JAV Agency Rundown: T-Powers Part 1

Published : May 27th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, Oppaira here. Agencies are a pretty fundamental part of the JAV ecosphere that we don't really talk a lot about so I thought I'd start a series of posts going over them. We're now on the fifth post so make sure to check out my last one on Mine'S if you missed it! Today I will be talking about T-Powers who is by far the largest agency in the industry. Their roster has a whopping 380 names according to their page (although some of them are retired) and as a result I'll be utilizing multiple posts to go over them. So today is part one of my set of T-Powers posts. Enjoy!


AIKA is one of the most recognizable actresses in the industry and has been for many years. With a career spanning over a decade it's hard not to see why but I think it's the fact she has been the one consistent gal in the industry that she's done so well for herself. Most gals don't do that well but AIKA has been the one to consistently be there. I think one of the big selling points for her is that she does reinvent her look a bit every now and then. She quite often changes her hair colour quite drastically, from brown to blonde to short silver and even now it's a bright orange. I think it helps her stand out and keep things refreshing. That's not to say AIKA hasn't had great videos or been a good performer, quite the contrary but being around this long is definitely a rarity in general and especially among a group that is not that populous.

Hibiki Otsuki is easily one of the most recognizable names around, as much as AIKA if not even more. She's been around for 15 years now and it shows in the quality she brings to the table. She's one of the hardest working actresses out there, easily among the most performances of anyone. What has always been impressive to me about Hibiki is how well she's blossomed, from her early gal days to being one of the prettiest actresses in town. I think a lot of people look at her and think her success comes from her friendship with Yui Hatano (where they nicknamed themselves Hibihata), and while I'm sure that is a big contributing factor of her success I still think Hibiki is great in her own right. She's easily one of the most recognizable faces on their roster and someone they are lucky to have there.

Honoka Tsujii is perhaps not quite as recognizable as the two above her but has been a pretty great actress for the few years she has been around. For me it has always been the combination of a few things, how tall she is, her huge boobs, and how slutty she is. Honoka's boobs especially have always stood out for their more unique shape with this interesting combination of sag while pointing away from each other. Honoka's second year saw her turn into a star, she was everywhere for a little bit as they realized the gem that she was. Lately Honoka has taken a bit of a backseat, performing less than her peak, but she's still around and every bit as good as she has always been.

Karen Yuzuriha always feels like a newcomer to me despite her three year anniversary fast approaching. Karen has been extremely popular, far more than people might think if they didn't know better. I think a big reason for that is her being a shared exclusive for Oppai and Premium. Premium is a roster with very few major stars, just Aika Yamagishi and Julia (who doesn't film for them every month) and Oppai has, well, just Karen. I feel like those rosters being mediocre gives Karen an even bigger spotlight and she's done well in it. It could also be her more youthful appearance that does it, especially when the bigger names at Premium don't quite have the same youthfulness. Karen stands at under 5 feet tall and that busty petite look she has with her fake H cup boobs stand out quite a bit. She's definitely a star and it's really just how long she can remain in this spotlight.

Lauren has always stood out for a major reason: she's white. Well, she's half white according to her sns profile, which perhaps explains why she is fluent in Japanese. She definitely at least looks white with her big green eyes and stands out as a result. It goes without saying but there are very few white actresses that make it in the industry, especially those that can speak fluent Japanese. Her and June Lovejoy are the only ones I can think of and that puts Lauren on this interesting pedestal in the industry. Especially as she debuted for SOD and spent a full year there, that's not the type of thing you would see for a gimmick actress.

Miki Yamase, perhaps better known by her previous name Nozomi Mikimoto, is the prototypical Oppaira actress. Busty mature is the name of the game with her as she's 42 and has whopping 105J tits. I could literally ignore the rest of her and still be happy but Miki has been enjoyable for the few years I've been watching her. I think one of the things that has always stood out to me is having a great figure, something you don't tend to find in actresses that reach this age. These days she doesn't film as much and it's a bit sporadic, sometimes you get a couple videos per month consistently then you get three months off, but I can forgive it when Miki looks as great as she does. I will admit that she pales in comparison to most of the T-Powers roster but with plenty of space to chat about actresses since their roster is so big, I found a way to slot a favourite of mine onto the list.

MINAMO is a relatively new actress debuting just three years ago. MINAMO has always exuded star power, straight from the beginning with how much everyone hyped her up. As a debut on SOD's main roster and having been there for three years now it's safe to say that she certainly does have that star power. I find that MINAMO's more unique short and parted hairstyle reminds me of older hairstyles from the 60s which gives her a unique look, which is further complimented by how unique her boobs are (which is not captured in this photo because of how they photoshopped it). Regardless of how much of a fan you are or are not of her she certainly has had a great career in three years and is among the top actresses around.

Unlike Karen who isn't a newcomer, Noa Haruna is a 2023 debut who has come with mixed results. Her career has been pretty lacking and personally I think her face is very underwhelming but I'll be damned if she doesn't have some incredible tits. I gave them a fantastic rating when I reviewed her last year and Panking one upped my rating by calling hers the best pair in the business right now. I feel very conflicted by Noa because, well, she's basically just tits. Is that enough to carry an actress? Honestly, it might be. Those things really are incredible and the industry seems to be warming up to her a bit. She's getting opportunities at studios like Madonna, Lunatics, and Be Free, and you can really see the difference it's having on her career. I wouldn't put her among the rest of the crowd at T-Powers but there's also plenty of time for Noa to blossom into a star.

What is there to say about Yui Hatano that hasn't already been said? She's basically the GOAT at this point and nobody can convince me otherwise. 15 years in the industry and has the most videos of any actress, is well liked by everyone, she just is the face of JAV.

Yuzu is someone who isn't known for her JAV but I'll be damned if her JAV isn't impressive. When she first debuted she looked like she had been doing it for years, a straight up natural in front of the camera. Not only that but she was incredibly wild, going to town on guys and looking like a real life succubus. What stood out the most to me was Yuzu's ability to squirt which is pretty legendary. Despite watching so little of her and her career paling in comparison to the rest of the list, I put her among my top 10 squirters. If you catch Yuzu on social media you'd also notice how incredible her body looks. While her tits (and perhaps other parts of her) are not real it's impossible to fake those impressive abs that she has. She has a toned figure others dream of and is just one of the numerous reasons she's quite popular.


Maria Ozawa is a blast from the past if I've ever seen one. Maria has been retired for over a decade and yet so many people still remember her fondly as one of the industry's first sweethearts. I think most people will remember her for her time on S1 where she debuted despite her being there for only a year and a half. I certainly remember her for being a freelancer at a time when the industry was wild and ready to explore a lot of fun and interesting stuff. Maria found herself in all sorts of wacky and fun videos, perhaps none more memorable than her bukkake newscaster video. I think one of the things that stands out is just how fondly people remember her career despite how short it actually was at just half a decade. Considering numerous actresses on this list have tripled her career span it begs a question if Maria can continue to compete with the longevity of some of the best today. Regardless, for now most people will remember Maria as one of the greats of her time.

Mei Matsumoto is one of those prototypical busty MILF actresses that I've always enjoyed. I found unlike other actresses Mei looked rather mature for her age, something I say due to her retiring before the age of 30. Like many T-Power actresses she found herself being a major name in her prime, and like many in that early-mid 2010s era she was simply everywhere. You'd find her freelancing and doing everything, from cosplay to lesbian to BBC. As pointed out with Maria, her career feels a lot longer than it actually was simply because she did such a great job during it. She starred in so many iconic series during her few years and could really stand on her own. I think one of the most iconic parts about her was that she is half Spanish; actresses who are that popular and mixed like she is are enough of a rarity that they can easily help you stand out, not that Mei needed it. If you're ever looking for a not quite MILF actress with tits or someone half Japanese, Mei is a great blast from the past.

Ruka Kanae has long since been a well known actress, perhaps best known for her proximity to the biggest and brightest at T-Powers like AIKA, Hibiki, and Yui. If there's one thing T-Powers has always been great about it's finding ways to get their actresses together. Like sure, Ruka had a great career, but personally I know her well because of her friendship with everyone else. Whether you want to call it Hibihata and friends or T-Powers Crew or whatever, Ruka managed a fantastic career alongside all of them. Ruka was always a mainstay of major events like Bako Bako Bus Tour (she was in the 2014 one) and was often a workhorse like her compatriots. I think especially in the later years of her career she filled out a lot of stuff with VR, being an early adopter and starring in those early, low quality stuff (and I really don't recommend them). She might not be the Oppaira level actress some of these women are but the fact that even I've seen a handful of her films is evidence enough of how great she was.

Like quite a few on this list, Yu Shinoda is an actress who doesn't really need an introduction. She had a fantastic career, well over 10 years, with a majority of it spent as a freelancer. In fact, Yu worked so much that she's among the top 10 actresses with the most number of releases. I think everyone knows Yu Shinoda for her incredible ass, and if you think that photo is shopped then go watch her films and you'll see for yourself. The way Yu could arch her back and add 10 points to an already fantastic ass was unparalleled. Yu was active throughout the industry's prime and there were so many fantastic films to watch. I think one of the most telling parts about her was that even when a film was mediocre her body made up for it to a point that you could watch her regardless. While it's sad to see her go out the way she did it's impossible to ignore the amazing career she had and all the great years of films we got.

Yuria is a longtime veteran who was a huge name in her prime. Yuria always struck me as being very elegant, always having a high-class feel to her. I think part of that came from the short hair that made her seem sophisticated but a good portion of that came from her personality outside of the camera. She always seemed to be leading the fancy life, often popping bottles so to speak. Her days in the industry were well spent as exclusive for many of the biggest studios whether that was Premium, Bi, or Moodyz. Especially at Moodyz during their prime when they had their Gati label, a lot of great films came from her time there. While she might start fading a bit as she's retired I think there are still plenty of fans who will remember her fondly.

Future & Conclusion

I'm gonna hold off on talking about the future of T-Powers for now since I've got a lot more to cover. For now I'll just reflect that we're in part one and this roster already looks absolutely stacked. If you're wondering how I can top it, maybe I can't, but there's still a ton of great names to cover so I hope you'll join me when I do the next part on them. Until next time!


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