JAV News Roundup - October Edition - Volume 1

Published : October 22nd, 2022 Written by trapstar

Trapstar here, reporting live from ZENRA headquarters. Bringing you the latest buzz in the Twitter JAV space in recent days

Ruka Inaba Bids Farewell To AV 

Has AllPro neared its end? It seems certain to an extent with the recent exodus of its top tier talents. It's hard not to notice. The news of the bubbly JAV actress Ruka Inaba retiring comes as an absolute shocker subsequent to the headline of our favorite AV veteran Kurea Hasumi who left the office as she quit the industry for good. In her three years on screen, the 22-year-old has established quite a name for herself. The H-cup goddess, who made her debut in 2019 under the aegis of E-Body, advanced through the ranks to become known as a top-tier adult performer, paving the door for other similarly stacked beauties like Hana Himesaki, Ena Koume and a handful of others. We can't deny the fact that Ruka had a significant charm of a girl next door who performed with the utmost elegance cast against older men, especially given that most AV debuts with buxom pairs aren't necessarily meant to be a hit. Ruka shared several of Matsuri Kiritani's distinctive features, which had the fans perplexed.

"Long time no see!

I took a break from activities as Ruka Inaba in February 2022 and was aiming to return, but I would like to inform you that my activities as Ruka Inaba have officially come to an end.

Hoping for a comeback. Everyone who's been waiting. Really sorry. Thank you for giving me so much love. I was truly saved. Thank you very much for letting me have a lot of experiences. It was an unforgettable three years.

Thank you for watching over us.

Ruka Inaba is finished!"

Fans are having a hard time comprehending her retirement as they hadn't intended on bidding goodbye to Ruka this early but if ongoing trends are to be looked at, it's pretty obvious that an actress going on a short stint, has a very thin chance of making a comeback. In Ruka's instance, who took a break from filming soon after her 22nd birthday, this could be the case. Post her announcement, the actress voluntarily stopped filming altogether, her final release being ZMAR-069 as they were just the past archives from the filming she had done before the break. After three years in business, her admirers who were considering a comeback were shocked to learn that she had genuinely given up on her acting career. Ruka refuted the rumours, "There are many reasons for my retirement. It's kind of hard to explain, but I think the biggest reason is my own internal reasons." explaining that she had some internal issues to resolve, further putting rest to the widely held assumption that some renowned names had left the industry following the unemployment brought in by the new AV law.

"During the holidays, I do general work, Gratitude to be able to work as an AV actress, that everyone supported me I felt a special feeling again, Too ordinary and plain life What happened in the last 3 years Was it a dream? I thought." The former AllPro talent further mentioned that she took up a job during the hiatus and had plans for a comeback but I guess the recent months might've made her reconsider her decision to steer away her career trajectory. Some fans even reported Ruka being dropped off the AllPro banner, having had her portfolio removed from the site a while back, putting to rest any such affiliation with the agency, per se. The fact that her agency didn't bother to retrieve her Twitter post her being shadowbanned, might've been the final nail to the coffin.

Concurrently, Ruka seems to have shut both her Twitter & Instagram respectively, having made it private to a select few. Even the retirement statement she made was published on a third-party platform, which AV actresses routinely use for any career-related announcements. It's sad to see an actress with such potential leave the business so soon when she could have stayed a little longer and won over her fans for a few more years, who in turn would have propelled her into a legendary status of some sort. But fate, I suppose, had other plans for Ruka, and as fans, we should accept that and move on with our lives.

Ruka Inaba's Twitter & Instagram

Mio Ishikawa Celebrates Her First Year In AV

Moving ahead with the column, we have Mio Ishikawa, the Moodyz talent celebrating her first anniversary in the adult business. The 20 year old actress confirmed on her Twitter, as she was cited,

"It's been a year since we debuted today! I feel like it's already been a year... Thanks to everyone who has supported me, I've been able to experience a lot of work in my first year, and I'm really grateful  I hope to be able to act in my own way in my second year as well, so please support me. Thank you very much"

The Moodyz exclusive had earlier leveraged Instagram to put the word out regarding her anniversary, a platform she frequently uses for updates. Meanwhile, Mio took the opportunity to make fans aware of her feline's birthday whom she had adopted a year ago, lucky charm eh? Seems so for the 20 year old who had an unstoppable run since having a breakthrough last year and has off late become a hot property under the Moodyz banner. The Moodyz exclusive has barely been off FANZA's monthly rankings, carrying on the streak the 20 year old recently informed her fans of achieving third place in the latest issue. It'd be rather interesting to see how long she endures it. Fans have been liking her and it's quite prevalent. The makers know this for a fact as to commemorate their top talents anniversary, Moodyz recently rolled out a 4K bukkake version JAV featuring Mio wherein she gets blasted by an endless stream of creme de la penis (fancy for facial).

It's unusual for a debutante to maintain such a long running streak of blockbuster JAVs for a stretch, but if our fellow writer Oppaira's words are to be believed, the diamond in the rough has still a lot to prove in the near future to be considered worthy for the hype. Though, most would agree that she hasn't got her feet soaked yet or that Moodyz accidentally stumbled upon a gem like her, you can't deny that those exorbitant sales figures aren't a myth. Call it her acting prowess but I do agree Mio has certain distinct characteristics that make her standout.

"It's been a year since Mio Ishikawa debuted from MOODYZ.  Miocchi keeps updating her kawaii more and more! Thank you for always healing everyone.  All of us at MOODYZ will continue to support your many successes." Having filmed a dozen titles under her studio banner, the makers wish their performer with a tweet.

If we're to go by her tweets, Mio had her anniversary celebration earlier on October 1, and it was quite the spectacle. Snippets and pics from the event have been circulating on her Twitter. In one such pic the actress could be seen delivering a message in her native tongue while in a different set the 20 year old could be witnessed posing infront of a barrage of gifts she received from her loyal fans during the event.

"1st anniversary event! thank you. I had a lot of fun doing it~ Thank you very much for the gifts  I'll do my best in my second year  Nice to meet you! I got it from the people at the cake office.Yay!" Must've been a cosy affair for the Moodyz star, here's hoping she gets to celebrate more such anniversaries in the adult business. We collectively congratulate Mio on the occasion of her first anniversary.

Mio Ishikawa's Twitter & Instagram

Mana Sakura Returns  After A Hiatus

Now that it's over, Mana Sakura is back after a brief absence. Ruka Inaba's break was already reported, therefore we believed mentioning her comeback would be fair to strike a balance. As previously noted the SOD exclusive took a short hiatus from the industry citing personal reasons behind the motive. Mana stated that even though she had made the decision to take a brief sabbatical, most of her activities related to filming adult video and her optional job as a radio jockey at a local station would be put on hold, with the exception of her regular AV releases.

The 29-year-old tweeted something to the effect of, "I will return to work from today. Two months went by faster than I expected, or as I expected... And today 26:00-28:00, #はすまな live broadcast! I'm going to rest from the beginning! ! (Please fire me if I take a nap)" in an attempt to connect with her followers. Although most supporters were taken aback, they had a welcoming gesture. Her agency MinesPro, which has a long-standing relationship with Mana dating back to her early days as a debutante was the first to learn of her comeback. 

"I didn't rest, but it was dangerous! It was super fun too! Thank you to everyone who listened!" according to the tweet. The specifics of what she said on the show aren't available on Twitter, but I'm going to venture a guess that the 29-year-old talked about her hiatus and her future intentions. A tweet from the actress herself verifying the aforementioned interview's validity was among the media that was circulating on her official account.

I'll concede that it can be difficult to obtain work after a while, and the recent increase in industry unemployment poses a threat to Mana's future endeavours, but in spite of common assumption, the actress is already booked for the rest of the month. In connection with Max, the SOD exclusive would travel to Osaka in December for a meet-and-greet session with fans. The majority of the information pertaining to the same could be found by clicking this link. The event is scheduled to take place in Max's Nihonbashi store. The fans had a "jump off the couch" moment when the actress invited her admirers to attend, which is appropriate considering they'd be able to meet the actress live in person in a span of four years.

Fans may also anticipate Mana to make frequent features in her Radiko chat programme in the future. As I mentioned earlier, the actress chose not to delve into much details about her intentions behind the break, dismissing the majority of rumours with the excuse that it was for personal reasons. However, what really astounded me was how she was able to take a break despite the industry's current state of chaos while being aware of the issues. I admire Mana's initiative to have paused for a while and reconsider her goals going forward as she had just celebrated her tenth year in the business before going on a much needed mini-vacation. I'm delighted Mana took this step to conduct her small detox from the industry since being in the spotlight for a prolonged length of time can sometimes be bad for one's mental health.

Post-comeback, Mana recently spent time on set with Mao Hamasaki, who had earlier indicated her intentions to take a break. The photos show the two sitting next to one another, and it is quite clear that there is significant tension between the pair. Mana even captioned one of the photos "I was kinchoing properly, but my manager told me, "Don't pretend to be kincho," it's terrible", to support my suspicion.

Mana Sakura's Twitter

Nanami Ogura Pulls The Plug On AV

In just a few months after it was enacted, the controversial AV law has already begun to have it's repercussions on the adult business. The effects are already evident, as seen by the involuntary exit from the industry of many actresses in search of alternative livelihoods. The 20-year-old AV phenomenon Nanami Ogura, who opted to end her career a year after making her debut, is a fairly recent example of that. Though I've kind of made up my mind to be a frequent recipient of such headlines since the AV law was established, it's still depressing to some extent that a burgeoning adult performer like Nanami, who launched into the industry with zeal, had her aspirations cut short within a year of her debut.

"To everyone who always supports us I, Nanami Ogura, retired from being an AV actress and left Life Promotion. I have decided to leave the work I have been doing so far, but I was able to spend time with everyone in such a short time as about a year, but I have a strong desire to continue to spend happy, irreplaceable times. We will work tirelessly to I will do my best again from here, so I would appreciate it if you could support me. To all the fans who have always supported me for about a year, and to all the people involved who took care of me, thank you very much for the wonderful time!"

A lot of the JAV stars who are quitting the business in what seems to be a mass exodus can relate to Nanami's plight, theoretically. AV jobs are at an all-time low, with the exception of the top tier performers who, if they're lucky, score one or more releases every other month. At a time when the new law is threatening small time actresses, they have nowhere else to turn but to look for better options. While some seek solace on those fan-only websites, others are opting to work as hostesses in bars. Consider Nanami, whose last release was a solo video with REBD-689 that was scheduled for release this month, who had to resort to starting a fan club after seeing little in the way of offers. "I thought a lot about it and left the job of AV, but at first I will continue to work on the surface, albeit little by little, opening an official fan club and mainly doing activities within the fan club."

Before taking this route with few options in sight, the S1 exclusive must have given her options some serious thought. The actress testified that she had opted to terminate all relations with her current agency going forward, albeit they had agreed to allow her to use the current alias's Twitter handle for an additional month while she transitioned her fan base to a new account. Going forward, Nanami explained the cause of her abrupt shift and revealed that she had been coping with an unspecified physical problem that had a negative impact on her ability to continue pursuing AV further, "I had a lot of discussions with the office staff, and I thought about it for months, but I couldn't shoot due to mental and physical disorders. As my condition worsened, I went to the hospital and received a medical certificate." In an earlier post, Nanami had hinted at a significant weight loss by contrasting two of her images. With these new age actresses who are firmly convinced that losing weight won't affect them, this kind of seems to be the general tendency.

The new AV law, which looks like a blatant justification, was used as a subtle dig by Nanami as the reason behind her resignation. In addition to expressing gratitude, she acknowledged her workplace and the coworkers she had the pleasure of working with during this brief stint. Her new Twitter account, which she recently started using under the new alias, appears to be neck deep with postings from her fan clubs at first sight. Please take a moment to subscribe to Nanami while also advocating for the right of AV actors to lawfully earn bread.

Stay updated with Nanami's new Twitter & Instagram

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drk 1 year ago
As announced, R18 got lobotomized today. I'm surprised that they went that deep. It's just your library. No storefront at all, so you can't even browse anything.
1 0
ZENRA 1 year ago

Thankfully, we changed all our outgoing links to them to our site just in the nick of time.

1 0
drk 1 year ago
I just finished backing up. 553/586. The rest are snippets that I accidentally bought (of works that I have), best of compilations where I have the vast majority of underlying works, and a dozen or so movies by actresses I tried and no longer care about. DMM is also fully backed up - 38 titles only, all bought since R18's death was officially announced last month.

Even then searchable database (although not fully complete) in English is a massive loss.
1 0
ZENRA 1 year ago

Their fate is a terrible shame. Certainly the database is backed up somewhere.

I can tell you this won't happen to us because we cover our bases. Our blog also is not going anywhere.

1 0
drk 1 year ago
I assume that there is a back-up, it' just locked up.

I'd give a lot to know DMM's roadmap for this (or if they even have one). Do their re-launch something for overseas in 2023? Re-integrate overseas user into DMM proper? Pretend that overseas users don't exist, but let them use VPN + points (current do-nothing state)?
1 0
Ramp_it_up 1 year ago
Ruka Inaba is done. She was the first AV star I consistently followed when I started watching JAV. Back then it almost felt like she released a couple of movies a day. She was also the first JAV star I followed on Twitter. I remember reading how tired she was or shooting when she didn't feel well. She needs the break. She put in alot if work.
0 0
trapstar 1 year ago

Agree to her yearning for a much needed 'beauty break'.

0 0
drk 1 year ago
Yuna Ogura (also SOD, same office I think as well) is the one with Mana on the photo. AFAIK: Mao Hamasaki is just done with fan events for this calendar year, no break from shooting movies. Realistically, she's one of the few actresses who can afford to take a break - exclusive, so just needed to shoot 2 extra movies to plug the hole (if there weren't any in the backlog) before going on holidays and she's pretty much the face of SOD.
1 0
drk 1 year ago
Also: deepl>>> google translate, especially for informal, slang stuff such as tweets.
1 0
ZENRA 1 year ago

Glad to hear Mao isn't retiring when it comes to filming. I know not everybody is a fan of her, but there's something amazing about her when she puts on that vapid face while staring at an erection.

1 0
trapstar 1 year ago

Oh snap! I just took into notice Mana's version of the tweet. Thanks for your valuable feedback. We strive to deliver quality content with each passing column. We've mentioned Mao in the upcoming roundup. Watch out for the same, dropping next week.

1 0
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