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Published : August 26th, 2022 Written by Fried Chikan

Today we are covering translation transcription of an AV Director Roundtable. On and off every year or so these directors, and some non-directors, come together to play a game of AV Actress Draft. The filmmakers come and chose their favorite actresses and talk a bit about them. Not only do they drop some insightful and interesting stories and details of the girls but of the director’s works with behind the scenes stories.

These translations are brought to us from Interviews JAV (https://interviewsjav.blogspot.com/). A great little site that takes written and audio interviews and conversations and translates them to English. Great little deep dives from outlets all over Japan. Give it a look they have some truly interesting interviews on a variety of actresses, directors, and actors. Stories of the industry, their past, and their kinks. It is a JAV gold mine for fans.

Here is the full six part series of the entire director roundtable and the video of the meetup


Among the directors and others we have Kirin (麒麟), director and former actor Kazuho Hiramoto (平本一穂), Samoari (さもあり) aka the Nipple Man, Migiwa Ōta (太田みぎわ) who works with Dogma, AV writer Kazutomo Kochi (東風克智) who writes about for magazines about AV, Takuan (沢庵) known for the Coercion Suite Series, and finally the MC slash entertainer Genji Ishizu (石津源治). We have mainly directors and interestingly a writer on AV. My biggest takeaway from the roundtable was that they were all BIG fans of AV. They truly watch it and are fans. They new a lot about actresses, titles, and jokes about the AV world. They sounded like real fans gushing over their favorite actresses.

Here are their picks from each round 1 to 6

Kirin – “Master of Gokkun”

Rena Aoi – Loves her old Gokkun films. Wanted to get pick her now because of her upcoming retirement. Mentions her interest in becoming an AV director. I like Rena and hod no idea that she was big in Gokkun early in her career.

Nana Yagi – Impressed by her acting and her timid persona.

Riho Fujimori – Likes her use of creative dirty talk, calls her scarily smart.

Sachiko – Loves her face. Wears glasses and producers are always at odds if she should wear them for the video or not.

Ruka Inaba – Is chill and relaxed. Big into comedy, hosts some shows.

Hana Himesaki – He directed her debut and she was apparently an actual virgin from her genuine reaction to the first scene.

Kirin on Rena

“..and I even had her carry a jar of jizz along Meiji Dori and pour it over her anpan and eat it while walking down the street.”


Kazuho Hiramoto – Director and Actor from the VHS era

Aoi Kururugi – Says she is well liked by other actresses. Brags about shooting a video with her that was a “date”

Mitsuki Nagisa – Is a big fan of Aoi Kururugi even goes to her fan events. They love her soothing and refreshing personality.

Yuuri Fukada – His favorite, just gushes about her.

Narumi Hirose – Thinks she is a real beauty and that she’s a working class girl.

Yūka Mitsuha – Has known her since her early debut days. Is very frank on Twitter.

Miwa Suzaki – Has a good erotic personality, likes to keep going even after the scene is finished.

Hiramoto on Mitsuki

“In a way, Nagisa-chan is an air purifier.”

Samoari – The Nipple Man

Hana Shirato – Thinks she is strange, a little crazy but sincere about JAV. They agree that she’s already a good actress and maybe big in the future (they were right about that). 

Ichika Matsumoto – Very service and fan oriented. Nets big crowds with her in person fan events. Says that if she were in debt for “10 million yen, I'd be prepared to shoulder it for her.”.

Miru – “She takes her eroticism very seriously”  Was filming her and desperately wished he was in it.

Hinako Mori – Has a beautiful face, best among the freelancers he thinks. Also dislikes Ōta for some reason which is another reason why Samoari likes her.

Mahina Amane – Loves her figure. Fell for her while directing one of her videos because of her playful attitude.

Mia Nanasawa – Serious about acting. Talks about paying a really high sum for one of her outfits in a video.

On Mia

“If you did a popularity vote with high school boys, she'd probably be number one.”


Migiwa Ōta – “The Genius of Dogma Studio”

Hina Kanno – Loves how red her body gets during sex. Compares it to Luffy during Gear Second.

Nana Maeno – The “fridge girl”. Talks about how flexible she is and mentions that she does ballet.

Kotone Toua – He did a video with her that involved a Geiger counter of all things. They all love her moans.

Ayaka Mochizuki - She's a former nurse and she does karate. A wild actress whose comfortable with shooting crazy videos.

Rika Aimi – Praises her acting, how still she was in her time stop video (which I reviewed and agree). She was asked about which director she likes best. It was Director Jo Asagiri.

Rei Kuruki – Different in each role, a real chameleon.

Ōta and his large scripts

Kochi: Director Migiwa Ōta’s scripts are said to be the thickest in the industry.

Ōta: Some of them are like 80-page long dissertations. There's a certain veteran actress who snapped when she saw the thickness of the script. Well I know of a few actresses who have done that.

I could see that being a hassle for actresses, sadly he doesn’t mention who are the ones annoyed by his scripts. I would like to see how an AV script reads like.

Ōta and the fridge video

Kirin: Did you put out a call to actresses, saying "can you fit in a fridge" or something?

Ōta: Well, we had her come over and had her make a sort-of refrigerator shape, and then I measured it. And then the Dogma assistant director and I made rounds to all the home improvement stores. We looked in four or five stores, and went to specifically find a fridge that Maeno-chan could fit inside. We were so excited when she fit inside it. It was like, "she really fits!"

Kochi: Who's using that fridge now?

Ōta: It's in Dogma's warehouse. But I'm waiting now; if there's any actress out there who wants to get inside the fridge, please contact me.


The Fridge video in question. Truly one of the odder premises seen in JAV. Not something I would have every thought up of. Also it is funny to hear that an AV budget can cover an entire fridge. I want to hear more about his video pitch to the studio.  

Ōta on Toua’s moans and his anus

“And so, for a long time, I've been wondering where [Kotone Toua] screams come from…So I went to a S&M club and after talking to some 50 year-old lady for about 5 minutes, she said, "Well, do you want to get analized?" And then she suddenly plunged in. And at the very moment she dug in I made the same sound as Toua. While my voice was letting out, I thought, "Aaahh, I have the same voice as Toua-chan."”

I have no words for this story, only that Ōta has the best stories.

Kazutomo Kochi – AV Industry Writer

Akari Mitani – Wanted to make “Gishitani” (Akari and Aika Yamagishi) but Aika was already taken. He likes her for her creative expressions, calls her very literary.

Yumika Saeki – Everyone on Yumika: She is scary. Sexy and very scary. Can lick a man’s balls while deep throating him.

Suzu Matsuoka – Talks about how nurturing and open she is. Chose her because he wants a foursome with her and Akari and Yumika.

Yume Nikaidou aka Ai Hongo - Impressed by her smarts, English skills, and social media savviness.

Anna Kami – Is a really good MC for events, has a celebrity feel to her. Appeared in a Mickey Mouse dress in an early interview which had to be censored.

Karen Yuzuriha – Thinks she is going to be a star (right on that). Talks about an interview where she admitted to seducing a teacher as a schoolgirl.

Kochi on Akari

“In her private life she swallows regularly. I had a nine-hour long twitcast with her and she said that swallowing her boyfriend's semen is the norm. I got a boner when she said that (laughs). I always get hard when talking about swallowing. Akari doesn't have the image of swallower, right?”

(Akari slurping)

Two interesting tidbits that Kochi dropped. One that Akari has a boyfriend and two that the lucky dog gets slurped up by Akari. If anything the story makes me like Akari more. She seems like a genuine nympho.

Takuan – Maker of the Coercion Suite Series

Aika Yamagishi – Has never shot with her but desperately wants to. They were slated to work together but it never materialized. Many of the directors agree that “she needs no coaching” which is a sentiment that Nao Masaki shared too. Aika is an untamable beauty.

Momoko Isshiki – Knows nothing about her (none of them have shot a video with her), only loves her for her covers. The rest of them rag on him for it.

Manami Oura – They like her “squishy raccoon face”. Is a big M (masochist).

Honoka Mihara – Is reserved doesn’t use much social media. Another M that he likes to work with.

Koharu Hanasaki - Apparently she really does like old men to which all the others start to take notice.

Maika Hiizumi – A real gyaru with a gloomy personality.


On Maika

“She's a bit peculiar. I filmed her anal debut. Other than that, well, she's funny, she has a tongue piercing and lots of piercings in her ears.”

Interesting to hear that she has all these piercing because I haven’t seen them in the few videos I’ve watched with her. I’ve heard quite a bit of actresses and actors that remove or cover up their piercings and tattoos when shooting videos.


Genji Ishizu - Entertainer, MC for AV events

Marina Shiraishi – Talks about her ability to hold down her drinks

Shoko Takahashi – Talks about Shoko waking up on the streets of Tokyo after a hard night out.

Hikari Azusa – Says she looks like a hipster, but is actually a real geek, spends a lot of money as a fan on otaku stuff.

Moe Amatsuka – Has MC’d a lot of events with her. Is very happy and generous when knocking back one too many.

Iori Kogawa - They are all respectful of her, says that she has good interpersonal skills. Has noticed other male actors get excited to work with her.

Mio Kimijima – Fanboys over her liking a picture of him and a comedian. Is into comedy and is good at mahjong.

On Iori

“Also, she's extremely stoic. I asked her how she's been spending her time during the pandemic, and she said she's doing strength training all the time.”

As for the strength training it is certainly starting to show. Iori is packing some guns on her arms now.

Director Pick Rating

Best overall picks have to go to Kazutomo at least in my opinion. Great picks, getting popular actresses all on the rise. Takuan and Ishizu picked two of my favorites with Aika and Iori. Ōta has an eye for real hidden gems and under known actresses. You can tell Samoari has a real type with all the small girls he picked. Hiramoto picked the most obscure and lesser known actresses. Samoari certainly likes to brag about all the actresses he gets the work with which the other begrudge him. Ōta has the wildest stories of the bunch and is the funniest. Definitely want to hear more from him.


Give the rest of the articles a read if you are more interested. It is long so take your sweet time. It was pretty refreshing to see the attitudes of these directors. Talking about dreaming of actresses for days after filming them. They seemed like any other JAV fan in their love for actresses and all of it as a whole. JAV directors, fans just like us. And I guess you kind of have to be, to connect to the audience.


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