Partying with Mature Women - King's Game and Orgies First Half

Published April 17, 2020

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Japanese cougars invited to a wild house party that starts with Truth or Dare and ends with everyone having sex with everyone via HOT ENTERTAINMENT.

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Partying with Mature Women - King's Game and Orgies First Half
Timing by Patonyan
Translation by ZENRA
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PARTYING WITH MATURE WOMEN ~ KING'S GAME AND ORGIES is quite a JAV movie.  It's long and fulfilling, features a huge cast of jukujo (basically what's known in the west as cougars), and most importantly, was a joy to work on and a pleasure to finally be showing on ZENRA.  We've six women and about the same number of men gathering in somebody's upscale home for a group date.  The catch--because there always is one--is that all the men are JAV actors and the women taking part don't seem to mind the sexually-charged play that begins right away that soon leads to everyone having sex.

Right from the get-go we've groping initiated by both genders that soon leads to a wild bout of King's Game where dares begin at kissing and conclude with blowjobs while everyone watches (not to mention facesitting!).  For those unfamiliar with King's Game, it's pretty much a Japanese spin on Truth or Dare.  A collection of numbered chopsticks are presented and everyone takes one.  One chopstick denotes who the King is and the others are simply numbered.  The King for each round without knowing who possesses each number will issue commands such as "#3 and #5 need to hug and kiss for 10 seconds".  You can see where this may lead.

Sex and passion in PARTYING WITH MATURE WOMEN happens and remains central from those first introductions to the game itself and beyond.  While there is no huge 10 person orgy scene, we do get some great group sex in this movie's 180 minute run-time.  Early on there's a fantastic FFM encounter and the title concludes with an even better foursome.  If you love Japanese women in their forties, you're going to love this.

It may seem a cop-out, but I enjoyed all six women in this movie.  All were pretty in unique ways though if I had to pick a most likely under-rated favorite, it'd be short hair YUKARI FUJISHIRO who almost plays second fiddle in the FFM encounter.  Her along with AKEMI NAKAGAWA--the beautiful MILF who we see in the movie's first sex scene have what it takes to be fan favorites.

Quick note for those with sharp eyes:  the box cover for today and Monday's double update denotes that this is the second in the series.  While true, the first title was simply a compilation movie of various scenes from previous HOT ENTERTAINMENT movies.  So far, they've shot 3 'true' titles (2, 3, and 4) and yes, we'll be showing 3 and 4 as well.  All follow pretty much the same format of Japanese cougars going wild with men who may or may not happen to be JAV actors.  A most festive party that would be even better if more invitations to legible bachelors were sent.

Special mention:  I'm not a huge fan of self-shot content, but that first sex scene with AKEMI was shot that way and it looks fantastic.  What's more, the entire movie makes amazing use of natural lighting.  We get some picture-perfect love scenes thanks to the director's acumen to use Mother Nature to her fullest!

Score:  4/5

Pro's:  Huge cast of attractive Japanese cougars, crazy sex games, and nearly nonstop sexual play.
Con's:  Mosaic thick (not maker's fault, but still...) and while creampies happen, they're almost certainly staged.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 816

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