JAV Sales Report - May 2023

Published : June 27th, 2023 Written by Oppaira

Welcome to the May Sales Report. It's almost half way through the year now, can you believe it's already summer? Without further ado let's jump right into it.

Top Actresses

Long gone are the days of June being a washed up Madonna debut that got stuck for some low quality studios. Girl is basically everywhere these days and is everyone's favourite actress it seems. She's getting all sorts of incredible opportunities and it's hard not to want to watch her. I admit that even after not being a huge fan of her initially, I'm starting to come around a bit on her. She's not the most incredible actress you'll see but I swear she just keeps having quality release after quality release. Convenience store and nurse? Lesbian with Non Ohana? Or even an upcoming one alongside Mizuki Yayoi? There's just so much good content out there and if you're not watching her then perhaps it's time to start.

I heard you like busty debuts. No? Must have just been me. Yoru definitely seems to have the right things going for her, she's both cute and busty and that is certainly enough to land her on Moodyz's main roster. It's obviously too early to tell where her career will end up but hey, I'll at least keep tabs on her for when debut season is upon us and see if she's still worth checking out.

As Pan pointed out in his latest picks post, Hikaru (or if you still call her Aka or Shiose) has been doing well since her latest name change. She looks absolutely fantastic and it really shows. S1 always needs to have at least one busty, slim actress, and with Rara no longer there Hikaru has taken up that mantle. There's still room for others like Ria Yamate to show up, but for the time being I'm much happier with Hikaru in that spot. I'm still hoping her performing skills can improve from where they are now but I guess you don't really need much with a body like hers.

Pan has been on a mission to tell everyone about Mizuki Yayoi and it's no secret why: she's been killing it lately. May had perhaps one of the most compelling videos from her alongside some other busty ladies. I can hardly blame anyone for enjoying Mizuki's ass or other fantastic content like this (or the one with Jun Suehiro above that's coming out next month), and if she continues to produce stuff like this she'll continue to excel the way she has.

Waka is an actress that always strikes me as someone who's just around the cusp of being at the top. She's just always one good release from being there and it seems like this is the one. Pair her up with another juicy actress? And give it a cheerleader theme? Yup, that will certainly do it! I don't expect Waka to continue this success next month but considering she was still in the top 30 last month, who knows.

Ena has been doing quite well for herself in recent times, showing up again on our sales report. In May she had a ton of great content which includes a group video with a couple of chart toppers in Mitsuki Nagisa and Ichika Matsumoto, or more my speed her lesbian video alongside Sakura Tsukishima. I don't claim to be super knowledgeable about Ena but it's hard to go wrong when you get content like that coming out.

Top Videos

I guess this is the year of Yua Mikami with her impending retirement. Half of the top DVD sales are hers and it's not really that surprising. Especially with her getting some unusual stuff out there like this Moodyz video, expect her to top the charts a lot. We've still got a couple of months left before Yua's final release comes out and with the way things are going, who knows what we'll finish with.

We've also got Miyuu Kiyohara's debut video in a top spot. She's got what looks like a fantastic rack and I'm excited to check out this bombshell later on this year. I mean just look at that pair, how can you go wrong? S1 debuts can be hit or miss but if they get enough actresses like this in the door eventually they'll strike gold. There's a reason she's 10th on the physical sales chart and I'm pretty sure those are one, two good reasons why.

Have you ever heard memes of people learning how to have sex from porn? Well what if porn decided to capitalize on it by making sex tutorial videos? The first video is literally how to sex starring Non Ohana, and it's not the only one of that kind in recent months. The second one stars a few actresses, most notably Mao Hamasaki and Hibiki Otsuki. I don't know about you but the premise is interesting, different enough from what everyone else is doing. Especially with them having a full on classroom setting where they're actively explaining things, very unique. Yeah, maybe some is lost in translation, but again it's still unique and compelling.

Katsuo Bussan is back with a lucky bag selection that is sure to make fans go wild. I mean, just look at the list of actresses it contains and tell me you're not excited: Yuri Honma, Yuri Oshikawa, Miina Wakatsuki, Touka Rinne, Arisa Hanyu, Yu Shinoda, Mion Hazuki, Mizuki Yayoi... it's just chalk full of amazing busty women.

I hope you've all enjoyed another sales report. Like always, comments are welcome, especially if there are any videos or actresses to additionally point out. Until next time!


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Oppaira 10 months ago

It has been fixed, thanks for letting me know.

0 0
BrazilianKing 10 months ago
Dear Oppaira, could you please re-upload the image of the Top 100 Tags from DMM Digital?

When I clicked, it went to a 404 page.

Have a pleasant day.

0 0
Oppaira 11 months ago

If you're talking on the digital side then yes, there are many, 25 names in total that have been there as long as Ruka has (at least from what data I have saved). That list includes: AIKA, Aika Yumeno, Akari Mitani, Eimi Fukada, Hibiki Otsuki, Ichika Matsumoto, Julia, Kurea Hasumi, Mao Hamasaki, Nao Jinguji, Yu Shinoda, Yua Mikami, and Yui Hatano, to name a few.

1 0
Ramp_it_up 11 months ago
Has anyone been on the list for the amount of time Inaba been on the list?
1 0
drk 11 months ago
Yui Hatano is a very safe bet for an longevity-related metric; so probably her.
1 0
sub hunter 11 months ago
Thanks for the report. Looks like Yua's farewell tour has been good for business. Even S1 got off their butts and will be finally releasing another in-house collaboration next month or so.

In regards to Kaede karen/ tanaka lemon, I have been curious as to why ideapocket has been consistently producing compilation releases despite the actress trying to establish her new moniker under Faleno. But as luck would have it, her OLD defunct twitter as kaede karen has been reactivated and a tweet from her old account saying "IM HOME". I was hesitant to trust but I see other AV actresses welcoming her back. It looks like Kaede Karen is back and we can forget about this whole Tanaka Lemon name. Lol.

If I had to guess, I read an article somewhere (could be from here) about her departure from Ideapocket. I guess there was some behind the scene legal back and forth between the actress and the studios and it looks like Ideapocket won out.
2 1
Oppaira 11 months ago

Who knows exactly what happened but we know she changed agencies and has now returned. Maybe some issues with her agency that made her have to switch and then more agency trouble with the new one that made the old one make more sense. Either way, I do think fans will be happy to see her back as Karen Kaede (Lemon Tanaka is a terrible name) and hopefully back to IP where things were better for her.

3 0
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