JAV News Roundup - November Edition - Volume 2

Published : December 4th, 2022 Written by trapstar

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Bambi Actress Moves On A Hiatus

One of Bambi's in-house talent who took the opportunity to commemorate her third work anniversary earlier on the 7th this month, doesn't seem to cope very well with the pressure that comes with it. The 40 year old idol who stepped foot in the industry in 2019 and by many accounts, a late comer had expressed desire for a much needed break from her persistent schedule going forward. In a Twitter thread, "I, Yuka Hirose, will be taking a break from AV work from next February to the end of April. I am not retiring or transferring. I have been running for the past 3 full years, so I decided to take a little longer summer break." Yuka addressed her fans saying that she'd move to a hiatus coming this February, remaining inactive till late April next year. "I will be taking a refresher vacation in order to make a full jump starting in May!", Further adding to her statement that she'd resume work from early May next year with what I might've interpreted as initiating with a refreshing vacation before moving back to her old schedule. 

Like I mentioned earlier, the 40 year old celebrated her AV anniversary earlier this month amidst a handful of industry colleagues including Kayo Iwasawa at the famed Lefkada venue in Shinjuku. The actress had earlier raised concerns on the depleting AV jobs caused by the new AV law on her anniversary tweet so that could be considered as a possibility for her future decision. Though, the actress stated earlier in her tweet that it's more of a 'refreshment break' rather than her not getting much work to keep going. Yuka also bashed any such rumors pertaining to her retirement or for a fact quitting the industry out of lack of work. Instead, the former nurse turned AV actress expressed her due diligence in assuring the fans that she is here to stay.

With AV shoots ranging from a couple hours to almost a full day, with multiple shoots a month, it's hard for adult performers to maintain a work life balance and when you shove a whole lot of promotions and public appearances, it almost gets to a point where one wears out of fatigue. In such times, it's only credible to move to a hiatus and come back refreshed. Yuka must've been the latest to announce her intentions, earlier Mao Hamasaki an even more renowned AV actress went on a hiatus for the rest of the year, suspending all AV activities till the rest of the year. 

With such frequent instances of actresses moving to hiatus, it's only fair to note what the fans think, and going by Yuka's decision it's certain most took it with a pinch of salt, although they were positive of her comeback and wished her early recovery. Debuting back in 2019, Yuka had rolled out consistent releases without a major breakdown, oftentimes appearing as a married woman in her JAVs, quite fitting to her age and let's be fair debuting with a major production house like SOD comes with its own share of pressures and she seems to be handling those quite well as of current. Her talent agency chose not to make any further comments on the matter.

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Riho Takahashi Prefers LIGHT Over Former Agency

Moving ahead with the column, a recently inducted AV actress who had created quite a stir with her debut under SOD's youth program last year, made her intentions clear to switch among agencies. The actress being discussed here is Riho Takahashi, who although had only three releases under the banner but left a significant impression among critics and fans alike with her humongous H-cup breasts. Concurrently, since the tables have turned after the implementation of the law by the legislation, resulting in a significant drop in adult work, Riho seems adamant to take the leash of her career in her own hands rather than leaving it to the agency.

The rebellious actress who earlier took a call to leave SOD against pursuing AV as a single actress going forward has now once again made her stance clear on her future. In a Twitter post addressed to her fans, "Long time no see. I've decided to move to LIGHT from ACT where I used to work." the 21 year old revealed that she'd left her former agency having held it in high esteem, in lieu of being managed by LIGHT.  Much to her fans surprise, the H-cup goddess later clarified the rumors regarding her name, "I have also changed my name from Riho Takahashi to Riho Shirahashi. I will do my best from now on, so please support me." revealing that she intends to participate in AV further as Riho Shiraishi, with a striking resemblance to the previous moniker.

In foresight, it shouldn't remain perplexing for the fans to be able to recognize Riho by her new alias. With the announcement, the actress also made clear that she'd deleted her previous Twitter, terminating any affiliations she'd with the office that were published on the platform. In her time with SOD, Riho had played mostly teenage roles and had often been considered amongst the likes of Hana Himesaki and Ruka Inaba. That same year in August, the 21 year old expressed her desire to pursue AV as an independent contractor going forward and was doing quite well, often starring in multiple JAVs a month until June this year, when the AV law loomed over her head and that of several other independent actresses.

Records indicate that the 21-year-old has only appeared in one release over the course of the last four months which highlights the severity of the situation. The former SOD star may have approached LIGHT as a last resort in an effort to maximise her AV appearances due to her career's depleting trajectory over the last few months. What remains to be seen in the long term is if LIGHT succeeds to overhaul her career or even strives to satisfy her goals to secure more appearances. Subsequent to experiencing turmoil for such a long time in her career, her supporters must be relieved that she didn't call it quits, especially in the last few months that have been quite rough on the twenty one year old. From now on, it would be interesting to witness what all her new office has in store for the adult performer who joined them in the hopes of getting her career back on track.

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Arrows Bags A New Talent

Former Moodyz star Minori Kawanami sure has one hell of a loyal fanbase. Take for instance how glad they were at expressing support for the actress when she revealed that going forward, "We are pleased to announce that we are completely transferring our office! Arrows, please take care of me. I will do my best to make a fresh start. Please support me with your unchanging love." she chose to be affiliated with the talent agency Arrows rather than Cruise group, the office which the 25 year old was formerly affiliated with. In a tweet made earlier this month, the Shinga based actress made her fans aware of her decision, further revealing that she chose to go forward with Minori Kawato rather than being associated with her previous name, "With that, I would like to announce that I will change my name to Minori Kawato!" Contrary to popular assumptions, her fans remained quite supportive of the fact that the 25 year old performer had taken this step, doing their due diligence going forward.

A big driving force for the same could be the fact that the former Cruise Group talent had maintained harmony among her professional and personal life quite fairly, having graduated from university in the year 2020 amidst the pandemic while pursuing AV simultaneously. For the 25 year old, the achievement list remains endless. Minori impressed her fans by bagging the first award at AV Open back in 2018. That same year, she turned exclusive for Honnaka from August till December. Though the affiliation didn't remain intact for long, her fans would agree to the time spent under the office being one of the highlights of her career, releasing some big hits under the banner. 

Fans of Minori might not be astonished with this transfer, since they're accustomed to seeing her make certain transitions either with studios or in this case with her talent agency in terms of scaling her career graph. Having set foot in the industry in late 2017, the actress finds herself not being a stranger to transfers. Throughout her tenure Minori had occasionally turned exclusive for a handful of production houses. Having left Honnaka in late 2018, the actress shook hands with one of the of hardcore JAV house, Attackers in early 2018, remaining affiliated with the office for most of it's tenure. Later on, with the progression in her career and as was certainly evident with her having graduated university, Faleno came knocking as a fitting substitute for the 25 year old to turn exclusive under a contract.

To this day, Minori has remained an exclusive under the banner and now with her swapping offices, it'd be interesting to watch how she plays her cards. Since Faleno is not exactly a top tier production house, there's still room for progression for the 25 year old. Her fans must be eagerly awaiting a transfer to a studio at the top of it's game with the way her career graph has progressed through these years. It would be interesting to note how she handles the situation in hand moving forward.

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Nana Kisaki Makes A Surprise Appearance

Since Nana Kisaki, 23, stopped tweeting, there have been numerous rumours about her on adult message boards. The majority of fans believed the actress was taking a break, while a small number entertained the idea that she might have eventually retired. Since Nana took a blow from R18's demise and a decline in her sales volume on their parent platform, FANZA, we are glad that this supposition did not prove to be true as it would have severely curtailed a burgeoning talent's career. The recent months have been a wild ride for the aspiring star who was compelled to rely on filming some amateur material for FANZA and FC2, but since the law has been enacted her chances of making a professional comeback has since derailed.  

Lately, there hasn't been much activities on the twenty three year old's Twitter, one could assume that it has gone dead silent for a while but that doesn't take away from the fact that the Nana hasn't been active in the circuit. On the contrary, in the period of her absence Nana had filmed a handful of JAVs and a photobook, as is clearly evident from her tweets. Despite struggling with tonsil and later having a surgery to get rid of it, Nana managed to book couple assignments under her name. In her recent activities, the Chiba base actress has one that involves a hot spring shoot that released earlier last month, while the other straying away from quite the mundane JAV routine Nana prefers, a lesbian centric JAV under Bibian's banner featuring Akari Minase and our girl herself scheduled for ninth of the last month. Then there is this Prestige photobook retailing for around 3,300 yen that was made available on Amazon Japan last month. In all honesty, the twenty three year old has done her due diligence to get her career back on track, experimenting with multiple AV formats and genres at a time, making herself flexible to certain extent to say a sinking ship that could be her career. Now, it's only a matter of time when her followers witness Nana bear the fruits of her labor. 

Cover of SDAB-218, Nana Kisaki's debut JAV

However, that doesn't change the fact that the adult star has unquestionably climbed the career ladder within a year of her debut. At the time of her debut, the office went all out to advertise the petite darling staring at you like a delicate mouse in the movie jacket for her SOD debut, which for a time became the talk of the town. Her most recent JAVs are evidence that Nana has been favourably received by her ardent admirers; the sales volume and reviews speak for themselves. The actress initially decided not to participate in any fan events or office-sponsored gatherings, but this all changed earlier this month. It's likely that the actress had acquired access to her public Twitter that she used to convey this message.

In what might have been her first tweet in three months, the disgruntled Mine's Pro exclusive shared her intentions behind the action to put a halt on AV activities. In the meantime, she informed fans of having took a break from both AV and Twitter, "Hey everyone, long time no see, it's Kisaki! Actually, I had a surgery for my tonsils. I had to take a break from Twitter and filming, but I'm back! I'm sorry for worrying you" further confirming the speculation that it was indeed for a personal reason. In these dire times, the fan wishes sure mended her spirit of making a comeback to the adult industry. Although worried about her whereabouts, the Nana was a recipient of a flurry of wishes from her fans who had left inspiring notes for her to bounce back. Now that the actress has hopped on the Twitter bandwagon, it's only fair we start rooting for her next release. "I've been working on a few projects in the meantime, but thank you for checking them out!" Oh and did I mention she talked about secretly filming her AV's while on a hiatus?

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