Real Couples Visit Swingers Club 3

Published September 23, 2019

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Amateur couples picked up in Tokyo and invited to experience a swingers club event potentially staffed by JAV stars via HOT ENTERTAINMENT.

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Real Couples Visit Swingers Club 3
Translation and Timing by ZENRA*

*Yes, we're starting this review with an asterisk.  As we're a site that specializes in subtitling JAV, we need to apologize now that due to the quirky way this title was filmed, we were not able to caption all of it.  In fact, the bulk of the swingers club footage was shot via fixed cameras placed somewhat far away from the action also in a way where subjects (ie, the amateur couples) often weren't even centered making it nigh on impossible to hear what was being said.  We thus opted only to subtitle the interviews and the final one-on-one sex scene.  The two titles in this series that we showed already make use of a more active and up-close camera and thus have proper captioning.

REAL COUPLES VISIT SWINGERS CLUB 3 follows the trend the two former iterations followed of picking up real people off the streets of Tokyo (this one was clearly shot in Shinjuku--in fact, it may have been coincidence, but one of the encounters was shot right outside of WAAP's office!) to see if they want to play their hands at being 'amateur reporters' by venturing into a swingers club and observing and then reporting on their findings.  The latter, sadly, never happens.  Each scene aside from one that only has a quick one-minute (and captioned) exchange end moments after the final cumshot.  Those looking for closure may be a tad disappointed.

What we get instead is HOT ENTERTAINMENT delivering unique footage of an active swingers club.  Sure, everyone is plants and is in on it.  I don't think HITOMI KITAGAWA has ever swinged in her free time.  From what I've heard, the patrons at Japanese swingers club don't differ too much than what you see in the west.  REAL COUPLES VISIT SWINGERS CLUB is more of a JAV recreation of what may happen at one though the multitude of beds and semi-private nooks seem to absent.  What we get is something that looks more like a hostess club with a few elements of S&M thrown in.

Aside from the extreme subtitling issues that we noted above, this is a pretty good title.  Original reviews were a bit harsh and I agree that the filming style was not to my liking.  I'd of liked to keep the focus entirely on the couples and their reactions which we do get, but not enough of.  Director Netsu Yujin probably felt the same as the fourth and final iteration of this is filmed almost entirely in an up close and personal setting.

The star of the show--for me, at least--wasn't HITOMI KITAGAWA nor any of the amateur girlfriends taking part (though the last one played by MANA KIKUCHI is really, really cute and outgoing).  In spite of being the host, her name sadly is not provided, but seeing her in that rather well done if slightly out of place self-shot hotel sex bonus scene made me a big fan.  I love her adorable chipmunk cheeks, the curves, the lack of pubic hair, and of course her AAA-rank butt.  A wonderful actress who sadly did not do much JAV before leaving the industry.  Still, somehow HOT ENTERTAINMENT decided her, rather than HITOMI KITAGAWA, should be the main host and I don't really fault them for that.

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