Hotel Massages Gone Wrong New Hires Edition 7 First Half

Published June 24, 2024

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Thanks to all those tourists in Tokyo, movies about hotel massages gone wrong are becoming a lot harder to shoot!

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Timing and Translation by Patonyan

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Nothing lasts forever and with tourists returning to Japan in such numbers that 2024 may actually be the year that exceeds 2019 in terms of selfies at Kiyomizu Temple, but apparently has also led to such a surge in city hotel occupancy that JAV studios that make use of them are finding themselves in tough situations. After all, the way shoots like what we see in today's update, HOTEL MASSAGES GONE WRONG NEW HIRES EDITION 7, I'm told do make use of real hotels and as covertly as possible, shuttle cast in and out. The actresses may already be doing other performance work for the studio and thus over months or longer making use of various hotels for other shoots, the studio has enough footage to finally release the movie. Over seven updates four hours each, we've 28 hours (!) of amazing and at times unthinkable hotel masseuse sex transitions with this update for now at least being the last.

Yes folks, unless things change, for awhile at least and at least from HOT ENTERTAINMENT, this is it for these types of movies. We try to keep reviews and all our communications honest at ZENRA and that includes information like this (after all, it's not that big of a secret if one simply checks the release schedule for this studio over the last few years). While HOT is very much active and at least one of its employees maintains one of the most colorful and at times bitingly real Twitter accounts out there, there seems to have been a pretty big company shift on its public side at least and some of what they were known for in the aughts and 2010's has been put to rest with a more playful and at times straight to the point focus. This is not a critique of their output as all as we just licensed a bunch and it's great, but movies like HOTEL MASSAGES GONE WRONG don't necessarily match the vibe and thus an early warning may be necessary.

What we get in the final (for now/who knows/maybe more from another studio?) installment far from reinvents the wheel of hotel massages leading to sex. It's 12 more encounters with 12 more masseuses who look almost uncannily at times like JAV stars. 12 more bouts of pleasurable rubbing leading to even more pleasurable piston action. This far into a series, giving a play-by-play review is not needed. Our fans know by now what a movie like this is about and for all intensive purposes, this one delivers just as well as the previous ones. After all, it's less about the therapists ability to give a good sex performance, but the journey there and thankfully there's enough variety both in setup and body types to keep most anyone happy.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 1745

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Just as good as the previous ones.

+Great variety in setups in spite of all being shot in hotels.

+Even for still cameras, the performances are captured well.


-Far from reinvents the wheel.

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