History of JAV Actress Hibiki Otsuki

Published : December 15th, 2023 Written by Syndrome


Much like the other actresses I've covered, Hibiki Otsuki has well over 10 years worth of JAV under her belt, and as always, I plan to look at the JAV she's taken part in and see how Hibiki has changed or improved compared to the modern day.

1. You Showed Me Your Wet Hair For The First Time #07

Video         ODFM-007

Cast         Hibiki Otsuki

Duration      114 minutes

Studio        Wandafuru (one Da Full)

Genre         Creampie, Small Breasts, Handjob, Yukata, Solo, Onanism, Oral, Bathing.

Release Date  2012-02-24

Serving as one of Hibiki's earlier works, this release from 2012 naturally has some casual conversation first before watchers get to see Hibiki undressed, a staple of many JAV, even from a decade ago. The title starts with Hibiki masturbating a bit, before things quickly transition to oral and then sex.

The camera gets a bit shaky from time to time, and whether or not that is a good thing will vary from person to person. In my opinion, I think it added to the scene, and it's infrequent enough that it's not bothersome. Hibiki also wears a yukata for one scene as the male uses a vibrator on her for an extended sequence.

The movie finally ends with some bathing action, and while it had some decent variety, I believe the age really shows.

2. Hibiki Otsuki 37 Prep Pacifier

Video         KV-104

Cast         Hibiki Otsuki

Duration      119 minutes

Studio         Ei Ten

Genre         Small Breasts, Handjob, Solo, Onanism, Oral, Maids, Bikini, Facial.

Release Date  2012-12-07

Not long after the previous JAV, Hibiki has already starred in fetish-focused works, as this one has an emphasis on performing oral. The woman first puts on a maid outfit and pleasures three men back-to-back with her mouth. The movie makes great use of strange positions for the men, helping to make it more memorable.

There's a segment where Hibiki wears a swimsuit as well, and again we get interesting camera angles. The JAV even has a man making use of a ladder during one particular scene, which is rather comical and helps give the movie more of a unique mark. I would say this creation is perfect for those with a fetish for oral.

3. kira kira Black Gal Beach, Black Gal Squirting Tons and Getting Creampied – Fuck On The Beach

Video         BLK-088

Cast         Hibiki Otsuki

Duration      118 minutes

Studio         Kira Kira

Genre         Creampie, Small Breasts, Handjob, Solo, Onanism, Oral, Bikini, Tan, Beach, Exhibitionism, Feet, Orgy.

Release Date  2013-02-19

Hibiki becomes a cute kuro gyaru in this movie, a testament to her being open to trying new things and experimenting with fetishes. There are some initial shots of the beach as Hibiki's bikini gyaru form is unleashed, and she follows this up with some slight masturbatory antics.

The movie makes great use of the beach setting, making all the sex scenes atmospherically pleasant. From sex to oral nighttime shenanigans while on the phone, Hibiki does great work during all the perverse moments. There is one indoors scene, which I believe to be a waste of the aforementioned setting, but there's that variety too, at least.

The final scene is an orgy with two males, but in my opinion, the best scene was definitely the first, as Hibiki's bikini was better-looking. Of the movies I covered so far, this is easily Hibiki's best.

4. Private Tutor Hibiki Gives A Creampie Lesson

Video         BF-317

Cast         Hibiki Otsuki

Duration      118 minutes

Studio         Befree

Genre         Creampie, Small Breasts, Handjob, Solo, Onanism, Oral, Glasses, Orgy.

Release Date  2014-06-07

Hibiki takes on the classic tutor role for this 2014 movie, a classic scenario that JAV enthusiasts are familiar with. The film quickly gets into the sex as Hibiki demonstrates that she - typically - tutors in things beyond classroom education. The woman also puts on some tasteful glasses, giving watchers a chance to take in a more "intellectual" Hibiki.

There's a boring extended teaching segment that transitions into sex, and the JAV overall is a relatively normal tutor-focused film, nothing too outstanding, but helps to expand Hibiki's repertoire of fetishes.

5. I Want To Get It Right Now! Very Popular Veteran Actress Hibiki Otsuki

Video         MXSPS-555

Cast         Hibiki Otsuki

Duration      240 minutes

Studio         MAXING

Genre         Creampie, Small Breasts, Handjob, Solo, Onanism, Oral, Orgy, Bunny Girl, Maids, Tit Fuck, Onanism.

Release Date  2018-01-16

Skipping ahead a few years, this movie has Hibiki trying on another slew of outfits. She tries on a bunny outfit first, along with maid attire later. The woman even takes part in a bathing scene where the man is oiled up. Clearly, there's a lot of variety to be had here.

The thrusting is really fast-pasted and there are some good camera angles, which I think have improved over the previous movies. The movie tends to get a bit dramatic as well, while the sex scenes are a little more hardcore than usual. I would say the greatest strength of this film is its many different scenes and fetishes.

6. Ma*ko Device Bondage VI Steel Pussy Stimulation Hibiki Otsuki

Video         GVG-804

Cast         Hibiki Otsuki

Duration      124 minutes

Studio         Glory Quest

Genre         Creampie, Small Breasts, Handjob, Solo, Oral, Bondage.

Release Date  2019-01-03

Hibiki takes part in a more extreme movie as this one appeals to those with more niche preferences. There's quite a bit of bondage and drama, and the movie mostly focuses on pleasuring Hibiki. Some might see the work as less savory in comparison to her past experiences.

There is some nipple play in addition, as well as other forms of foreplay. The actual sex scenes are fewer in quantity, so some might take issue with that. Those with a taste for the extreme will mostly prefer this film, and it's clear that Hibiki is trying to cater to more people by performing in this type of JAV.

7. Hibiki4 Tropical Memories

Video         REBD-529

Cast         Hibiki Otsuki

Duration      71 minutes

Studio         REbecca

Genre         Creampie, Small Breasts, Handjob, Solo, Onanism, Oral, Exhibitionism, Bikini, Pool, Lingerie, Bathing.

Release Date  2021-02-04

In comparison to the last movie, this one is more carefree, happy, and tranquil. Hibiki finds herself in a vacation house of sorts and watchers are treated to some nice panning shots of the girl posing amongst gorgeous outdoor scenery. Hibiki also rolls around on a bed while wearing different kinds of lingerie, and even soaks herself in the bath - in addition to splashing about in a pool.

While there are a lot of nice atmospheric shots with Hibiki posing naked outdoors, the JAV itself has no actual sex scenes (save for some slight onanism near the end), making it the most disappointing so far.

8. Seductive Situations! Cowgirl Style Sex With Dirty Talk And Hard Pounding That Ends With A Creampie

Video         XVSR-596

Cast         Hibiki Otsuki

Duration      106 minutes

Studio         MAX-A

Genre         Creampie, Small Breasts, Handjob, Solo, Onanism, Oral, Feet, Stockings, Schoolgirl.

Release Date  2021-06-01

This movie will easily cater to schoolgirl fetishists as Hibiki wears a uniform for nearly two-thirds of the release, with there being plenty of first-person angles for watchers to enjoy. The woman gets touched initially and is poked and prodded with toys, and the first sex scene is a bit of time away, so the film is a tad bit slow.

Aside from this, the film overall seems a bit boring and repetitive due to the schoolgirl segment taking roughly an entire hour. Hibiki does wear other outfits and performs oral/tit fucks, but I think it does little to make the JAV worth watching.

9. What A Surprise! You’re A Dominatrix, So Get Wet And Come! This Is A Crazy Reverse Pickup With A Mega Squirt!

Video         MIAA-575

Cast          Hibiki Otsuki, Sumeragi Yuzu

Duration      118 minutes

Studio         MOODYZ

Genre         Creampie, Small Breasts, Handjob, Oral, Squirting, Orgy, Lingerie.

Release Date  2022-02-01

Hibiki teams up with another actress in this film, and she adequately demonstrates that she's able to work as a team, in my opinion. This movie has a lot of intense orgies, as both actresses take on a single male in each scene. The girls do any and everything, including squirting on the guy, and it shows Hibiki being a lot more dominant than she has been in the past. I'd say she works well with other girls, and this is a nice change of pace considering her past films.

10. Dangerous day direct! Soapland 44 where you can make a baby

Video         MIST-396

Cast         Hibiki Otsuki

Duration      150 minutes

Studio         MOODYZ

Genre         Creampie, Small Breasts, Handjob, Oral, Bathing, Soapland, Squirting.

Release Date  2023-04-06

Our final movie is one from this year and it has Hibiki serving as a soapland girl, doing everything at the beck and call of the male actor. There is a bath scene as well, where Hibiki scrubs up the male actor before riding him once again, and she even stimulates him from odd angles.

The movie is pretty standard with no overly standout fetishes, though, the sex scenes are pretty decent with some occasionally nice camera angles - there was also one nice squirting scene as well. I believe overall there has been a decent leap in quality over the years, even if there isn't really anything too interesting going on in this movie.


Hibiki's career seems fairly standard - she started off innocently enough with some traditional sex JAVs and expanded her assortment of works by focusing on specific fetishes, even doing ones that some might find unsavory. While some of her more modern works seem to be a bit boring (though, this is likely due to the JAV chosen), it is clear that the woman is not afraid to give fans what they want, and I'm hoping she will continue to do so for quite some time.

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drk 5 months ago
Lost chance to plug the very early Hibiki video that's on this site. Also arguably, her career is not standard as she rose from the ranks of 3rd/4th rate actresses. Perhaps like Ai Uehara only (Hatano had a standard start as an exclusive and from memory I'd say that AIKA also had a higher profile start).
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