A Brief History of JAV: Moodyz Part 3: Empire of Mainstream

Published : July 31st, 2020 Written by WoodOfTheRisingSun

In part 1 of our history of Moodyz, we covered the pre-history and early history of the studio and related companies.  Then in part 2, we reviewed some of the more famous or infamous series, which mostly have been in the past  Here in the concluding part 3, we will give you the long-promised viewer's guide to current labels and series.

Stellar roster

What would be one single factor that's most representative for the status and prestige of a studio? One idea is to compare the list of idols who made JAV with Moodyz recently (the newest 100 non-compilation videos, if you must know the details) and the list of top 100 idols ranked by DMM/Fanza, (also check out our sales report for June 2020).  Well the result surprised me quite a bit.  Consider this: 26 out of 100 top idols made at least one title (excluding compilation vids, remember) with Moodyz recently.  Now remember there are more than 100 active JAV studios out there.  And some of the top rank idols are locked up in exclusive contracts with other studios so reaching 26% is pretty impressive for one studio.  Even more impressive, Moodyz's share of the top 100 idols are top-heavy, if you consider only the top 25 idols, the Moodyz's share goes up to 32% nearly 1 out of 3 top idols.  So let's have a look at these top idols:

Nozomi Ishihara 石原希望 rank #4, Ichika Matsumoto 松本いちか rank #6, Rikka Ono 小野六花 rank #8:

Ibuki Aoi 葵いぶき rank #9, Urara Kanon 花音うらら rank #10, Shoko Takahashi 高橋しょう子 rank #11

Nana Yagi 八木奈々 rank #12, Nao Jinguji 神宮寺ナオ rank #20

And just now I noticed this amazing fact: 5 of the top 10 idols in June 2020 made a JAV with Moodyz recently.   That even leaves out one of my current favorite busty idols: Sakura Miura 水卜さくら who is ranked 31st in June (a disgrace! I say!).  Here I'm gonna cheat and put up her cover willy-nilly, and for good measures, I will put up a JULIA cover too (and how sad, it's more then 2 years since JULIA left Moodyz). 

Which brings up another curious fact, Moodyz's share of the top 25 idols are quite young.  Of the 8 Moodyz idols ranked in top 25, 6 of them, including all 5 in the top 10, have been in JAV for under one year.  Only #11 Shoko Takahashi and #20 Nao Jinguji has a porn age of more than one year (four years two months for Shokotas and two years nine months for Nao, if you want all the exactages).  So not only Moodyz has a huge share of the top idols, they are the very young ones with potentially years of stardom ahead of them. 

Next we will go over the current labels. 

Moodyz's DIVA

Moodyz's DIVA is the signature premiere label presenting solo titles of Moodyz's exclusive contract idols.  The label started all the way back in 2005 and has been going continuously, with the current count at over 1600 titles.  The current video code prefix is MIDE-, but at 800+ now it will soon run out, so expect the prefix to increment.  The theme and plotline of each title in general is simple and straight forward. Moodyz's own webpage is pretty honest about it: "common basic sex with cute and pretty girl".  Soapland and Oppai Bar is a standard setting, sometimes some sexy maid cosplay or very light bondage.  Many of the DIVA exclusive idols did make their debut in this label and stayed with the label the whole time. 

Moodyz Fresh

Moodyz Fresh is a label for debuting newbies who are not exclusive idol for Moodyz.  Along with the current trend in JAV, the same girl may debut with multiple studios at about the same time, like the red hot Nozomi Ishihara.  On the other hand, sometimes you notice a girl would make consecutive monthly titles with Fresh without either an exclusive contract or freelancing with other studios.  For example, Inori Fukazawa made six titles in the Fresh label. Also for whatever reasons girls debuting with the Fresh label may or may not have a full length career.  Some of them do disappear quietly after a few titles. So I think Fresh is one of the best labels if you are a fan of high quality girl-next-door who's not serious about a JAV career, come to make some quick cash and disappear again. 

Moodyz Acid

I just now realized that Moodyz Acid has stopped since 2018.  So technically this section belong in part 2 not here.  But anyway...  This is a label that Moodyz designated for somewhat more hardcord genres, such as bondage and DP.  Of course in the full spectrum of JAV fetishes, Moodyz Acid is a very tame label.  Nowadays these topics no longer has a steady home in a dedicated label but can still be seen in DIVA, Fresh or Everyone's kikatan. 

Everyone's Kikatan みんなのキカタン

Kikatan is a career mode of JAV idols.  In JAV, there are a few typical career modes, a high quality hottie may sign an exclusive contract with a studio (or two) and make monthly solo titles.  The income is very good and workload is light.  There are low ranking idols who perform with a number of studios, often in group sex titles, sometimes without credits, they are called planning (kika) idols.  These two classes are well known.  Kikatan is a freelance idol with higher stature and prestige with kika idols.  Kikatan came from kikaku tantai 企画単体 so they are freelance but they are strong enough to make (or demand) solo titles.  The per-title income is typically lower than that for contract idols, but as freelancer, a kitatan can make 3, 5 even more than 10 solo titles per month, so a popular kikatan can make several times more money per month than a contract idol. 

So Moodyz has this MIAA (to bypass the label's mouthful, I like to call it by the video code prefix) and produces solo (plus a healthy dose of duets) titles with any kikatan, especially the hot ones.  Timing wise, the label launched when Moodyz Acid was terminated.  However, the two are not equivalent.

Mankitsu まんきつ

Mankisu or MIMK as I call it by the prefix, are life performance porn based on hentai manga, especially a long running series of solo and group sex titles based on the hentai series Crimson Rose クリムゾンローズ. You can get quite over-the-top plot lines and performance in this series.

Moodyz REAL

Moodyz REAL (as French, sounds and means like Royal) are multi-idol group sex titles.  Since the end of the epic Bus Tour series, Moodyz REAL took over the job of flexing Moodyz's muscle, but at not nearly the scale of the old school bus tour. However, often Moodyz's own contract idols are not involved in the production of a MIRD title. Anyway it's still a very reliable series of multi-hottie orgy title. Especially the Absolute Territory series, every title I have pop on more than 10 times, and each time I would fall asleep before I get past the 10 minutes mark, before even any girl fullly takes off her underwear.  You know what I mean

So phew! This conclude the history of Moodyz, so let me know if you enjoy this trilogy of articles, it took quite some effort to produce and we need your support to continue!

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Periph 3 years ago
very nice article. I knew Moodyz had a bunch of different labels but never understood the different focus of each one.

It would also be helpful if you added the past codes for the various labels. (Like you named MIDE as current code for Diva label, what were the previous codes)
theasdf 3 years ago
Great work on this series
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