Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors in the Magic Mirror Room 2 First Half

Published March 15, 2024

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Japanese students visit Tokyo for sightseeing but also to play strip rock-paper-scissors in the Magic Mirror mobile studio.

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It was almost a year to the day (OK, a week early this time, but hey, who can complain?) since we showed our first SADISTIC VILLAGE outing where office ladies from the Ikebukuro area played wild games of strip rock-paper-scissors. This time we're back with the long-awaited sequel and good golly does this one pack a punch!

Not known for subtlety and even less for short movies, SADISTIC VILLAGE may have almost went overboard with STRIP ROCK-PAPER-SCISSORS IN THE MAGIC MIRROR ROOM 2 breaking the four hour wall with some room to spare. It runs long and on the surface, this may be a questionable choice given that unlike its predecessor--or most any of the previous MAGIC MIRROR movies we've shown by them, this one only features three encounters. You can do the math: each one has oodles of time to shine and if the theme was again finding randos around Tokyo, that may be a negative. Thankfully, this time there is indeed more of a back-story and an odd one at that.

Filmed during peak COVID which in Japan lasted longer than most anywhere else, students as late as late 2022 still were seeing field trips canceled and graduation ceremonies drastically reduced or not held at all. How can one end their senior year that way? Tragedy upon tragedy! SADISTIC VILLAGE, taking a step away from their namesake, wanted to make things right...for a few students at least. Females only of course! Somehow they discovered four (two friends and two separately) who had popular TikTok followings and given their love of small screen fame they were all too happy to receive a free trip to Tokyo. One catch though: at the end of their trip they'd have to play a certain game and that game is...well, you know.

For fans of most any MAGIC MIRROR truck movie, the biggest change this time is the scenery. Rumor says the previous location used by SOFT ON DEMAND and also studios like SV who exclusively distribute with them (as you can see, this has its perks such as being able to rent normally off-limit locations and props!) was finally discovered by zealous fans and the owner of the garage they shot out of got cold feet. This time a busy street is swapped with a less busy one that appears like one of those anonymous back-roads that run parallel to busy ones. If you've been to Japan, you know what I mean.

The other neat thing about this release is that super handsome male AD. Really, the guy is easy on the eyes and charismatic. Every win, every loss, he's gold. You'd think by the end with half his dong hanging out of a thong too small he'd transition to actor, but alas! The fatal flaw in the latter two scenes at least--especially the second where a real lovey-dovey rivalry blossoms between him and the surprisingly busty soccer coach senior--is replacing him with 'special staff'. The first scene gets a pass as both actors are equally good looking dudes many a JAV fan has seen before. The latter two, however...

(look, the first rotund guy whom had a feature role in the ROCKET Wet and Messy Movie is a major volte-face from the AD and Wolf Tanaka whom appears in the final scene is nice, but that AD turned down a golden opportunity!)

The game play itself is excellent. Time is not of the essence here with matches running their natural course without lots of cuts to speed things up. This works well in the embarrassment factor and yes, while it's obvious how each will end, the road to get there is full of some funny surprises (said AD is wearing about 20 layers!). The sex is standard for this studio and that means unusual positions, wet, squirting everywhere, creampies (your call on their authenticity), but after said creampie the actor going again and finishing on the face. A perfect way to end a Tokyo trip and a perfect going home present as each of these contestants leave the dazzling lights of the big city for the bucolic boondocks of Mie, Tottori, and Nagano.

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+Neat backstory with surprisingly well-done introduction.

+The sex is crazy, but the games leading up to it are just as good.

+Handsome AD is handsome. And charismatic! And fit!


-The TikTok introduction will make any subscriber over forty question what youth are wasting their lives on.

-One of the students is not like the others. Implants are probably a normally forbidden accessory.

-Why swap out handsome AD with dick hanging out for out of shape actors?

-Fifteen minutes of 'sex toy armada' in second scene.