Full Breasts of an Adventurous Gold Digger

Published June 22, 2022

#Subtitled #ClassicJAV

Unfaithful, pale, and busty. The true triple threat. Also features some great (and surprising) naked car ride footage.

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Full Breasts of an Adventurous Gold Digger
Timing and Translation by JM84

From the birth of JAVs--or pink films in general, wives going behind their husbands has been the one theme that has never grown stale.  It's great because you can cast almost any woman over the age of 23 to play a wife if the lighting is right.  Does this mean all cheating wives JAV movies are entirely staged?  Far from it.  I'm sure a decent number have indeed featured real married women though how many are actually going behind their husband's back or already in the divorce process is where things get murky.  On one hand, it's way safer to film one's sexual exploits with a legit studio than to see randos, but with filming comes the heightened risk of being caught.

Whether JAV filming has led married women being outed to their husbands is a mystery we can ponder over another time.  For now, let's zero in on today's movie, FULL BREASTS OF AN ADVENTUROUS GOLD DIGGER, a short, but well put together unfaithful wife release by GUTS.  Shooting on one's on can be a tough prospect, but as we've seen in previous updates in this series, whoever is doing it seems to do an OK job.  We do get some rough camera-work at times, but for the most part, it does what it needs to do.

The actress/wife?  Also someone who plays her role with ease.  MISAKI KAMIJO definitely nails it.  Ashiya Lite through and through and with a husband soon to be former in tow.  Pale skin, big breasts, and eager.  So eager, we even get some great pseudo public nudity footage of her removing her shirt while driving with the actor/director on the way to the upscale hotel.  There?  Of course a lot more sex.  As a fan of still cameras done right, that--more distant footage to take it all in--is the only thing that's really missing here.  I'm always down for a movie that pushes reality and sure, at 70 minutes, this one's brief, but it checks off all the boxes of what I want in a JAV of its time.

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


+Can't ever go wrong with cheating wives.
+Extra large breasts on an ideal pale body.
+Possibly the real deal (married).


-Entirely self-shot shows its limits.
-Older SD release.