm so thankful. 

My only disappointment is the last scene, it's just a bedroom and bed.  Anticlimactic, but it's still fucking Rio fucking getting fucked!


Lady Who Gets Wet Just From Feelings - Sense of Woman Juice IPTD-961

How about that title?  Yeah, that should qualify for this list alone.  This was another knockout performance.   I really want to point out two specific things about this one. One is the mind-blowing rim job performance Rio gives.  The lucky guy is on his back and has his ass arched up in the air while Rio goes to town.  I mean it's brief but hot as fuck.  I love to see someone as beautiful as Rio do such nasty fucking things.

The second thing I want to point out is the unique set camera view at the end.  It's really unique from the (sometimes) annoying camera guy doing acrobatics in every shot.  I think it's fun to imagine it's a hidden camera of Rio. 

The Rio squirt scene in this title is worth it.  Also, her hair is very long in this one, all I can say is wow.  Simply wow. 


Virtual Date!  IPZ-051

Yes!  Another one I can get behind.  POV date out in the world with your woman.  Except for your women here in Rio.  Even the small in-between moments get me worked up.  For example on a nice sunny car drive, Rio is playing with his arm when he's driving.  Enough to give tingles, and she opens his zipper, but nothing happens.   And later they take an adorable couple trip on a rowboat and AGAIN undoes his zipper and nothing happens. 

It's basically a day trip with Rio with teasing and fucking the whole time.  What else could you want?   I always appreciate different and real-life settings like this.  Do you know what it reminds me of?  If you ever watch super beautiful women on YouTube that do vlogs of their trips, this may look familiar.  It's just like that, almost as if Rio's releases here are ahead of its time. That's what these YouTubers do these days, they basically take you on solo virtual dates and show off their food and beauty and body the entire time.  This was like watching that almost.  You get to see Rio eating ice cream and acting super playful and enjoying a fun game of pool and just overall being super cute Rio.  And then randomly, the guy gets a blowjob under the table for one example!

Of course, you get good fucking with this, that is obvious.  It's a Rio release, you are never, ever disappointed.  Throughout, Rio is squirting everywhere, moaning loudly outside for all to see and hear, all on top of this romantic GF experience.  It's some dude's paradise alright, a seriously perfect release.  It's about three fucking hours and it's still too damn short.



Camping Outdoors at Night Alone With the Girlfriend Whom I Love a Lot XV-809

Continuing with this outdoor theme, we have a camping date with Rio.  It's MAX-A (my favorite), so you know it's gonna be cute.  Wow, it's weird watching this honestly, as an outdoorsman myself, this release was extremely satisfying.  I was constantly trying to analyze if she loves the woods, hates it, or is just a good actress so anything goes?  She looks like she is having a ton of fun.  Or maybe she's like a Hollywood actress who never wants to leave the city but she wanted to try her best. 

Rio did seem very natural though, but that's the magical thing about Rio.  She is always in good spirits, always giggly and smiling, and willing to try a lot of new things.  I don't think just any JAV actress (hell, just any woman in general), would go camping and be pleasant and fun about it like this.  I generally and genuinely believe Rio is loving every moment here, setting up the camp.

It's funny though. In the beginning, the scene with Rio in the car driving to the campsite really reminded me of a horror movie, a cheap one.  The in-between scenes of JAV are something I do go on and on about.  But in this release, please hear me out, they are important to the whole experience!  I mean Rio is seen here "fishing" and playing around in the woods at night with night vision and even eating a marshmallow by the campfire!  She is so fucking cute. 

I only cared about the two tent fucking scenes.  The first one relieved Rio having these shiny satin-looking panties, sexy as fucking hell.  The middle fuck scene was inside some house-looking thing, what the fuck?  That's doesn't fucking count.

Since there was so much Rio being Rio and not just getting fucked, you hear her talk a lot.  I really am in love with her voice.  I could listen to it nonstop, she could be reading ingredients I wouldn't care.  It's so light and feminine and happy! 

The camera views were excellent here, many times it seemed like the fucking dude was holding the camera, like a home movie JAV.  It was that fisheye type that captured the best moments, and importantly it didn't ruin the outdoors scenes.  On the most simple basic level, who wouldn't want to experience fucking your GF Rio in a tent in the woods?  It's a hell of a fantasy come true to see her passionately sucking and taking dick, in a tent!


OL Lewd Stimulating SEX XV-851

As a loyal JAV, I completely respect staples of certain themes.  That is obviously what makes JAV special like I mentioned the school girl element here.  The same goes for OL (office ladies). For additional lingo, please visit Fried Chicken's excellent list of extremely helpful JAV terms.  Some in here I had no idea about.

When I first saw this cover, I didn't even recognize her.  And that fact alone intrigued me. 

A lot of my personal JAV biases are coming out right now, I'll admit.  I have a specific fetish for sexy tight bodied women in tight white pants.  And this is some serious tight white pants porn.  Also, Rio is rocking some long fucking hair and shiny lip gloss, more of my personal favorites.  You know when hair is so thick and good sometimes you wonder if it's a wig.  That's how sexy Rio looks here.  The best white pants ever!

A unique scene was where Rio was denied sex by her (sleepy?) husband.  Yeah, fucking right.  So anyway, Rio brings out an old junky trashy-looking toy (my favorite kind) and masturbates. During, she looks at her phone at something unclear.  Poor Rio, she needs a smartphone.  This older JAV is always so entertaining for many reasons.

Lastly, the scene that stood out to me the most, even outside of the office sneaking around in tight white pants, is the hotel-looking bedroom fucking.  Rio keeps her leather boots on for the damn scene.  That's fucking hot.  Just another reason to add to the hundreds of why I love Rio.  That's kinky as hell, I mean it's not PVC-Vinyl boots, but it obviously fits the OL theme.

The bathtub fucking around was different too, I'm telling you, points for all of these unique differences. A side note here too, I feel she was extra loud in this scene.  I have watched many hours of this beauty and she is definitely a vocal one.  Could you imagine if she was super silent? This is obviously a huge must-have for pantyhose/stocking JAV fans. 


 Ultimate Panty Stocking Fetish Erotics XV-275

Speaking of pantyhose/stockings.  This title is all about it and also happens to have one of my favorite Rio scenes.  Rio is in a classroom and starts fucking around with a corded toy.  She starts masturbating like a pornstar, really into it and talking dirty to herself out loud with her eyes closed. Then suddenly she opens her eyes and freezes when she sees a stranger.  This leads to a very passionate threesome scene.

Also, I want to point out this title contains an outstanding stewardess scene.  The costume itself is extremely convincing and looks very high quality. Only the best for Rio.  This scene is awesome for three reasons.  She keeps the outfit on the entire time, always points for that.  Rio squirts all over the fucking camera with a toy.   She gives us some very serious upset facial expressions as I love how well she acts ashamed in this scene. 

Finally one of the scenes contains possibly some of the best pantyhose I have ever seen.   And of course, she keeps them on while she is roughly fucked.  Another 10/10.


 IDOL Rio  IPTD-507

I personally think this is one of her most important releases ever.   I think this most represents Rio's potential, as she could have been anything in life outside a JAV star.  Possibly the prettiest JAV star ever.  I can't say too much about the plot unfortunately as an English speaker, maybe someone in the comments can elaborate on what's happening.

Rio wears a headband here that transforms her into a superstar, it's beyond incredible.  What's memorable about this one is she gets fucked in a room full of her own posters.  Releases like this confirm my firm opinion that she may be the best-looking JAV star with cum all over her fucking face.  She loves it, you can tell. 

My favorite two moments shouldn't be a surprise, they are both masturbation scenes.  One is a great POV where she uses the same-looking toy as  IPTD-767, in a scene I wrote about in my first Rio entry.  Is that her favorite toy?  Is it her personal toy that they let her use?  She ends the scene by squirting on the camera lens and she sits up looking very satisfied with herself and wipes some of the juice off the camera.  I don't think I have ever seen that before in JAV.  I fucking wish she would lick up her own wetness.

The second is pretty dam unique.  Rio sees you, the naughty cameraman, through her apartment window.  She smiles and then teases with a vibrator.  The next thing you know, here she comes into your apartment.  She gives an awesome POV Bj and then gets fucked hard in the outside hallway.  Could Rio be any better?  I don't think we deserve her.  As always she is all smiling at the end of the scene.  Damn.


Semen Bazooka IPTD-674

Look at that title.  Look at it.  I think these were the good ol' days/peak of JAV.  But I try not to be a complainer and look forward very much to the future of JAV. 

This title isn't fucking around.  I thought when I first saw this a long time ago it was a compilation of facials!  I would have loved that too.  I would love anything Rio puts out.

The first thing I want to point out is that I think Rio here looks her absolute best, as I mentioned before about her face maturing.  All I can say is that (hell, like all her work), you have to see it to appreciate it.  Of course, there is no story here.  No problem!  I feel like this is an unofficial best hits and highlight of Rio. And about the compilation, there are short cumshots from the feature at the end, slow motion too.

The last thing I want to say about this one especially is the close-ups.  Of course, the years have passed since her debut!  Regardless of what fucking year it is, I always appreciate seeing her in such a clear picture.  You can see the clear detail of her sweat on her forehead to her tight asshole and even her white teeth (which are super nice btw).  It will always amaze me and don't get me started when she gets close to the camera and stares at you. 

On a side note that doesn't matter, it's so close that you can see that fucking white ring light that you see in like every JAV now.  Or did they get rid of that effect yet? Anyways this is my favorite phase of Rio.  Yeah, this is no Tina.



Here are some facts about the lovely Rio.

Tina Yuzuki, AKA Rio retired in 2016. 

As you may know already, she started in Max-A and S1 studios and eventually evolved to IdeaPocket.  

Did you know she is a singer?  How she didn't sing more in her releases is beyond me.  Again I think a lot of her talents were wasted since studios focused on just how cute she was.  

Tina of course can speak Portuguese, I wish I could understand her in her interviews. I would like to see her interview in Portuguese. How fucking sexy can she possibly get?

Tina's Debut debut was at age nineteen in the November 2005 release for Max-A's Calen label, Hot Wind!

In September 2007, Yuzuki announced in her official blog that she was changing her stage name from Tina Yuzuki to Rio!

She received the Best Actress Award at the 2008 Adult Broadcasting Awards for appearances on the Cherry Bomb adult TV channel on SKY PerfecTV! satellite television.

Tina was a regular on the late-night TV variety show おねがい マスカット, Onegai Muscats, which was established in 2008!

Rio began making videos for IdeaPocket in March 2009.  

Rio also appeared in 2009 in Stop the Bitch Campaign 援助交際撲滅運動. I still need to get that DVD, to be honest.

Also in 2009, Rio appeared on a Korean TV show with Sora Aoi and MIHIRO!


Rio's Japanese TV and Movie works include Unubore Deka うぬぼれ刑事, Keishichō Minamidaira Han, Nana Nin No Keiji 警視庁南平班〜七人の刑事, Hard Life ハードライフ ~紫の青春・恋と喧嘩と特攻服~, RYNSHU's  9 3/4 (9 3/4 ナイン・スリークオーター), and was even invited her to appear as a model in his Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Show in Paris.

I have no idea what Rio is doing now.  If she wants peace and to keep a low profile, off the grid away from attention, then I support her and I wish her well. Damn, I miss her though.

I feel I have to add a disclaimer here: Finding good quality versions of Rio's work is very difficult to find.  If I fucking find any at all.  What I have found is very flurry YouTube parts that I am not even sure are correct unfortunately since I am a native English speaker.  I ask once again for your help and suggestions in locating some of these works.  Anything would be helpful to the rest of us!  

It's not over yet.   There will be a final piece!   I hope you all come back and check out my third and final part of Rio's tribute.  

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