JAV Sales Report - June 2021

Published : July 14th, 2021 Written by Oppaira

Can you believe it's been a year now since I've started doing these sales reports? It's kind of crazy how far we've come in a year, not just the sales reports but the blog as a whole. I'm happy to see all the fans that keep checking in to see what's going on in the world of JAV and reading my ramblings. Anyway, with that said, let's jump into this.


Top Actresses

Rin Natsuki and Karen Yuzuriha continue to do well this month after some great results last month. It's always great to see new actresses that have staying power. That is especially true for Karen who took some time for the industry to warm up with her compared to Rin doing well right off the bat. For Rin I would like to see how she performs over the months compared to all of the debuts that Faleno has, especially against Yume Nikaido who is a few spots ahead of her. Yume looks like she has blossomed into the real deal but Rin is certainly hot on her tails. For Karen, I'm looking forward to her GES (girlfriend's elder sister) video next month. It is absolutely going to be the first video of hers I watch since I watch everything in that series and what an opportunity it will be to see what she's made of early on. Not only is that a great series but it gives the actresses a lot of options to show off their performing skills. While I'd certainly have liked to see her get a bit more experience under her belt before doing such a demanding video, it certainly will give me a better first impression than the average release. I think you can pretty much count on Karen being part of my New To Me series later this year when I check out 2021 debuts.

Minamo is up a lot of spots this month, no doubt to people sharing the opinion fellow blogger Fried Chiken had about how good she is. This could also be due to her getting some extra exposure as I recall seeing her on Hibiki Otsuki's Instagram feed not too long ago. Regardless, it looks like people are warming up to her. I can't say that I'm personally all that interested in her but who knows where we'll be when I get to posting about this year's debut. At any rate, I do encourage you to check out Fried Chikan's post on her if you're interested in finding out more about her.

Speaking of debuts, we have a pair of debuts from SOD doing well this month, Hibiki Natsume and Mei Miyajima. SOD is, in my opinion, a studio that offers very generic releases for debuts but then has options for some fairly interesting situational porn down the line. Both of them scored in the high 80s on the yearly post so it feels like we're now seeing them get past that generic content. If you're looking to check either of them out for the first time, STARS-308 is the chance to do so as the pair are joined by a 2019 debut from SOD and play a schoolgirl trio.

Minami Hatsukawa is someone I mentioned last month due to her impending retirement. She's still producing a ton of content with a bunch of studios right before she checks out and has more coming out next month. Moodyz is definitely known for having some decent variety but they'll never outclass someone working for different studios entirely, especially as Minami now has eight different studios under he belt between this month and last. As a reminder, Minami spent her entire career at Moodyz, so this is quite a shakeup for fans. Anyway, Minami's retirement is coming up so now is the last change to check her out. I don't know exactly when her retirement will be, if she retired when she announced it on Twitter, then we're likely looking at August or September for it. I would expect her to do one final video with Moodyz for her retirement despite this brief freelance stint. Knowing what she's doing I would hope she could get in a tad more interesting content before leaving, like Wanz Factory's 10 Min series. I definitely can't help but feel like some of these videos, especially the Tameike Goro release (second from the right) just doesn't cut it. Still, this is a nice final hurrah from her.

Ai Mukai is someone I know very little about but she's definitely been slaying it recently. Up 63 spots this month is a lot, similar to what we saw on the yearly sales report when she jumped up 54 spots. Ai definitely has that younger MILF vibe as she's only 27 but stars in a lot of that content for studios like Madonna and Venus. What I think makes Ai interesting is that she doesn't appear so old as to be explicitly typecast into that kind of content. In fact, she had a schoolgirl themed release earlier this year for Moodyz. A lot of releases lately have had some nice covers showing off her ass, and if her ass is as nice as the cover depictions then she's definitely someone to check out.

Yui Hatano is up eight spots to take first place. That isn't something I view as all that surprising, we all know how popular Yui is. I suppose this is a good opportunity to talk about MAX-A though. MAX-A is a studio that tends to release low-effort, simplistic plot videos. Honestly, I really wonder how they can keep up with other studios when they're so lazy about it. One interesting thing about them is that they get Yui Hatano and her BFF Hibiki Otsuki (who also just edged out a spot this month) in the doors every month. I guess Hibihata sells well enough to float a studio like this. This video is actually really interesting because it secretly has Hibiki as a costar. Normally they'd use some cheap extra but the video actually plays out the same story from two different perspectives. Each one seems to have the same intro (just a few minutes and non-sexual) which is quite interesting. There sadly is barely any content where they're on screen together while nude. Considering the videos are each only a little over an hour, I can't help but feel like there was a huge missed opportunity. I can only imagine how nice it would have been to see a finale with both of them in a long sex scene together. Still, I am happy to see multi-part videos like this, even if it's the same story from two different perspectives. I really like seeing studios go a little outside their wheelhouse and you'd be surprised how little they attempt things like this. If there was ever a pair of actresses who could get away with this kind of dual video thing, it's definitely Hibihata.

Mikako Abe is up on the charts this month, no doubt due to her retirement announcement. Like we saw with Minami Hatsukawa, people always buy a little more once an actress mentions that cursed word (引退.) Anyway, I know the video above, ZEX-406, sold well last month. It's a remake of her debut 9 years after its original release. Seems like a fitting way to end her career and I'm not surprised at fans eating it up with the news. If you're not already a fan of Mikako it's probably not what you want to be buying, but for fans I'm sure this is an interesting one. Especially when it's from a studio that only releases one video a month. If you are looking for other Mikako content, maybe try some of Peters MAX's other content as Mikako works with them quite frequently.

Yuri Fukada is admittedly someone I know basically nothing about. It's actually not uncommon for me to write about actresses I don't know about and it's kind of fun doing some research on them. Debuts are one thing but Yuri has been in the industry for nearly six years now. It's interesting that these sales posts have made me pay a lot more attention to the industry and discover new actresses, even if I don't end up watching them all. Anyway, while the video above isn't the release that topped the charts (it was a VR), I must admit that it looks quite nice. Military gals in some nice outfits? And she's teaming up with Kaho Imai? Sign me up! Seriously this video has all sorts of crazy action in it and the trailer looks great. I'm not sure how the VR outsold this one, maybe it's too wild for Japanese fans, but as a westerner I'm all about this and probably many of the readers are too.

Asahi Mizuno is up 12 spots this month, a great sign for her. I've pointed out before that her redebut seems to be falling a little flat and I was wondering if she had plateaued a bit. The fact that she's up this high is probably a good sign she isn't plateauing. I'm still not confident she's back to her former self yet but she's trending upwards and that's a great sign. I actually have seen this release and, well, I didn't think it was anything special. Asahi hasn't been anything special since her redebut and I think a lot of her popularity is riding on the backs of her former glory. She just isn't that actress these days and I can say that quite confidently after having seen six of her releases since her comeback. I think a lot of that comes from Asahi starring in Madonna videos and them never having dominant women. I think that just totally misses the mark of what Asahi's best qualities were (okay, aside from her amazing ass), and I just haven't really found myself all that fond of her content. I honestly don't see Asahi becoming who she was while she's exclusive to Madonna, but I suppose being exclusive keeps things simpler and easier on her. It feels like her intention isn't to stick it out for a long time and it feels like she's just riding out the pandemic with the easy paycheck. Fans may not want to hear it but I wouldn't be surprised if she only rode it out until things go back to normal. Anyway, count me out of Asahi until something dramatic happens, I feel like I'd much rather watch some gems I missed before than some mediocre Madonna content.

This month just keeps hitting with household names that don't make the charts often, Reiko Kobayakawa being the next one. Reiko is arguably the most famous fake tits MILF out there, having been in the industry for over nice years now. Anyway, her most popular video is her June release for Madonna. I must admit that the concept of the video does sound a bit promising. It has a self-NTR aspect with the husband trying to make it happen, but it's actually what happens during it that seems more enjoyable. The idea of her taking creampie after creampie sounds quite appealing and she's basically non-stop filled to the brim, as you can see above. Definitely something outside of the norm for Madonna, something I'm also happy to see. I'm always super critical of how lazy they are so more interesting content like this is always welcome.

Mao Hamasaki is also up over a dozen spots on both the R18 and DMM digital lists. She's someone we rarely get a chance to talk about so I'm glad to see her doing well. For those that don't follow her, Mao hasn't quite had the same gusto for doing porn since her music career took off, and she's apparently one of the hottest (for more reasons than one) DJs in Asia. June saw her in a Coercion Suite video alongside Mary Tachibana, which was no doubt a big part of her success. I always have mixed feelings about that series but adding a second actress always goes over very well. Especially when they bump up the duration to nearly four hours, it's definitely going to be a great showing. Not to mention, Mao is a really good actress to star in this series because she's capable of taking it as roughly as they can dish it out. If you're looking to watch either Mao or this series, I do suspect this video will be a great one to check out.

Mao Kurata is also up quite a few spots and, like her fellow Mao, someone we don't often talk about. What's interesting for her this month is that none of her June releases are listed on their site. I know she had a couple of GIGA releases that didn't make it there for some reason, and since R18 carries GIGA content it's a bit odd. Anyway, it's always interesting to see actresses show up so highly on the charts when you really can't see any reason for it. I guess I'm just going to take this time to talk about one of her better selling videos as of now, which is an old SOD VR compilation. What can I say, these VR compilations are a great offering. 500+ minutes of VR and under $10 USD? Definitely can't go wrong with something like that. Especially when it features so many amazing actresses, including Yui Hatano, Mana Sakura, Mei Matsumoto, Kaho Shibuya, even the other Mao (Hamasaki). If you're someone that watches VR but finds they aren't worth the price because of the quality of the content, then definitely grabbing these major compilations at such a bargain price is a great idea.


Top Videos

Last month I said I expected good things from Rara's release and I kind of had to eat my words where I thought it would be good. I'm a bit more apprehensive after that but I also do quite enjoy this theme. One of the more interesting qualities to this month's release is how little it relies on Rara and relies more on the directing. The convenience store is a great setting for a video... if they use it. The video looks like it has a mix of scenes at the convenience store and some away from it. A scene in the bedroom and a mat play scene just seem so out of place that it would ruin the video. I'll probably still watch it and be disappointed like always, but I guess big tits and a pretty face are hard to argue with.

We also have a banger of a video from Yua in 6th place. The video supposedly highlights her career over the years and how she's grown in the six years she's been around. I can't see that it contains any older content which makes it all the more impressive when it's four hours long (10 scenes with intercourse in five of them). If that cover doesn't excite you (and let's not kid ourselves, of course it excites you) then hopefully the plethora of content will.


This month we see an interesting title way up the charts. This video is the continuation of a hentai manga adaptation released a few months ago. It's interesting to see them follow up with the sequel to it, no doubt as a result of the success the former had. Having seen both I can confidently say neither is anything spectacular but I certainly appreciate them following up. I think that's one thing the industry could use more of, multi-part videos. Especially with how strongly JAV promotes plot-based videos, it always struck me as odd they rarely do stuff like that. I suppose this is a really good one to pick because the plot isn't super strong or nuanced and you can enjoy this entry pretty easily if you haven't seen the last one. And definitely if you want to see some hot, busty hairdressers get naughty at the office (and by office I mean where they do their work), this certainly has you covered.

Earlier I mentioned SOD can be quite good with their situational content and we had to look no further than this post to show it. The video stars Yuna Ogura and is premised around a special news report with her squirting and fucking during it. It's not a new concept, far from it, but I have a lot of hopes for this one. SOD is much better at this type of content than other studios and it's likely to be less gimmicky than the Rocket series (which is relatively tame by Rocket standards). I actually think one of the things that really excites me is the actress, Yuna Ogura. She can be quite the performer at times and she's done a wonderful job in some other videos that have relied more on her acting prowess. If this plot interests you, I would think this is one to check out. I can't say I've seen it myself but I'm honestly rather excited to give it a go now.

In first place we have Saika Kawakita's re-debut, the actress also on the top of the physical sales charts. It's important to note that she isn't a fresh face here, she actually debuted back in 2018. She actually had quite a lot of success back then too, managing to crack the top 10 physical sales for the entire year and the top 15 in digital sales for the entire year. What's even crazier is that she did it with only six releases that year. I think it's safe to say people are excited about a popular debut coming back to the industry. I'll be curious to see how she compares to both S1's 2021 debuts as well as the big names from last year like Riri Nanatsumori and Aka Asuka. What's interesting is that she has multiple titles on the chart, all of them having a July release date. As it turns out, SSIS-160 (the release on the right) is actually a re-release of her original debut. It's an interesting concept to push out a second version of her older content alongside her redebut and it makes me seriously wonder what the future of the industry has in store. We all know there's editing that goes into videos and this video has like 20 minutes of previously unreleased footage from what I'm told (and not worth it if you own the original). I wonder if there's tons of unreleased footage for some actresses these companies have lying around. As much as I'm sure it was in their best interest to cut the content, I'd be lying to myself if I said I wasn't interested in seeing it. I can only imagine what it would be like to get hours and hours of unreleased content from my favourites. Anyway, S1 has another two premium version DVDs with unreleased content coming out next month too for Saika, seems like they're re-releasing all her old videos, so it'll be interesting to see how it all plays out. I do wonder if compiling unreleased content together is better but considering how sales are going I'm thinking more like a fan than a businessman. I suppose at some point fans will get tired of paying full price for just a few minutes of new content. Anyway, I'm speculating a lot on things and we'll see what happens as time goes on.

We also see Kanan Amamiya in third and fourth place on our list. She also made the top 25 physical sales chart as well on her debut. Interesting to see the comparison between different placings on the list. Saika in first place was also first on the physical sales chart while Kanan, who placed third and fourth, was down at 12. It just goes to show you how frontloaded a lot of the results are. For even more context, the actress in second place was 48th on the physical charts. It's always such a mystery trying to figure out how the different videos sell since we only get the ranks and not the actual underlying data, especially given that Saika's sales are driven by a mix of things. Anyway, getting back to Kanan she doesn't strike me as anyone particularly special but then, we've seen other SOD actresses go straight to the top of the charts (looking at you Hana Himesaki). It's obviously too early to tell but with Instagram, Twitter, and a YouTube channel, they're certainly trying to make her into a star.

Alice Kisaki in 6th place is someone much more my speed. Not to say that Kanan's G cup breasts aren't nice but Alice's 99cm J cup breasts look especially nice. Even they knew it because the video is titled "Aren't Just Boobs Enough?"; and to answer the question: yes, yes they are. E-Body isn't quite the studio it once was but I will hand it to them that they always manage to find some women with really nice breasts to debut there. I can't speculate much on what will become of her career but suffice to say that I'm definitely interested and hopefully there's enough time for her to become comfortable by the time I check out 2021 debuts later this year.


Nao Jinguji's release in 8th place is a rather interesting one on the list. It's an older release but what we're seeing up at the top here is a 4K version of it. 4K is relatively new to JAV for standard releases and I feel like some people are jumping on the bandwagon with this. Don't get me wrong, better quality is great, but I don't know if I'd ever decide to watch a movie solely because of the number of pixels. That being said, I have seen this one and I would recommend it, so if you've ever been interested in watching 4K JAV, this is a good one to test out the waters with. It's also not any more expensive than other JAV either which is great to see.

We also, unsurprisingly, see Rara's last release up in a top spot (although an older release of hers did beat it out). That's probably a sign that people like Rara but not all of her releases are quality. I had lofty expectations for this video and found myself disappointed in it. Panking gave it a 7.8 which was more generous than what I rated it. That is honestly the way I feel about most of her work, that I can muster myself to watch it because of how attractive she is but that I'm always rather disappointed by it. I can't say I'd recommend it but I also rated it better than the older release... such is the way of Rara.


That's all for this time folks. I hope you've enjoyed this month's sales post, especially with some more interesting content. I'm very curious to see how some of these actresses do as well as how some of these trends play out. Until next time!


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A 2 years ago
how do you feel about hana shirato receiving third this month and second last month
1 0
R0ck 2 years ago
Saika Kawakita disappearing after a few releases definitely left me wanting more. It's a great surprise that we're getting a re-debut after all these years.
2 0
short hair lover 2 years ago
As someone who likes Yuri a lot, i was expecting her most selling one would be the anal one (DASD-873) since she's one of the cuter actresses that do it. But this month was one of the stacked months for her really, since most of the time she generally has one or two releases under her name and a lot of ones that don't list her name (Amateur and studios like Hunter) but this month had four major releases. For VR being her best selling title, i remember she actually has a tweet like "I don't feel like i'm really good at them,but they sell a lot" so people actually like seeing her in VR i guess.
1 0
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