JAV Agency Rundown: Mine'S Pro

Published : April 10th, 2024 Written by Oppaira

Hey guys, Oppaira here, back with another post on agencies. I hope you've all been enjoying these so far. Like I mentioned, I'm aiming to do a dozen posts. This is now the fourth post in my series so if you want to go see about another agency, Light Promotion, go check out my past post. That said, today I'm going to be talking about Mine'S Pro today, so buckle in and let's go see what legendary names have graced their roster.


Eimi Fukada is no stranger to the spotlight having been a huge name since her redebut. She immediately jumped to the top of the charts and now everyone knows how huge of a name she is. Eimi has been iconic for her huge, fake tits, but all the power to her as that work she had done helped elevate her to one of the biggest and brightest stars in the industry. Eimi is also a lovable character for her fans, known for her famous hug events where fans will line up for hours to get a quick hug from her. She's now an exclusive for Faleno and looks to elevate their studio to one of the S tier studios from her star power alone.

Mahiro has been a mainstay on SOD's roster since her 2018 debut. While I personally have never viewed her as the top of their roster (and in fact their ace is listed right below her) there's something to say about an actress who has been consistently pumping out videos for six years. Mahiro is secretly a lot more popular than I think people give her credit for being, boasting a YouTube channel with over 350k subscribers. She frequently has major guests from her agency along for the ride like Eimi Fukada, Mana Sakura, Unpai, and Yuna Ogura.

Mana Sakura is the backbone to this agency. Over 10 years in the industry, over 100 releases, actresses with numbers like that don't come around every day. Sure, maybe some freelancers can edge her out but just try to match her by doing all 100+ of them for one of the biggest studios in the entire industry (SOD). A lot of foreigners don't know all the things that make Mana such an icon in the industry like her podcast and books that make her stand out. She's an outspoken voice in the industry and has always come off as someone a lot wiser than her years.

When Mei debuted for Deep's back in 2020 I don't think anyone was anticipating her to become the actress she did. I tell ya, exclusive for Deep's isn't the place I would want to be. Thankfully I think Mine'S realized that too because they soon found her as a freelancer for other major studios like Fitch, Moodyz, Premium, Madonna, Wanz Factory, Kawaii, Honnaka, Oppai, E-Body, Slut Heaven, Tameike Goro - basically everything you could ever want. Most of Mine'S actresses end up being major studio exclusives so it's nice to see someone like Mei sticking it out as a freelancer. It also kind of surprises me we don't see more major freelancers out of them simply because their track record with Mei and Eimi is insane. These days Mei has run her course a bit and doesn't get all the same quality of releases, so maybe it is time for her to go the Eimi path and settle down as an exclusive.

Rena Momozono always strikes me as this "wow I can't believe she does porn" woman while simultaneously being a "but I'm happy she does" woman. She's pretty, slim, and has some absolutely stunning boobs. Story has it that Rena tried to go back to a normal life but it didn't work out and she landed back in the porn industry. On the one hand it's kind of a shame things worked out that way but at the same time I think there are plenty of people who were thrilled to see her beautiful face back in front of the camera. She's been an exclusive at Fitch throughout the entirety of both of her stints in JAV and it has been a decent home for her. Are there better places? Sure. Will I complain about being in one of the better studios? No, not really. I'm just glad to see consistency from Rena as she's quite nice and worth all the praise.

Riho debuted in 2022 and got some pretty high praise from me. While she hasn't quite turned into a favourite of mine she certainly has started to reach her potential. I think you first notice her short hair, then immediately after notice her nice G cup boobs. The thing that has made me a fan has been how wonderful of a performer she has turned out to be. She has proven herself in some more recent videos to be capable of squirting and deepthroating which take her to a new level. In today's day and age, being physically attractive is only the first step, and Mine'S has always had the ability to find actresses who have a little more in the tank, especially with the first name in the retired section. I would hope that as Riho's skills improve (and honestly even at her current level) she could give us some time as a freelancer to really see what she's made of, but for now being a Moodyz exclusive is a great place to be and Riho stocks are at an all time high.

Rio is one of the more interesting names on the Mine'S roster due to how her career has been. She started off on Idea Pocket and had a nice run with them for a year. Then suddenly she wound up transferring to Madonna of all places. I found it particularly interesting because Rio doesn't exactly fit the Madonna roster. I mean I get it, strike while the iron is hot, get actresses for a bargain, sure, but Rio is definitely on the younger side for Madonna being in just her mid 20s, and it shows. She looks out of place every time I look and I feel like she'd be better on Premium's roster or something, though I will say she looks surprisingly mature for her age. Regardless, Rio does bring a lot of younger energy to Madonna's roster and she has been fun to watch in their 20th anniversary content. In a world where Madonna actresses tend to have a very long or very short tenure, being there for over two years is a sign of how much faith they have in her, and at just 25 she has plenty of years left to continue there, hopefully well into her 30s if not her 40s!

Unpai is a relatively new name to their roster debuting in 2022 but she's made a pretty nice mark on the industry already. She debuted as this major TikTok star with a whopping 4 million followers (yes, she does have over 4 million followers on her Unpai3 account) and it has proven to give her a lot of early success. That has also come off the back of her making fast friends with other major actresses at her agency like Eimi Fukada and Ai Uehara. Unpai feels like the kind of actress that belongs at S1 and it really shows how good of a job the agency does. To have your actress debut at one of the premier studios and stick around is just perfect. It's hard to fathom where Unpai can go from here except maybe to challenge Saika for the top position at S1, and honestly knowing that Mine'S already has two of the top actresses at major studios (Eimi at Faleno and Mana at SOD), it's not impossible to fathom they could pull off the same with Unpai.

Yuna is practically a veteran in the industry having been around for 6+ years now. She has also found herself a great home on SOD's main roster alongside both Mahiro and Mana. I feel like a good portion of Yuna's success has come from her ass which is actually secretly one of the best in the industry. I find SOD does a pretty good job with Yuna giving her the right amount of variety. You get some lighter and some more hardcore stuff, some interesting narratives and some simplistic ones, and even a few videos with not just her agency mates at SOD but even a healthy dose with others like the few she did alongside Suzu Honjo. One of the more interesting points about Yuna has been her ability to speak Korean, and it's surprising that there aren't more actresses who speak a neighbouring language like Korean or Mandarin. One has to imagine that if the Korean AV scene MIB is trying to establish ever takes off, Yuna will be one of the few prime candidates for it.


Few names can compete for the GOAT and Ai Uehara is one of them. Despite having a relatively short career by GOAT standards (well under a decade) she has the highest peak in all of JAV history. She's a name everyone knows for all the insane content she's done over the years whether it's DP, bukkake, uncensored, her adventure in Africa, you name it. She's also just naturally one of the best performers we've ever seen whether that's her insane deepthroating skills, her wild squirting capabilities, or just how well she could play a variety of roles. If there's one thing I've consistently said about Ai, it's that she's done it all and done it all well. Maybe people might have a sour taste about her given how she's delisted a ton of her content but it's hard not to look back at this gem of an actress and think about her incredible career. When I stop and think that her career was just six years and yet she's a contender for the GOAT, it really puts just how incredible it was into perspective. If you haven't seen it yet, I'd highly recommend checking out our exclusive interview with her that we did not too long ago!

Anna is a relatively new retiree having retired just late last year. Her career was on the shorter side at just three and a half years but she managed to create a lot of fans while on Idea Pocket's roster. To me it always felt like Anna didn't quite hit her stride until she reinvented her image. That slight gal look she had made her stand out, especially on the current Idea Pocket roster that really doesn't promote those types of images. I mean sure, there aren't that many gals in the first place, but there are even fewer actresses who do a half-baked version of it and turn out looking great, satisfying both people who do and don't like it. Anna was also a dancer outside of JAV and it showed with her great figure and spectacular ass. Truly a name to be missed and hopefully one they can pull back out of retirement.

Nenne is an actress where the visuals make up the vast majority of what she had to offer. Glasses, big boobs, and a thick bush, Nenne was certainly an eye catcher. She didn't quite have enough substance to back it up, bouncing around studios whether it was big names willing to take a chance on her or lower studios believing her novelty was good enough. I always liked her, especially because she was willing to get a little more rough. I've seen her get deepthroated by director Nao Masaki wearing a strap-on and I'm all about that. She unfortunately just didn't have what it took to cut it in the industry and retired, instead finding herself on cam sites and doing OnlyFans type content. I somewhat doubt that they can pull Nenne back in but I think she has more potential than we saw and maybe with some renewed vigor she could contend with some of the others on Mine'S roster.

If you had asked me six years ago who Shunka was I would have probably thought you didn't watch JAV. Shunka was the ace of Prestige for many years and at the peak of her career moved to S1. She was one of the industry favourites back then and captured the hearts of many. One might point out a few other names at Prestige like Sana Matsunaga, Mion Sonoda, Airi Suzumura, or even Sumire Mizukawa early on in her career (under the name Miri Mizuki), but I think most of us knew Shunka was their ace. Shunka was very beautiful and had very nice breasts that gave her widespread appeal. I've heard that Shunka is still involved with the agency and you can certainly still find her on Instagram, though she mostly posts photos of her cats these days, or maybe the odd photo of her Kirby obsession. Regardless, Shunka is easily one of the biggest retired names we'll see on any of the agency posts and it takes someone to the level of Ai Uehara to trump that.

Tia is a name I think a lot of people don't really pay attention to these days, and among retired actresses her name pops up way too infrequently. She's still sort of about but not actively doing JAV that's for sure. I think most of us know her for her dirty blonde hair, which is perhaps a bit more palatable on a half-American actress. It was always an interesting aspect that studios rarely utilized that quality of hers, especially since she doesn't quite look full Japanese. She's commented a lot on YouTube about how people say she looks hafu or differences between Japan and America. While Tia spent several years in the industry as a freelancer or exclusive at smaller studios, most of us remember her time in the big leagues as an exclusive for S1, which she was for about two and a half years. As I've mentioned before, Mine'S is good about capitalizing on the best an actress has to offer, finding them as exclusives or freelancers as their skills suit whichever direction. Tia was great and hopefully many others recall fond memories of her.

Future & Conclusion

For me, one of the big things for Mine'S is about picking a successor to Mana Sakura. I have a friend who has been convinced Mana would retire years ago and thinks she is on borrowed time. Maybe that actress will end up being Eimi Fukada, maybe it will be Unpai, and I see both of them as being potential choices. Personally I think Eimi seems to suit it a bit better but I could see either of them working. Whether you think she's on a retirement path or not, I think it's always good to have a backup to your ace, especially when Mana's been around for such a long time that people will legitimately wonder how much is left in the tank. I think so many people become accustomed to the few major talents that are lifers (Yumi Kazama, Hibihata, etc.) that they tend to be a bit oblivious. Knowing what stuff Mana has done outside of just filming, she might always end up in a Kurea Hasumi path and take off for something else.

I think the biggest thing with their roster is how far down it goes from the top. There are a few big names I didn't mention such as Sumire Kurokawa, Minami Kojima, and Sayaka Nito, but most of the names after that are relatively unknown names. I know it can be hard to stack a roster with a ton of major names but they've managed to do it and there are a ton of smaller agencies out there to poach from. Considering that their agency is actually on the bigger side at 50+, it's really interesting to see how few stand out.

I'd also really like to see them focus a lot on interesting OnlyFans content and content aimed at foreigners. I know Ai Uehara has an OnlyFans and it seems like the agency is committed to engaging more with foreigners. She's also not the only one to have one, Unpai also has one with thousands of photos. Maybe it's possible to have some collaborations between some of them, Ai even mentioned herself she would be interested in working with Anri. As a foreign fan I must admit that this potential is quite exciting and Mine'S generally seems to be quite open and present on social media.

At any rate I hope you've enjoyed checking out another roster with me. I've got a bunch more to do and hopefully you'll continue reading along with me next month. Until next time!

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I miss Shunka Ayami and Sana Matsunaga.
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