The Private Parts Guessing Game Geriatric Edition Part One

Published November 9, 2018

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Geezers assemble to take part in the most perverted JAV game show ever concocted in this extra long special edition update via ROCKET.

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The Private Parts Guessing Game Geriatric Edition
Part One with English Subtitles
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Man, I'm going to miss that big studio that ROCKET has used extensively for their titles.  Other makers have used it too and it's name and location still remain somewhat of a mystery to me.  Yes, yes, before even talking about today's update I'm gushing about something not entirely related, but while spending several days nonstop working on this movie compounded by the work done in previous iterations, I've come to love this set.  While the lighting may be extreme in a 'scorched earth' way, it's done in a way that actually brings out the beauty of the stark naked women taking part.  For reasons I still am not sure about, ROCKET has stopped using this location for their game show shooting.

Whether other makers still use it--whether the reason for stopping is more financial or otherwise--is a billion dollar question though I feel that the last few versions of THE PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME (that we will probably be showing eventually) suffer a bit; they're filmed in tighter quarters with less spectacular lighting that greatly detracts from the game show vibe.  The titles end up feeling a bit more like crazy adult video rather than something you seriously may encounter on late-night satellite TV.  While today's update, the GERIATRIC EDITION, got a ho-hum review over at a big conglomerate 3-letter JAV site, I found it to be a worthwhile entry in the series.

At the very least, I enjoyed it more than the update we showed previously.  Of course all that crazy nudity is warranted in a series like THE PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME, but what I also love and what the last update lacked to some extent was the rivalry.  While this time around it's still slightly muted, ROCKET did good by casting actresses that are more outgoing.  It's a necessary requirement for this series and going for the young and naive actresses can hurt in overall enjoyment (while making it up some in the eye candy department).

Today and Friday's double update was originally filmed a few years ago when KIMOMEN (ugly, old men) were making waves.  Many a JAV maker had titles about these gnarly old dudes swarming over cute women.  Think beauty and the beast, but in adult video form.  ROCKET elected to release this title to coincide with Japan's Respect for the Aged Day meaning they pushed it out at the very peak of the peak of the kimomen craze.  This is a holiday taking place in September and yes, while we're showing this update several months late, as ZENRA has pretty much zero subscribers from Japan, I feel sticking to the day of the actual holiday is a moot point.

GERIATRIC EDITION is a really solid update.  Not my favorite in the series, but the happenings remain varied and all the actresses are really cute.  All feature extra large breasts, nice pale skin, and we even get a fantastic bonus in the second half with the inclusion of a very special guest.  RIRI KOUDA remains one of the best hosts in JAV history and fans of her and this series should be psyched about what we have in store for her in a pair of updates going up later next year.

The last few versions of GUESSING GAME have mainly focused on either older men or younger men going up against young women.  While I may disagree with some of the reviews attributed to this series, I do echo one that urges ROCKET to go back to their roots by focusing less on young women and more on milfs.  Perhaps it's my age, but I find the taboo factor greatly increased when it's married women taking part and doing unthinkable things with men who are not their husbands.  Besides, older women generally are more outgoing and have more JAV titles under their belt making for stronger acting chops.  Maybe we'll see that later.  Hopefully we'll see that later.  That huge studio may be a thing of the past, but THE PRIVATE PARTS GUESSING GAME is still a very much active JAV series.


A Message to subscribers and also potential subscribers:  this movie is labeled as an Exclusive release because this is the first official presentation of it outside of Japan.  We would like to know your impressions of this production.  Did you like it?  Did you not?  Your feedback is truly appreciated as it can help us decide the best possible Japanese adult video entertainment for you from here on out.  Don't be shy and please feel free to contact us with your thoughts!

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