JAV Hall of Fame Nominees: Best of the Best

Published : July 15th, 2022 Written by Fried Chikan

If Japanese Adult Video (JAV) had a Hall of Fame, a distinction for its best, longest working, and most influential stars, who makes the cut? Who belongs among the most influential and most well known. From the 1980’s to the 2010’s we look at the best of the best. From retired actresses to those still going on strong. This is JAV Hall of Fame Nominees.

Nominees and Criteria
Actresses will be chosen on multiple criteria from how popular they were/is, longevity, how prolific they were, their impact on the industry, and quality of work. The actresses were chosen not by personal preference or fondness but because of recognition of their work in the industry. Without further ado here are the first round of nominees for Japanese Adult Video’s Hall of Fame, by decade.

1980’s - The Decade of Decadence

Kyōko Aizome – “The First Hardcore Porn Star of Japan”

One of the first adult video stars in the still new JAV industry. Kyōko Aizome comes from a background of working in pink and soft core films. She was also the debut star in Japan's first theatrically released film featuring hardcore sex, Daydream (1981). She equally shocked and enticed the public when admitting to actually performing sexual intercourse for the film. A surprising and salacious admission for the public at the time. Kyōko was the bridge between pink and soft core actresses and the beginning of the JAV home video industry.

Kaoru Kuroki – “Unshaved and Unashamed”

From humble beginnings Kaoru Kuroki, a middle class graduate student, shocked audiences with her modest but well off background, eloquence, progressive ideas on sex, and of course her unshaved armpits (a feat that only started as a means to separate herself among other actresses). An out spoken feminist, sex positive pioneer, and mainstream media figure during her time. Her BDSM titles proved to be both radical at the time and immensely popular. One can argue that she was JAV’s first star actress able to gain mainstream attention, guest appearing in prime time and day time tv shows. As well as opening up new kinks to audiences. This unshaven actress deserves her place in JAV history.

Hitomi Kobayashi – “Queen of AV”

With over a decade and a half under her belt Hitomi Kobayashi was a gravure model turned Adult Video star. One of the earlier stars in JAV history, Hitomi is unique because of her refusal, for save her final title, for not actual performing intercourse on camera. Many of her videos are all simulated sex scenes with the censors hiding that fact. Despite this being known, Hitomi proved to be a popular actress among fans. So popular that she crossed over to theatrical films for a time. Her career, odd by today's standards, helped grow the still new JAV industry.

1990’s - The Naughty Nineties

Yumi Kazama – “JAV’s Milf”

Yumi Kazama may boast the longest career in JAV history. Starting back in 1997 and continuing on and off ever since. She has been riding off of the Milf and mature wave for ages now. Full figured and mature, Yumi is the default image of a milf in JAV for many. With over 2,500 titles accredited to her, she may be the owner of most title appearances in JAV. She is still active at the time of writing in 2022, amazing, and her longevity record seems like it will be unmatched for a very long time. She deserves Hall of Fame distinction for her service time alone.

2000s - "The Noughties"

Sola Aoi – “Blue Sky”

The youthful Sola Aoi was popular not only at home but abroad as well. Sola became an international star as JAV grew outside of Japan. From China, to Thailand, to Korea; Sola's star shined brightly on a global scale. She also appeared in other mediums aside from adult video, starring in Thai and Korean television shows and movies. Sola made the jump into acting well for a time, giving hope to future JAV actresses to do the same. But is is her post JAV career that should interest actresses musing life after ponr. It is arguable that Sola grew even more popular despite leaving JAV. Today her online followers number in the tens of millions. A global star that grew alongside the internet age and shows that one can have a fruitful career after porn.

Akiho Yoshizawa - “Acky”

With over 15 years in the business, Akiho Yoshizawa's career has it all; longevity, quality, productivity, and popularity. Akiho was the picture of stability, maintaining her popularity for over a decade. Absolutely dominating the sales, save for a few others. She was also a double exclusive actress for two studios, Alice Japan and MAX-A, a rarity at the time. Aside from her popularity in JAV, Acky did a little bit of everything. Tv shows, movies, pop idol groups, comedy skit shows, to holding a promotional events with professional wrestlers. A quiet uncontroversial career with a sparkling image, Akiho had one of the best overall careers. One could argue that Acky helped normalize the adult video career. Today she has a podcast, Youtube channel, and a still active social media presence while working on her romantic novels and personal memoirs. Even after leaving the business, Acky works at lifting the veil around porn and making it seem normal.

Yuma Asami – “Bubbly Yuma”

The other half of Akiho and a close friend, Yuma Asami dominated the mid 2000’s and on until a cancer diagnosis cut her career short and put her into an early retirement. In many ways she shared similarities in career with Akiho. Doing a little bit of everything while still reaching the heights of JAV. Yuma was another double exclusive powerhouse with Alice Japan and S1 No. 1 Style. Despite a career shorter than most legends, Yuma made a lasting impression to fans worldwide.

Maria Ozawa - “Miyabi”

The alternative Hafu super star was only mildly popular domestic compared to our other nominees but was incredibly popular abroad especially in Asia. Like with Sola, Maria saw her stardom rise on a more international scale while also being one of the few Hafu actresses that saw a rise to super stardom. With her dyed hair, multiple piercings, tattoos, English speaking skills, and later on learning more languages to connect with her international fans); Maria Ozawa was an unconventional star by standards back then and even now.

Maki Hojo aka Maki Hoyjo – Mature Maki

Yumi Kazama may be the JAV milf for a lot of people but when I think of mature women in JAV I think of Maki Hojo’s name and face first. The small to Yumi’s thick. Maki is a slim, skinny, and svelte aged beauty. She celebrates her 16th year in JAV in 2022 and seems set to keep on chugging along. Her lengthy career is beaten only by a few notable actresses.

Iroha Natsume – Aged Finely

Iroha Natsume is coming onto 15 years in the industry. This finely aged mature beauty has become a fixture in JAV for fans and the sales charts. During her hey day early in her career Iroha was a bonafide JAV star. Since then she has quieted down and has become a reliable milf focused actress. A personal pick of mine on this list, she might not have the biggest or best career's compared to some but deserves to be the conversation.

Hibiki Otsuki – “The Other Kikatan Queen”

The other half of Hibihata; Hibiki Otsuki has built up a similarly illustrious career from her best friend. Hibiki easily qualifies herself with her nearly 15 years of work under her belt. Even discounting her favorite scene partner; Hibiki has worked far and wide with tons of studios and actresses in a diverse number of genres and titles.

Tsubomi - "Forever Youthful"

Tsubomi is in some ways the nubile version of Yumi. With a carrer that spans over a decade and a half, Tsubomi is known for her youthful looks even in her 30's. Equally impressive is her consistency and stability, which helped her win DMM's 2012 fan poll for best actress in JAV history. This 15 year vet shows no signs of stopping and will likely end up with one of the longest careers in JAV history.

Yui Hatano - “Kikatan Queen”

The freelancing Kikatan actress has stayed near the top for years to go with her long career that stretches back to 2008. Yui Hatano would pave the way for other non exclusive actresses, showing that major studio support isn’t the end all for a long and fruitful career. She's had insane streaks in some years working in hundreds of titles for some years. The face of JAV today with little signs of slowing down.

2010’s - The Twenty Tens

Julia – Julia Boin

Julia comes in with 12 years and counting. Her pleasing face and incredible breasts have become iconic for years now. It seemed like she was ready to hang things up a few years back with flagging sales, aging looks, and losing an exclusivity contract with Oppai. But Julia doubled down on her career and has since reignited her career with a new vigor. Julia's renewed engery and her aging appearance should pair nicely. The world isn't ready for a motivated Mature Julia. She was once quoted as saying she will be in JAV until she is a granny. Let’s hope that’s true and for many more years from her.

Ai Uehara - “AiU”

Compared to the rest of our legends, Ai Uehara had the shortest career from 2011 to 2016. Short her career may be, her time in it was no less impactful. Ai burst onto the screen and absolutely captivated audiences. One of the most popular actresses to grace the silver screen, Ai’s popularity lingers on today years later. 

Other Potential Nominees
Not everyone could make the cut into the first round of nominees. Here are just some that could make it into the following rounds.

Bunko Kanazawa – This late 90’s star did it all during her career; fetish, hardcore, uncensored, retiring and unretiring.  
Maria Yumeno – The 90’s star captivated fans with her thin waist and large fake bust.
Mihiro – Another superstar who made the jump into mainstream entertainment and media. 
Rio aka Tina Yuzuki – The half Portuguese star was another Hafu who proved to be very popular with audiences.
Hitomi – The large busted actress is perhaps even more popular abroad and has kept up quite a long career.
Yua Mikami – From pop star to JAV star and now back to pop, Yua made a big splash when she first started and has since maintained a solid career.
Yuu Kawakami- Long time career actress and freelancer, appearing in over 2,000 titles.
Iori Kogawa – A personal biased pick but I think Iori deserves a look in further classes/ballots. A 10 year actress all with SOD (Soft on Demand); a rarity in today’s scene. Not many actresses stay loyal to one place for their entire career now.
Maki Tomoda – I’m late onto the Maki train but she has quietly worked herself into a hall of fame worthy career. First starting all the way back in 2002 to 2010 and then working more sporadically. She has since returned to regularly working in 2016 and has been steady ever since. In and around JAV for 20 years. Incredible.
Eimi Fukada – The shortest career here today what Eimi lacks in service time she makes up for in popularity. Eimi is one of the hottest selling actresses today and reflects the newer always online generation. Her social media game is helping her and JAV grow beyond AV films.
Kirara Asuka – Another Plastic beauty who is super locked into social media. This 11 year vet has seen continued or even more popularity post porn.

There were many names left off here. We’ve only covered actresses but the others in JAV deserve a distinction too. From the actors like Taku to the directors like Toru Muranishi. Many people have a hand in making up JAV’s long history. Well who do you think deserves a place in JAV history? Any names you think are deserving but not mentioned? Then fire off below. 

Til next time, Fried Chikan out

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Jude 6 months ago
I think mentioning Yua or Eimi is a bit premature. Time will tell. I think Akane Yoshinaga needs to be on this list fer sher. I wouldn't say that longevity is a strike against Ai, either. She did win a grand prix award! I think Yuna Shiina deserves a nod, maybe even Akane Yoshinaga (the woman made every role hers.) Sayuki Kanno is another. I think any of the woman who have been given a pink commemorative probably are in the running.
FreeDum 1 year ago
Sorry I’m late… I see some omissions like:

Yua Aida won some awards and was super popular during her career 2003-2007. Her body was fit with nice tits. She was an enthusiastic performer. And she did both aggressive and passive roles.

Aika Maura was in the late 90s early 2000s and did a wide variety of roles including lots of hardcore stuff (xxxx, bondage). She was also a very involved performer, never a dead fish

How about Saeko Matsushita? One of those bodies that looks like Hentai brought to life? Her breasts and nipples were near god level
aokatsu 1 year ago
interesting list!
btw, whats the code for AiU gif
Fried Chikan 1 year ago

hnd-238 You can open up these clips to find the code.

MimorinThrowaway 1 year ago
No mention of Anri Okita even in the HM's which was a mild surprise.
drk 1 year ago
For me:

If Iori Kogawa made it to 'potential nominees,' then Mana Sakura should 100% make it to the main list. She has everything what Iori has (10 years and counting at SOD) and she is one of the rare examples of the fabled 'AV-> mainstream' transition. She's made herself into a regular TV person and quite an accomplished writer.

(I'm biased but) AIKA: in the 12th year of a very respectable kikatan career - maybe not quite the same weight class as HibiHata, but definitely above the likes of JULIA. Also THE #1 GYARU of all time and one of the more recognisable actresses overseas (from the active ones it seems to be mostly her, Hatano and Shinoda if you look at sales rankings).
Fried Chikan 1 year ago

You know you're right. I think both deserve name on the list. AIKA is The Gal in JAV and Mana will likely have a longer career than Iori.

Oppaira 1 year ago

I would say that Hitomi deserves a spot on the list more than quite a few others that actually are. I might be biased but my answer comes more from a perspective of the international fame she has. No other Japanese pornstar has had such an impact in western markets as she has, not even close. I feel like that alone is pretty impactful. I suppose her massive boobs also play a role in making her so iconic as well, but definitely something that adds to the overall package. Plus, don't forget that she had a 10+ year career.

I wouldn't call Julia a hall of fame actress right now. She just hasn't had the career people think she has, failing to eclipse the top rankings the way some of the other names have, and I have the same opinion of Hibiki. Iroha is definitely your personal pick :)

If you're willing to put Maki Hojo in there then I think you need to put Maki Tomoda in there too. She's every bit the same quality milf that Hojo is. I do agree though that Yumi Kazama is THE milf and if I'm only including one then it's definitely her.

I think Eimi and Yua are potential future HOF entries. Their career isn't long enough at this point to justify but the way they've been going so far is pretty impressive. Maybe in another 5 years if things keep up they'd be easy inclusions, or maybe once we get past some of the first ballots we'll realize the depth of the industry doesn't go as far as we think.

PS. You forgot how impressive AiU's short stint was. Triple crown (top in physical, digital, and rental) one year is still the most insane feat we've seen yet.

ZENRA 1 year ago

I nominate you to write part two.

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