I Ordered a Hotel Massage and Was Provided a Cute and Naive New Hire Therapist

Published October 30, 2020

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Imagine ordering a hotel massage on your next trip to Tokyo and being provided a beauty who has no issues taking care of your erection.

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I Ordered a Hotel Massage and Was Provided a Cute and Naive New Hire Therapist
Translation and Timing by ZENRA

Even after finishing up I ORDERED A HOTEL MASSAGE AND WAS PROVIDED A CUTE AND NAIVE NEW THERAPIST I still wonder what exactly was going on at BULLITT for them to push out such an odd release.  Before we get into the nuts and bolts of this update, I need to have us zoom out for a bit and to talk about how this one was actually released.  Some already may be wondering about the very short runtime for this one compared to your average hotel massage gone wrong release and be scratching their heads.  

Allow me to explain:  for some reason or another, BULLITT shot this fantastic hotel massage scene starring one CHIE ARIGAKI and never seemed to get around to filming more like it.  Scheduling issues, maybe?  Who knows, but they were left with almost an hour of great footage, but nothing else like it and with JAV generally having short expiration dates, they had to act.  What they decided upon was taking CHIE ARIGAKI's footage and adding a few hours of other random hotel massage footage to round things out.  As a fan of these types of movies, I was elated until I received the hard disk containing it and found out the majority of extra material consisted of scenes we're already showed in previous updates.  Thus, what we get today is CHIE's amazing scene paired with one starring REI MIZUNA who actually portrays a lodger with the one-and-only SOUTA ASAMI acting as a masseur.  So yes, the title of today's update really only describes the first scene.  The second follows a vastly different path.

Both BULLITT and HOT ENTERTAINMENT, it's sister company, mainly stick to casting amateurs and JAV stars portraying them, but they've don't slack when it comes to beautiful production.  Even the first scene which was done entirely with still cameras looks fantastic and the second with REI MIZUNA may be one of the best hotel massage gone wrong encounters I've ever seen.  Thus, even though we only get two scenarios today, the quality is in a class by itself.  And yes, both women are incredibly cute; you almost never would be ordering a hotel massage and getting someone like CHIE ARIGAKI nor would a flawless customer like REI MIZUNA opt for a regular hotel-affiliated masseur.  Both are almost pure fantasy, but hey, that's generally the point.

Mosaic--especially in the first scene--is a bit rough.  Fortunately, due to the distant camera placement for much of it, it doesn't become as much as a bother compared to movies that opt to film up close and personal.  I can't hold BULLITT for that as it's simply more of an industry standard (at the time).  The footage itself is fantastic and the situation is mildly believable.  It just may be possible to be assigned a once-divorced early 30's massage therapist who since splitting with her husband, has been missing out on lots of action.  It's also possible to be assigned to treat a fantastically beautiful model in town for a shoot who's married to a husband who frankly cares little for her well-being.  Both are truly YMMV situations.

Lines of Subtitled Dialog: 553

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Production Quality
Overall Satisfaction


-Great quality footage.
-Semi-realistic storylines.
-Both actresses very attractive.


-Short run-time.
-Mosaic on the thick side.

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