I love Eimi Fukada, only not that way...

Published : July 15th, 2020 Written by WoodOfTheRisingSun

Capt. Kirk: "Look at those things, I want to fuck them, but what are they?" 
Dr McCoy: "It's half carbon-based, half silocone-based lifeform, appear to be highly sexual, but I am not getting any boner!"

The Hot Bot, eh I mean Bod!

Eimi Fukada 深田えいみ is flying high nowadays.  Within a single week, she managed to made headlines twice: her name made the fifth most searched term for DMM/FANZA (second amongst idols, only behind Kirara Asuka) and her Twitter account (@FUKADA0318) reached 1.2 millions followers, surpassing the reigning queen of JAV SNS @yua_mikami by a couple thousands. 

While she cries over the double insults of having her own Instagram account deleted and watching a fake account of hers getting almost a million followers.  In the real world, that is a good kind of problem to be having. 

Eimi Fukada can rock the bookworm look but she's barely keeping her voracious sexual addiction under wraps, a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a nerdy JK and a hypermanic slut. Not my favorite kind of porn performance, but it's rare to see a bespectacled idol, or a poweful libido, even rarer still is the combination of the two. 

My own intimate experience with Eimi Fukada began with getting a commission to translate subtitles for her video MIAA-076. It's just one damn fine piece of film, perfect demonstration that she is a skillful actor (pronounced ac-TOR), especially with clothes on, and even without saying words. The story was about Eimi and Hyato who grew up as childhood friend, but Eimi became outgoing and worldly (meaning very experienced in relationship and sex) and Hyato is a little gross and immature like every other virgin boy.  Hyato just got himself a girlfriend and ask for Eimi's guidance in physical intimacy, like Charlie Brown asking Lucy for help on Little Red-Haired Girl.  Being Lucy, but secretly in love with Hyato, she just up and gave him a practical course on intercourse.  See Eimi has no problem getting any guy (and his cock) that she wants, but to her own childhood friend, she is unable to show her feelings. So helping him with a love lesson is the perfect excuse to bone him. 

Look at the last picture above, yes she has Hayato's billion swigglies swimming up her hungry womb, but what's her face telling?  She's experienced right, she's the coach, supposedly.  But that look on her, could it be the first time she did a raw creampie?  Was it unpreparedness?  Carelessness?  Or it's what she wanted?  But now that she lost her creampie virginity to the boy she secretly love, why look so lost?  The problem is of course she hadn't possess his heart yet.  See she didn't said anything, there's no narration, she expressed all that with just a forlorn look.  This is by far the best acting by a female lead while leaking sperm. 

Then later in the story, Eimi informed Hyato she had broken up with her boyfriend.  In just two gentle lines of dialogs and 20 seconds of screen time, she's screaming to the audience (except Hyato) that "now that you became the first idiot to inject sperm into my hungry hungry vagina, and remember I was someone else's girlfriend then, when I go back and fuck my boyfriend, with condom on, you fucking moron! I am not getting any feeling down there any more.  He's pounding me, he's banging me, and I'm just... ehh... can you get it over with? ... when will Hyato come back for more sex lesson?"  Not trying to do a scene by scene, the romantic drama got even better after that. 

Watching every scene of this masterpiece, I remember myself as a 1x year old virgin boy, longing to have her to look at me, to have an interesting conversation with her, to hold hands with her, no that's too much to imagine, just to touch her finger tips, my heart is going pa-tong-pa-tong and my lungs stop working.  I consume a lot of entertainment, both mainstream and porn, I swear it's the first time in decades I got so into the characters of a story. 

Nip, Tuck and Fuck

Fukada had a very modest beginning, and become one of the very rare breed of JAV idols who grinded her way, slowly, to the top chart.  When she started as Kokoro Amami 天海こころ in 2017, she was only a small potato (or two small potatoes) in SOD's generic label "Youth Generation" 青春時代.  Compared to Matsuri Kiritani's 桐谷まつり debut in the SOD Star series, it doesn't take two guesses to figure out why they were not equal. In just three months she was "graduated" and then it took her five months to find the next job, as a planning idol. Then she started doing plastic surgeries, and by summer of 2018 the project was finished and she took on a new persona as Eimi Fukada.  It was such a success Fukada got an endorsement deal with the cosmetic clinic and gave a very detail (too much information!!!) account of her one-year transformation which costed, for the face alone, over three million yen (about USD 30,000).

With a new face, chest, name and Twitter account, she began to stake a claim in the JAV fandom.  Still without an exclusive contract she just went around and make freelance titles with practically every major studios.  Unlike Kokoro Amami, every title features her face and name (and often boobs) front and center. Her Twitter follower number also rose steadily.  She is a workaholic, appearing in an incredible number of JAV titles.  In the past 12 months she made at least 10 titles per month, peaking at 32 in Feburary.   Yes safe to assume some of them are compilation or group titles so it's the same workload as working a solo titles.  But still... just a rough guess she was banged on average 50 times each month for a whole year.  Stop and think about that for a moment (well I try not to think about low quality sex workers) getting that much dicks and semen all day all week all month all year.  No one can tell me making JAV is easy money. Speaking of which... it's possible she uses some form of birth control or hormones so that she doesn't have menstrual periods (mostly) and have her vagina available for work all month around.  (oh sorry should I have given a trigger warning? Anyway this whole article isn't very pro-erection)

See... now let's talk about my feelings... she works very hard (read: she fucks and sucks many many many dicks all the time) which I hugely respect.  I mean I respect anyone who's dedicated to his/her work, but if that work is SEX???  Triple respect!  And putting her own body through all the surgeries... I can never imagine myself doing that.  And then... her acting skills, when she is scolding a horny student, when she's in love with a boy who's ignoring her, when she's gangbang by a bunch of thugs, I forgot it's just a performance, just make-belief, just a pretension.  In some scenes, my heart is transported to a different world and a different life.  Now I'm a cynical old man.  Nothing in the entertainment world truly excite me anymore, even the films that I love, I'm cool and analytical about them. I never have that feeling of being transported.  I think the last time might be more than 20 years ago.  Until Fukada... she does that to me.  When I look into her eyes, I have that feeling, of being 15 years old. 

There is just one problem. 

Big Boobs, No Wood

Let me remind you who I'm.  My name is Wood of the Rising Sun.  I get wood in the morning, I get wood in the afternoon, and I get wood at night.  EVERY night.  It doesn't take much... or put it another way, it's not easy to deflat my cock (ejaculation, it goes without saying).  So I'm watching her scene, I am totally immersed in the story, I cringed at her plight, I cheered when she got her guy, and she undresses and her big boobs pop out and I look down at my crotch, nothing.  No reaction.  What's happening?   Something wrong with me???

No... it's the Lara Croft chest.  (look up that reference boys)  Hey a little secret, us boys played that game because it's a good game and to shock our parents.  We got no erection watching her big Antigravity Boobs.  In her transformation, she went from the very unimpressive but fully functional small potatoes titties to solid E-cup grapefruit (and just as hard).  She totally melts my heart as a person but my cock just absolutely refuse to objectivize her as a semen receptacle.  I wonder... if she were to stand in front of me now, topless.  I would feel up her boobs... but like I would feel up peaches in supermarket.  So this is how silicone implants feel like huh.  Like if I had to fuck her... it's gonna take some work... but I think it will be like masturating using a sex doll, only she would move, and make words and moans.  It's the Uncanny Valley for erectile dysfunction. 

That goes way back... to my youth again.  I grew up with American porn, back then it was perfect, big hair, big boobs, big cocks and no mosaic!  Then something gradually turned me off from Western porn.  The fake boobs, fake intensity, American porn became extreme sport, all spectacle, no pleasure.  JAV had a huge deficiency: no genitals.  But the girls were fresh and real, the boobs were weak (B-cups were typical back then) but good enough.  It was not uncommon, I would blow my load before the on-screen stud got to third base.  That's pretty convenient, considering the home base is all ruined by mosaic.  Then happily, VERY happily, JAV boobs became bigger.  E-cup idols were a rare treat, but at least one or two hot bods were active at any point in time.  Nowadays, even G-cup busty idols were nothing special.  I really don't know when and how Japanese women became all busty in just a couple decades but hey my overactive penis is not complaining.  I know most of them were surgically enhanced.  It's just an inescapeable conclusion.  But if they (talking about the boobs) look great on screen, move and jiggle and sag realistically (somewhat), I am happy enough. 

And then the inevitable happened, the golden age of big beautiful believable boobs is over.... Ahhh sorry that's sensational fake news reporting.  Reset: fake-looking boobs are no longer the mark of desperate low rank performers barely keeping alive their pathetic career.  Rubber titties are no longer disqualifying for top rank idols in top studios or even exclusive contract girls.  We have Mio Kimijima 君島みお, Rinne Toka 凛音とうか, Kurea Hasumi 蓮実クレア, all of them look great on DVD box cover.  But then watch the video, if they are moving, banging, bouncing, the boobs look like 3D printed plastic mounted on a human character.  I watch porn for the purpose of fapping, looking at the cover I can get hard, but watching a scene, I start to lose it.  More reliable to switch to a JULIA or Yua Mikami vid, or even the very modest Arina Hashimoto 橋本ありな or Sora Shiina 椎名そら.

See it's not my thing to be jealous of anyone's success. Fukada doing what it takes to become successful, Kimijima, Toka and Hasumi all keeping a strong career going despite being older and hard-boobed. I applaud their dedication and professionalism. I don't begrudge their success, but I hate that what it takes is super-hard, super-solid fake boobs. I lament that the formula for success in 2020 is to make a flesh and blood person looking more like a computer game character. The problem is more and more of the fans think of anime/manga/game (and of course we are adding JAV) as, not a transition to, or escapist fantasy for, real, human-to-human, sexual relationship.  When it started it's called Nijikon (two dimension complex), now we no longer considered it a "condition" and it's acceptable to talk about one's "waifu" being an anime or game character.  So what a surprise top JAV idols no longer need to look fully human, even if they started being so. 

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kookyguy 2 years ago
So much to agree with you here. Her fakes look really bad. Her earlier work before all the plastic surgery? Wood, no problem. I know a lot want the big boobs, but her slender body made me perfectly happy. What she is now? Well, for those who like the look she has now, more power to you, but not for me.
Gon 2 years ago
Omg, This is one hell of an awesome post ????????????Its like you read my mind and materialized it in perfect words. Its amazing how much our thoughts and views align.Thank You soo much for writing this blog, I really enjoyed reading it ????????
ThePornConnoisseur 3 years ago
I'm going to be as forthcoming as I can be and I expect to probably get some hate for what I'm about to say but it needs to be said.I've heard about this girl for months and seen so many pictures but I have not once watched a single scene or movie from her. When it comes to AV if I'm not instantly sold on someone's look I won't give them a second thought. And that's how I feel about Emi Fukada in a nutshell.When it comes to her looks here's nothing special about Eimi Fukada. This woman paid 3 million yen to look like every single woman who has had similar work done. In order words there's nothing unique about her at all. And just because she's dedicated to her career and is constantly working that doesn't make her appealing is anything it does the exact opposite.There is such a thing as overexposure and if she keeps this up it's not going to create new fans if anything it will push them away. How could anyone be interested in something if you see it constantly? In an age where women are literally getting work done just to get attention. There's no bigger turn off then a woman spending an obscene amount of money on body enhancements in order to build "Confidence" not even factoring in the career move. From "Idol" to "AV Actress" yeah no thanks...
ZENRA 3 years ago

I agree with a lot of what you wrote. Plastic Surgery I think is fine to fix imbalances and tragic accidents, but things becoming risky when it's used to enhance once's natural look. This doesn't mean all elective PS Is bad, but there's a very, very fine line between "oh yea, she's had work done" to never noticing she went under the knife. For Eimi at least, she's a workaholic, but seems to love what she does and seems to have no regrets about her operations. That at least is very commendable and I'm happy that she's happy.

omadestroyer 3 years ago
Eimi boobs is kind of "failed' surgery. If you look closely when she is lying down, either left or right side can see the silicon dropping down.
WoodOfTheRisingSun 3 years ago
Hey! Thanks for all the comments! Don't take me wrong, I'm not a hater of Rinne Toka (or however her name is Romanji-zed) breasts. The article is my rambling about how much I admire Fukada as a human being but nothing as a sex object. Toka is collateral damage, LOL. Note that I am ranting about fake-looking tits, not fake tits. I am being subjective. She doesn't do it for me, but obviously she does for a lot of fans. Either way it's fair.

And my main point isn't even against Fukada or any other individual idol. They have their persona and career path, and became successful for it. I have no right to complain. I am ranting against the prevalence of over-inflated, over-rubberized tits in the whole JAV industry. Or at least, it's not too bad yet, but if the trend continues, soon you will have JAV idols all look like computer game characters.

@ZENRA yes Eimi Fukada has a great personality.
spaten78 3 years ago
Great article!! Ah Eimi, so much to say. First things first. If you are an Eimi fan, good for you. Enjoy her work. Eimi is a great actress, in that she really gets in to her roles. If her character is a brat, she's a brat. If her character is in a rough situation, she takes whatever is thrown at her. I will also salute her for doing all kinds of genres and working for many different companies. No matter what series or genre you like, there is probably an Eimi video in there. She also re-posts some funny stuff on Twitter where her fans Photoshop her in to other pictures.

My biggest challenge with her is that her facial expressions are so limited, presumably because of the procedures. Pull up a scene where she is in ecstasy and a scene that is rough. Now hit pause. Looks the same. Pull up a scene where she is sultry and seductive...and a scene where she is shyly seductive. Hit pause. Looks the same. Another challenge is with her oral performance. Unless it is a rough scene, her oral is always the same. Her hand on the unit so very little goes in her mouth, and then a bunch of body movements to make it look like she's doing good work. I know not every actress is a throat queen, but...

So yes, hats off to Eimi for being a hard worker. Going through a huge body transformation and then filming a ton of work certainly shows she's in it to win it. She does have some work that is good. I can't say I've ever seen her phone it in. That Automata work looks like it will be right in her wheelhouse. She has certainly had some influence, as several other short haired actresses have debuted recently, some with very strong starts. I wonder if Eimi will stay around for another couple years, get some awards, and move on (like Ai Uehara) or if she will be around for a decade plus.

Again, great article and blog!
ZENRA 3 years ago
I think what everyone--both lovers and haters--can agree on is Eimi Fukada has a great sense of humor.
DigaRW 3 years ago
Eimi Fukada, in my opinion, she doesn't more than common AV actress. Of course, I watched her few of her movie. But it ended up with a bit feel of somewhat... remorse. I don't often feel satisfied with her works regardless she does her best. I don't know why. I usually biased on some AV actress that I ended up liking rather than mainstream or body-specified AV actress.
loveboobs90 3 years ago
Fake boobs are great in JAV imo. Especially because they're actually played with and fondled in JAV compared to western porn.
Oppaira 3 years ago
I don't think Touka's boobs are fake at all, they show a lot of the nice physics someone like Julia's do. They're certainly more firm than Julia's and they're touching as well but neither of those make me think they're fake. Eimi, Kurea, Mio, they all absolutely look fake the second you look at them in a video.
SilenceJAV 3 years ago
... If you think Touka's boobs are super plastic/hard boobs, I don't know what to say... If you take a look at any of her vids i.e. HND-742, you will see otherwise. Please don't compare Eimi's ****-show of a boobjob to Touka's boobs.
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