JAV News Roundup - January 2023 - Volume 3

Published : February 4th, 2023 Written by trapstar

Trapstar here, reporting live from ZENRA headquarters. Bringing you the latest buzz in the Twitter JAV space in recent days

Kou Shirahana Sets Sight On Retirement Date

Madonna exclusive actress Kou Shirahana, made an announcement on Twitter this month citing that she is bound to retire on January 11, of the upcoming year, two years after her debut. The 32 year old mature actress debuted in January 2022 under Madonna’s label and has since been a part of several releases under the affiliation, primarly portraying mature roles in her adult movies.

”To all of you who have been supporting us Thank you for your continued support. Today, I, Kou Shirohana, have an important announcement to make to the many people who have supported me up until now. It has been about a year since I, Kou Shirohana, debuted as a sexy actress. With the support of many people, including fans and staff, I have enjoyed my work. Lastly, I will continue to run as fast as I can until January 11, 2024, so please continue to support me.”

On the downside, Kou didn’t have many movies under her name being signed to an exclusive contract. Despite that, she summed up her experience working with the staffs in the film sets as exciting.

The 32 year old now joins the list of a handful adult actresses in the recent past, that have called it a day subsequent to a short-lived career. While the news remains unfortunate for her fans, many have been appreciative of her decision to move on. I’d like to admit that the Madonna exclusive had short but successful career and has inspired many in the process but her retirement might prove a fatal blow to the studio.

"I have decided to retire from the AV industry on January 11, 2024, as I have found a new dream and want to work hard towards it. I have no plans to return to the industry at this time, but if and when the time comes, I would appreciate a warm welcome", further in the announcement, the AV actress admitted to having found a new goal and intends to pursue it, leaving many of her fans baffled at her decision. A handful or so fans in the comments section speculated that Kou might turn into a martial artist after leaving the adult industry, as she had expressed an interest in the art form in the past. However, her retirement announcement had a few hints of a possible comeback in the near future.

Kou has been in the adult industry for an year now, and while she may have made up her mind to call it a day, fans can rest assured that Kou has a whole year of releases lined up. From her recent announcement, one could make out her excitement for the upcoming projects and the new challenges that it would bring.

It will be intriguing to witness her tread on the path she chose she. Fans will be eagerly awaiting the exciting content she has in store for them. While she may no longer be in the adult industry, her fans will be sure to follow Kou's new journey, down the line. Since the actress hasn’t made any mention on shutting down her account yet, Twitter remains one of the primary avenues to stay updated with the actress’s career.

We wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

Stay updated with Kou Shirahana's Twitter

Mitsuki Nagisa Set To Retire From The AV Industry

Mitsuki Nagisa, a Bambi affiliated actress recently announced via Twitter that she has made up her mind to bid goodbyes to the adult industry, come January 13, 2024. Just in line with her fifth anniversary in the adult business, which started in 2019 with Ideapocket as a solo artist venture.

“I know this is out of the blue, but Mitsuki Nagisa will retire on January 13, 2024, one year after our 5th anniversary! I'm going to finish all the shoots and events with everyone with no regrets. Please support us when you can! I wish you all the best until the end! I'll talk about it later in the Twitcast, so please listen if you like!” by the end of the announcement she relied in Twitcast, a livestreaming platform to reveal more updates on the decision."

The actress had raked in a good fortune in these few years doing AV. Earlier on Mitsuki flaunted her accomplishments on Instagram, the 23 year old actress went on a buying spree as she copped up a couple daily drivers with her AV money.

Via her Twitter announcement, the former Ideapocket talent expressed her gratitude to those who had supported her journey in the adult industry in these last few years. Though she will be retiring from the adult industry, Mitsuki plans to stay active in the entertainment circuit. She will continue to post content on her social media channels, as well as appear in offline fan events.

Although her decision of leaving the adult entertainment business comes as a complete surprise, it may also be seen as a bittersweet time for her followers. Despite their sadness at her departure, they are happy for her success and appreciative of the content she has treated them with throughout the years.

The Bambi affiliated talent has stated on record, that for the remainder of the year, she will devote a significant amount of her time to fan meets. Considering that this is her final year in the adult business, it has special significance for her supporters. Recently, Mitsuki organised events in the prefectures of Hyogo and Aichi as to interact with her fans. Here are some some photos from the events on Twitter.

Though this is just a precursor to her final announcement on her retirement, Mitsuki’s agency, Bambi, has yet to comment on the matter. Regardless, fans of the actress are sure to be delighted by the opportunity to meet her in person for what might be the last year of her AV career. It will no doubt be a bittersweet experience, filled with mixed emotions.

Stay updated with Mitsuki Nagisa's Twitter

Kurumiya Futaba Lands Herself A New Agency

Hailing from Kansai, Kurimiya Futaba has had her fair share of ups and downs in her career spanning more than a year now. For a fact, we know that the gruesome law that came into practice just six months from her debut wiped out most of the industry jobs. While top tier actresses just kept afloat through the period, second tier actresses were left with offers second to none. For Kurumiya, like several JAV stars last year must have been tough to get by so this transfer seems like a no brainer.

"Hello I'm Yuuhi Shitara, formerly known as Kurimiya Futaba I have changed my stage name and moved to Twitter Thankfully, manufacturers will continue to be a part of kawaii. The information release will be on February 7 Looking forward to it!"

Starting her career as a Kawaii exclusive in December 2021, Futaba was missing in action in the recent past and hasn't dropped any new work since August 2022.

On the occasion of her recent transfer from Nax Promotion to Cmore Agency, Kurumiya thanked her former agency and studio for the opportunities bestowed upon her. On the 7th of February, a press release will announce her return after a five-month absence. Furthermore, the actress made a revealing comment with the news that she had changed her stage name to Shitara Yuhi from her former alias Kurumiya. This is also one of those rare times I actually welcome the name change simply because there's another active actress I covered in an earlier column with a similar name, Kuri Futaba, and I always get so confused and end up mentioning her instead of Kurimiya. Long, slim, attractive and naughty - that’s a win win deal for C-more.

Now some trivia on the Kawaii actress, before her debut, the 21-year-old used to work as a priestess in one of many temples in the Kansai region. I bet you guys didn’t know this but for someone coming from that background, it is more certainly a paradigm shift.

Kurumiya’s fans have been eagerly awaiting her return since her departure in August last year. After the announcement of her revival, fans have shown their appreciation by posting messages of support on social media. The adult film industry has seen a lot of changes over the years, and Kurumiya’s transfer from Nax Promotion to Cmore shows that the industry is still evolving. To conclude, her fans are sure to be excited for her new beginning and what the future holds for her career.

I won’t jump into conclusions but maybe for real offers had dried up and the 21 year old didn’t feel like pursuing AV with her former agency so she did what actresses do best: transfer to a new agency. With her changing agency by the turn of the year, it’s an absolute no brainer Kurumiya’s eyeing a fresh start but can C-more, her current agency offer her what they promised on paper, that is what remains to be seen. How excited are you for Kurumiya's revival. Leave a comment below to let us know!

Stay updated with Kurumiya Futaba's new Twitter

Attackers Witnesses Consecutive Exodus Of Talents

Having left her former studio Attackers for a while now, Kano Kashii has finally decided to turn her sight into being a freelancer. Following a three-month break, the 26 year old is all set to release a new JAV this month and has partnered with Honnaka for a VR exclusive. the announcement comes exactly after 4 months since she took a voluntary break from filming for Attackers in September, last year.

Earlier this month, the 26 year old gave fans an update of her decision via a tweet, “Actually, it became a standalone project. Sorry for the late report. I'm still doing my best as Kashii. Please look forward to the works that will come out in the future!.” The news comes after her fans turned anxious with her absence but now, with the announcement of her upcoming work, fans can be both relieved and excited. The teaser from the new Honnaka work sure does look intriguing, with the scintillating visuals of Kano as an office lady providing some sensational tongue play in a POV angle. I’m assured most fans are looking forward to the release of the JAV. In her debut with Premium in mid 2020s, Kano was touted as a local newscaster which managed to create some hype around her debut but it was short lived.

Kashii's decision to become a freelancer will give her room to experiment with different genres of work and might just open doors for the former Attackers actress to test her potential, and be a part of different projects altogether. There might be hope for the fans who are so eagerly waiting for her return to witness Kano’s artistic brilliance with the new venture. I hope she makes her mark in the industry this time and doesn’t disappoint her fans with this revival

It seems as if the Attackers exodus just isn’t willing to stop anytime soon, with Kano gone we’ve another fine AV idol leaving the studio. Makes me think if there’s a reason behind these mass exoduses at Attackers or is the studio well endowed to handle these high profile exits. Next up we’ve Anna Hanayagi who has been a face for some prominent AV studios in the past in the likes of Attackers and Fitch who made her intentions clear via a tweet that she’ll be leaving the former in the foremost month of 2023.

Doesn’t surprise me either, considering adult actresses choose such studios as a last resort, to go end their career while securing a paycheck. It won't be incorrect to presume that Attackers serves as the AV industry's equivalent of the black hole where actresses' careers go to perish.

one fan even noted I prefer to challenge various works in Kikatan. I want to see the co-starring with Nanami Matsumoto and Hana Himesaki.

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sub hunter 1 year ago
If I may ask, who were the other actresses who left attackers?
trapstar 1 year ago

Anna Hanayagi remains the one to my knowledge.

drk 1 year ago
Apparently Kaho Imai is stealth quitting - some dude in her thread on scanlover says that he got such a notification from her Fantia (or some equivalent).
ZENRA 1 year ago

This is incredible if true. Let's see what happens.

drk 1 year ago
Yeah, went to the fancentro and before the paywall kicked in saw bits of the announcement. Closure of fancentro in march, due to retirement from AV activities.
Devil 1 year ago
So you saying Kaho might retire?? ????
Pussy Licker 1 year ago
Kaho lmai quitting AV is incredible?? Wtf admin!!
ZENRA 1 year ago

Incredible doesn't always have a positive meaning. My apologies for the confusion. It is not good news.

trapstar 1 year ago

If that happens, we'll be the first to break the news.

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